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Upon an airship conceived within the fecund mind of Cid Garlond, renegade prodigy of Garlemald who had come to call Eorzea home...

High into the heavens where isles of earth and stone floated as clouds—a frontier the knights of Ishgard had scarce begun to explore...

To a fledgling outpost within the Sea of Clouds where careworn scouts ever scanned the skies for winged shadows, [he/she] (gender) came...

The Sea of Clouds is a location in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, and quite possibly the largest zone in Final Fantasy XIV.



The Sea of Clouds is a collection of floating landmasses located above Abalathia's Spine. As such, it can only be accessed via airship.


There are two aetherytes in this zone: Camp Cloudtop in the southwest and Ok'Zundu in the northwest.


The Sea of Clouds contains the following areas:

  • Cloudtop -
  • Voor Sian Siran -
  • Wisent Herd -
  • The Blue Window -
  • Ok' Vundu Vana -
  • The Gauntlet -

The Void Ark can be periodically seen flying to the north in the zone.


Camp Cloudtop[]

Camp Cloudtop.

An outpost constructed by House Haillentaire. As this area is located opposite of Dravania, many knights stationed here view it as a boring post. It is managed by Lady Laniaitte de Haillenarte.



A village inhabited by a peaceful tribe of Vanu Vanu, led by Chief Sonu Vanu.


Owing to its high elevation and an excess of wind-aspected aether, the Sea of Clouds is extremely cold. It is colder than the Coerthas Highlands, but the more-arid Sea lacks the Highlands' year-round covering of snow. The Sea of Clouds' climate may exhibit any of the following weather conditions:

Weather Frequency
Clear Skies Clear Skies 30%
Fair Skies Fair Skies 30%
Clouds Clouds 10%
Fog Fog 10%
Wind Wind 10%
Umbral Wind Umbral Wind 10%

Places of Interest[]

Voor Sian Siran[]

These floating lakes are one of the few permanent bodies of water on these floating islands.


The Eddies[]




Neverreap Neverreap
Level 60
Item Level 145
The Gauntlet (x40 y7)

Sonu Vanu, chief of the Zundu, faces a tempestuous predicament. Already facing an upwind battle to shelter his people from the warlike Vundu, his mask─the traditional symbol of power in Vanu Vanu society─has grown old and worn. Should it crack, and his authority with it, the peaceful tribe would be powerless to stave off the coming storm. Venture into Neverreap─the sacred isle of the Vanu Vanu that has been overrun by the Vundu and the vicious beasts in their thrall─and emerge with the scale of a mighty waukkeon, that the sun might shine on the Zundu once more!
The Limitless Blue (Hard).

The Limitless Blue (Hard) The Limitless Blue (Hard)
Level 57
The Blue Window (x19 y11)

Inspiration often finds us in surprising ways. So it was that a casual mention of skyfishing helped Cid Garlond conceive a plan to lure out Bismarck, the Lord of the Mists, by using the Enterprise to tow an island through the Sea of Clouds. After binding the beast with chains fired from dragonkillers, he hopes you can engage it in the traditional fashion. Though the plan is somewhat sound in theory, there is no telling how effective it will be in practice. Nevertheless, the engineer has seen you through many dangerous situations in the past, so at least the odds are in his favor...
The Limitless Blue (Extreme).

The Limitless Blue (Extreme) The Limitless Blue (Extreme)
Level 60
Item level 165
The Whale's Crown (x29 y27)

As is all too often the case, a primal you felled has once again been summoned. According to Unukalhai, the stakes are even higher this time, as Bismarck's reappearance threatens to hasten the awakening of the Warring Triad─three eikons sealed within the Aetherochemical Research Facility on Azys Lla. Fortunately, you have developed a sound method for slaying flying feathered whales. The Enterprise Excelsior and your island await.
The Void Ark.

The Void Ark The Void Ark
Alliance raid
Level 60
Item level 175
The Gauntlet (x25 y5)

In an age when the miracle of the airship has become commonplace, the heavens have seen the rise of a new breed of fortune hunter─the "sky pirate." These airborne buccaneers sail the endless Sea of Clouds in search of hidden lands to explore and forgotten treasures to plunder.

At the behest of one such band of sky pirates, you have joined an expedition set on boarding the ominous ghost ship of recent rumor. Will you return triumphant with Leofard and his Redbills, arms laden with the spoils of some ancient trove, or will you fall to the perils of the haunted vessel as has every would-be looter before you...?

The Weeping City of Mhach.

The Weeping City of Mhach The Weeping City of Mhach
Alliance raid
Level 60
Item level 205
The Parrock via Coldwind (x6 y5)

Deep in the Yafaem Saltmoor lie the ruins of the fabled city of Mhach─a civilization of the Fifth Astral Era whose prosperity was built upon unparalleled magicks of destruction. It is to this ancient edifice, and its vaults of occult secrets, that you and the Redbills plan your next foray.

You expect to encounter voidsent─the same terrible beings that grounded Radlia and her crew─but on your path to retrieve a relic of incalculable power, can you prevail over the unfettered miseries of the Weeping City itself?

Dun Scaith.

