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The Star was the original world in Final Fantasy XIV, the world of the Ascians. It was destroyed after the fight between Hydaelyn and Zodiark, and was split into fourteen different reflections including The Source and The First.


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  • The Crystal Exarch and Emet-Selch's explanations indicate that the remaining shards of the Source are the First, the Fourth, the Eighth, the Ninth, and the Eleventh. All the other shards were destroyed:
  • The Thirteenth was destroyed by darkness, turning it into a useless void.
  • The Fifth was rejoined by wind destruction, the first Umbral Calamity.
  • The Twelfth was rejoined by lightning destruction, the second Umbral Calamity.
  • The Second was rejoined by fire destruction, the third Umbral Calamity.
  • The Third was rejoined by earth destruction, the fourth Umbral Calamity.
  • The Sixth was rejoined by ice destruction, the fifth Umbral Calamity.
  • The Tenth was rejoined by water destruction, the sixth Umbral Calamity.
  • The Seventh was rejoined by astral destruction, the seventh Umbral Calamity.
  • In an alternate timeline, the First was rejoined by umbral destruction, the eighth Umbral Calamity.
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