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The Shadow Lord Invades is a raid event in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius associated with Final Fantasy XI. Players face the Shadow Lord, the final boss and first main antagonist of Final Fantasy XI, in Castle Zvahl's Throne Room at Valdeaunia.


Vana'diel. A world blessed by the gods...

Their land ruined during the Crystal War in which man and beast clashed, a new age has begun thanks to the efforts of adventurers who fight on the side of justice and faith.

However, the threat of the "Shadow Lord", perpetrator of the great war who was supposed to have been defeated by the heroes of the five races, has yet to be truly vanquished.

And now, this menacing threat has crossed dimensions and appeared in Lapis.

Rain and his friends must now ready themselves to fight a monster with a deep hatred for all the likes that few have seen.



In this event, players must fight a single boss, the Shadow Lord, and inflict the most damage possible during battle. Players will be rewarded with Shadow Lord Coin Shadow Lord Coins based on their performance (defeating the boss is not necessary but yields the maximum rewards). The coins can be used to perform Raid Summon to acquire other rewards. As the player consistently participates in the raid, they are given event points which accumulate and will reward them with prizes (the 'completion rewards') provided they reach each milestone. They will also be given rewards based on their overall ranking in comparison to other players at the end of the event.

This event requires the collaboration of every player simultaneously playing the event, as all damage done to the boss (excluding overkill damage) is subtracted from its global HP meter (wich reaches billions of HP). When depleted, it causes the boss to 'level up' and provide a higher bonus score, which in turn increases raid coins earned. Increasing the level does not increase the difficulty.

The Shadow Lord resists the Dark element (+100%) and is immune to all status ailments. The Shadow Lord has extremely high DEF and SPR, but will cast a self-reduction of 98% on either stat at certain intervals, shifting weaknesses every three turns along with attack types and stat infliction. Given his mechanics, hybrid damage is the most effective way to reliably damage him, making Fryevia and Veritas of the Light the ideal units for the task. If they aren't options, the player has two options: to diversify their party so it can inflict both means of damage, or to focus on one particular type of damage and capitalize on it whenever the Shadow Lord is weak to physical or magic damage.


As in other raids, players can check their points and ranking by clicking on the "Achievement Status" button in the raid screen. While all rewards are sent to the player's mailbox, only individual rewards can be collected as soon as the player gets enough points. Rank rewards are only distributed once the event is finished.

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Raid Summon[]

Within the event period, players could summon various limited-time units and rewards by using raid coins. Each summon cost 100 Shadow Lord Coin. A batch summon up to 100 summons at once cost 10,000 Shadow Lord Coin.

  • 3★ King Gil Snapper
  • 4★ Gil Snapper Family
  • 3★ Metal Gigantuar
  • 4★ King Metal Minituar
  • Breath of Life
  • Twilight Stone
  • Dusk Jewel
  • Dark Ore
  • Tranquil Stone
  • Silver Chunk
  • Blessing Needle
  • Cursed Sphere
  • Sacred Branch
  • Glory Bug
  • Antique Bone
  • Pink Scale
  • Dawn Shell
  • Achromatic Blossom


Recipes and crafting materials will come from both the individual rewards and from raid summoning.

Item Type Requirements
Divine Shield ?
Galkan Dagger ?
Golden Hairpin ?
Iridal Staff ?
Leucos Voulge ?
Orc Piercer ?
Parade Cuirass ?
Parade Gorget ?
Raven Beret ?
Retaliator ?
Shark Gun ?
Slick Dart ?
Tactician Magician's Coat ?
Tactician Magician's Wand ?
Thoth's Wand ?


Musical themes[]

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