Dun Scaith Dun Scaith
Alliance raid
Level 60
Item level 235
The Parrock via Coldwind (x6 y5)

The ancient tome recovered by Captain Radlia of the Talons tells of a floating refuge─an island created by Mhachi sorcerers to provide safe haven from calamitous floodwaters. With the disaster that befell the Void Ark, however, the island's intended residents never arrived. Cait Sith is convinced that Diabolos has instead claimed this refuge as his own, transforming what was to be a bastion of hope into a voidsent nest of shadowy nightmare. And it is into this fiendish lair that you must delve.

The Lady Radlia stands ready to bear you across the skies. Assault the island, reclaim the Nullstone, and cast your demonic foes into oblivion!


Name Level Location Time limit Objective
Spawn conditions (if any)
Defense FATE. Mint Condition 50-54 Cloudtop (x14 y37) 15 minutes Protect the catmint crates from the gaelicats.
To stave off the myriad vilekin that endlessly nip at the cheeks of the Rose Knights stationed in Cloudtop, several crates filled with seedlings of a natural herb repellent known as catmint were brought in to plant around the camp. Unfortunately, the odor has attracted a clowder of gaelicats who have begun destroying the containers to get at their contents.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the Rose Knight.
Battle FATE. Saved the Nests for Last 50-54 Cloudtop (x20 y32) 15 minutes Destroy the gastornis nests.
The belly of a gastornis is filled with one of the most powerful corrosives known to man, allowing the massive cloudkin to digest almost anything from bones and hair, to crystal and rock. This digestive process produces toxic fumes which are released as the gastornis breathes, making them deadly neighbors...
Boss FATE. One Turned Over the Cloudkin's Nest 50-54 Cloudtop (x20 y32) 15 minutes Defeat Diatryma.
If you believed that destroying a giant nest would not upset the giant creature who called that nest home, then Diatryma would like to have a word with you.

Spawn conditions:

Battle FATE. Food Fight 50-54 Voor Sian Siran (x28 y32) 15 minutes Defeat the paissas and gastornis.
Food is scarce on the floating islets of the Sea of Clouds, so when two species descend on the same hunting grounds, chaos is bound to erupt. That chaos, however, can be a blessing in disguise by providing an opportunity to kill two birds (or more accurately one bird and one rodent-like creature) with one stone.
Battle FATE. Leech the Sky 50-54 Voor Sian Siran (x25 y35) 15 minutes Defeat the obdellas.
Not a soul in the realm would deny that a good leeching now and again keeps the humours clean and the body free of sickness, but pumpkin-sized leeches capable of rendering a man into a husk in a matter of moments? That is a different story altogether.
Battle FATE. Anzu Trois 50-54 Voor Sian Siran (x30 y36) 15 minutes Defeat the anzu crones and pullets.
Once anzu hatchlings reach a certain age, their mothers will begin taking them hunting so that the hatchlings can learn the art of subduing prey. Slay the birds, both young and old, to prevent the fostering of new killers.
Battle FATE. Youth Must Be Severed 50-54 Voor Sian Siran (x30 y30) 15 minutes Defeat the lan'leii Gundu.
As a display of strength, young members of the Gundu tribe will taunt their enemies using petty acts of aggression such as shouting insults or throwing feces. Those especially brave and arrogant, however, will actually physically attack, and without someone to bloody their noses, the violence can only escalate.
Boss FATE. A Long Way Down 50-54 Voor Sian Siran (x36 y32) 15 minutes Defeat Apotamkin.
The paissas are a mischievous bunch, finding amusement in cracking open Rose Knight crates and tossing their contents off Cloudtop to the ground thousands of yalms below. The worst offender─a deceptively adorable misfit named Apotamkin─has been sighted, and the order is out to show him the same fate as the crates.
Battle FATE. This Is How We Gundu 50-54 Voor Sian Siran (x34 y30) 15 minutes Defeat the lan'laii and vuk'laii Gundu.
Armed warriors of the hostile Gundu tribe have gathered before Vundu Ok' Bendu and begun the ritual hooting of insults and stomping of talons which normally serve as a prelude to battle. Rather than wait for the Vanu to attack, the Rose Knights have elected to cast the first stone.
Battle FATE. Come to My Window 57-61 The Blue Window (x6 y21) 15 minutes Defeat the Window wamourae.
One too many puffs on the morrowmote pipe put the Zundu tribe wamourakeeper's mind so at ease that he forgot to lock the gate to the silk pens before retiring to bed. When he woke the next morning to the chaos inflicted by the escaped moths, he wondered why the morrowmotes did not provide him with visions of this particular future.
Item FATE. Obey their Thirst 57-61 The Blue Window (x12 y12) 15 minutes Deliver spring cores to the nat'leii Zundu.
The Zundu tribe discovered long ago that the hearts of cloud sprites are crystals which, when shattered, expel large amounts of clean, drinkable water─a resource quite scarce on their floating islets. The problem is removing the hearts from their owners who, annoyingly enough, require them to live.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the nat'leii Zundu.
Escort FATE. The Fugitive 57-61 The Blue Window (x28 y10) 15 minutes Escort the Zundu fugitive to safety.
A young member of the Zundu tribe, kidnapped and forced to serve as a footrest for a Vundu elder, has escaped his captors and is trying to return home. The elder, displeased that his favorite footrest has flown the coop, has gathered a small army to search every cookhouse, birdhouse, and outhouse in order to reclaim what he rightfully abducted.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the Zundu fugitive.
Defense FATE. Zuns on the Run 57-61 The Blue Window (x17 y9) 15 minutes Protect the Zundu fugitive from the lan'laii and nat'laii Vundu.
The warrior who kindly agreed to escort the former footrest back to the Zundu village has turned out to be a gaelicat's-paw of the Vundu elder who kidnapped the young Zundu. It appears that boy will require further escort if he is ever to arrive home.
Boss FATE. On Dangerous Ground 57-61 The Blue Window (x21 y12) 30 minutes Defeat the groundseater.
After centuries of protecting the land, one groundskeeper had enough and began devouring the very stuff he was tasked with defending. Decommission the groundseater before there are no islets left in the sky.
Battle FATE. Leather and Mace 57-61 The Blue Window (x26 y10) 15 minutes Defeat the lan'laii and nat'laii Vundu.
Tanning techniques are relatively unknown to the Vanu Vanu, making treated leather a rare commodity in the Sea of Clouds. Rather than learn to make their own, some of the tribes would instead forcefully take it from the area's new arrivals clad head to toe in the protective wear.
Battle FATE. Hearts Like Steel, Fists Like Thunder 57-61 Ok' Vundu Vana (x29 y15) 15 minutes Defeat the Vundu and 6th Legion hastati.
Soldiers of the VIth Imperial Legion have engaged with the Vundu tribe. Allow the two sides to weaken each other, then sneak in and claim the heads of both.
Boss FATE. Bones 57-61 Ok' Vundu Vana (x23 y19) 15 minutes Defeat Oonu Vali.
Though average Vanu lifespans would suggest she is not a day over thirty summers, members of the Zundu claim that Vundu warrioress Oonu Vali has been collecting the bones of her victims and adding them to her feathers since the dawn of time.
Boss FATE. Bismarcking Time 59-63 Ok' Vundu Mok (x20 y23) 15 minutes Defeat Kena Vanu.
Vundu high priest Kena Vanu has begun a forbidden rite which, if allowed to continue, will summon forth the very Lord of the Mists, Bismarck. Slay the beastman and prevent certain tragedy.
Battle FATE. Let There Be Acolytes 59-63 Ok' Vundu Mok (x20 y22) 15 minutes Defeat the lan'laii Kena Vanu.
Acolytes of the temporarily dispatched Kena Vanu have sworn revenge on the featherless netherlings who silenced their master before he could finish teaching them all seventy-three mysteries of the skies.

