The Spirit of Salvation is a time-limited event where Seymour from Final Fantasy X can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario is located after Chapter 6.

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Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Student and Teacher Meet Again:

It is recommended that you clear Ch. 6: Domina Wastelands before playing.

  • Mog: Spiritus said he still has use for Seymour.
  • Mog: We could really use his help too, kupo. If only I had the dimensional coordinates...
  • Shantotto: What a big mouth you have, my dear—as if you wanted us to hear.

(The party arrives)

  • Penelo: Hey, Mog? It kind of sounds like you want to be friends with Seymour.
  • Warrior of Light: But why, when that man would make enemies of us?
  • Mog: P-please don't look at me like that, kupo.
  • Mog: Our goal is to stop the Torsions from destroying the world, kupo.
  • King: And by any means, is it?
  • Shantotto: The hairball makes a fine point to discuss—that man possesses the same light as us.
  • Warrior of Light: Those who can seal the Torsions can open them as well. But even then...
  • Penelo: That man frightens me though. How can someone believe that death is a good thing?
  • Penelo: Besides, do you really think Yuna would be okay with that?
  • King: I'm with Penelo on this one. We don't even know what happened between them back in their world.
  • Shantotto: All our thoughts are mere idle chatter. What has the fellow in question to say on the matter?
  • Mog: Seymour was summoned to this world by a different god.
  • Mog: So he wouldn't necessarily join us. He'd just lend us a hand when we needed him, kupo.
  • Mog: That's why we can't force him to help.
  • King: Well we're not gonna get anywhere arguing about it here. I mean, we don't even know when we'll see him again, you know?
  • Penelo: Wait, Mog... Do you know something that we don't? Like—

(A Torsion appears)

  • Warrior of Light: Behind you!

(Seymour comes out from the Torsion)

  • Seymour: ...!
  • King: What a coincidence. ...Or is this actually what you were hoping for?
  • Mog: Th-this isn't exactly what I was expecting, kupo!
  • Penelo: Not "exactly," huh? Which means you were kind of expecting for this to happen?
  • Mog: N-no, that's not what I meant. Come on, you can trust me, kupo.
  • Seymour: Look who we have here. ...Hmph. It appears their trust in the moogle is wavering.
  • Seymour: Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise.

(Yuna arrives)

  • Yuna: Maester Seymour!? Is everyone okay!?
  • Seymour: Lady Yuna—always trying to protect others, even at the cost of your own life. Very well. I shall give you the death you so desire.
  • Warrior of Light: Everyone, on your guard!
Of Light and Darkness:
  • Seymour: Do not tell me that's all you have got.
  • Seymour: Especially you—it is as though you have some doubt in what you call the "light."
  • Warrior of Light: Doubt? I...
  • Yuna: What's wrong? Everybody's acting funny.
  • Steiner: To tell the truth, Lady Yuna, Mog was talking about Seymour while you weren't here.
  • Steiner: He proposed that we get this scoundrel to help us.
  • Seymour: What?
  • Yuna: What!?
  • Mog: Everyone here was summoned to this world by a god—meaning everyone wields the power to seal the Torsions.
  • Seymour: Do not be absurd. What reason would I have to help you?
  • Seymour: Our visions are incompatible.
  • Onion Knight: Hey, it's not like I wanna be around you, either.
  • Onion Knight: But do you really think you can get anywhere by yourself?
  • Warrior of Light: You would be naive to trust this man.
  • Onion Knight: I just want to hear what he has to say. I don't plan on being friends with him.
  • Onion Knight: Mog said he doesn't have to come with us on our journey, but we could really use him in battle if he's willing.
  • Yuna: But why!? This isn't right!
  • Seymour: What's right in our eyes is none of his concern.
  • Onion Knight: With light, you have darkness. Harmony is only truly found in the balance of opposites.
  • Steiner: Maybe that's the case where you're from, but do you really believe that applies to this world as well?
  • Seymour: Hmph... Very well. The dimensional coordinates are yours.
  • Mog: Does that mean you'll help us, kupo!?
  • Yuna: This can't be! You can't trust that man!
  • Onion Knight: We won't let anything happen. We'll only summon him when we need him, right?
  • Mog: Exactly, kupo. It's only for when we need his help in battle.
  • Warrior of Light: But why would he agree to assist us so easily? Could it be to uncover Mog's motives?
  • Onion Knight: Probably something like that. ...And he probably wants to figure out what these gods are up to, as well.
  • Steiner: I understand this must be hard for you.
  • Yuna: For now, I just need some time to myself.
  • Warrior of Light: It troubles us as well. We mustn't let our guards down.
Mog and Seymour:
  • Wakka: Hey, Yuna. About Seymour... He hasn't tried anything funny yet, ya know?
  • Yuna: But who knows when he'll betray us. It's hard to fight when you always have to watch your back.

(The rest of the party arrives)

  • Cecil: Yes, it bothers me, too. His beliefs are far beyond odious.
  • Cecil: What was Mog thinking? Just what could he be preparing us to fight?
  • Firion: Our organization also had doubts about Mog's motives.
  • Wakka: The Returners, ya?
  • Firion: Shadow's already informed them about Seymour.
  • Shadow: Our client's a cautious man. I'm sure he'll be able to uncover the truth.
  • Yuna: We really don't know anything yet, do we?
  • Cecil: Right now, we basically share the same goal as Mog, so we're working together.
  • Cecil: But what happens if there's a conflict of interest?
  • Wakka: Yeah, what would we do in this deranged world without a guide? We'd be helpless.
  • Firion: If that ever happened, you could come join us. Right, Shadow?
  • Shadow: Not a bad idea.
  • Yuna: What we believe and who we protect is something we have to decide for ourselves.
  • Mog: Ready to go, kupo?
  • Cecil: Yes, let's go, everyone.

(Everyone leaves, except Firion and Shadow)

  • Firion: I want to believe that Mog's a good guy who's simply trying to protect the world, but...
  • Shadow: Let him continue thinking he has us right where he wants us. We'll find out soon enough.
  • Firion: You're right. He can't force us to do anything against our will.
  • Firion: We just need to keep an eye on Seymour...and Mog as well.
  • Shadow: That's what I plan to do.
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