Spawn conditions:

Boss FATE. A Disturbing Lack of Faith 59-63 Ok' Vundu Mok (x20 y22) 15 minutes Defeat Kena Vanu and Skvader.
It appears Kena Vanu was not as thoroughly dispatched as originally believed, and the high priest has returned, not with the Lord of the Mists, but with a creature almost as imposing at his side. Ware the impaling talons of the dread Skvader and slay the beastman who summoned him.

Spawn conditions:

Battle FATE. Guano a Mano 59-63 The Nidifice (x36 y36) 15 minutes Defeat the toco tocos.
Nothing is worse than finding yourself underneath a flock of toco tocos as they relieve themselves of their recent meals...until you realize that toco toco guano is highly corrosive and can burn your flesh down to the bone. Disperse the converging cloudkin before they carpet bomb the entire area with their fetid feces.
Boss FATE. The Sound of Madness 59-63 Provenance (x10 y25) 15 minutes Defeat Podarge.
Vanu tribes claim that the shrill mating call of Podarge, a fearsome cloudkin who inhabits the Sea of Clouds, can drive men to madness─the most severely affected throwing themselves off islands simply to escape the terrible sound. Silence the creature before your own sanity is lost.
Boss FATE. You Eat What You Aren't 59-63 The Gauntlet (x36 y9) 15 minutes Defeat Akhekhu.
The diet of a griffin is believed to consist mostly of the flesh of small- to medium-sized mountain creatures such as goats and gaelicats. The hulking Akhekhu, however, will only sup on fully grown Vanu Vanu, making the cloudkin both hated and feared by the islet tribes.
Battle FATE. A Dream, Perchance to Eat 59-63 The Gauntlet (x21 y6) 15 minutes Defeat the tsanahales.
Some Vanu Vanu tribes believe that one's soul leaves the body every night to journey to the realm of dreams. It is also believed that cloudkin known as tsanahales will perch atop village huts in an attempt to devour these souls, making the creatures hated across the Sea of Clouds.
Boss FATE. Rebel Yehl 59-63 Hengr's Crucible (x37 y14) 15 minutes Defeat Yehl.
Incensed by the recent influx of free company airships into its territory, the savage cloudkin Yehl has declared a one-bird war on any and all denizens of the lower realm.

Temple Leves[]



Musical themes[]

The daytime theme for the Sea of Clouds is Lost in the Clouds, while the nighttime theme is Close to the Heavens.


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