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The Rogue

The Rogue is a boss fought in the Citadel as part of the final boss gauntlet in the Windows and Royal Editions of Final Fantasy XV. She is the spirit of a ruler of yore, Noctis Lucis Caelum's ancestor, now enslaved by Ardyn Izunia. She is faced in the Citadel on the party's way to the throne room at the end of the game, past the point of no return. She is the second boss in the gauntlet, fought after the Fierce. She wields the Star of the Rogue, her royal arm. Defeating her yields 20 AP.


One of the guardians of the Old Wall, consumed by the Starscourge and forced to submit to Ardyn's will. Having lost her father and older brother to the daemons, the Rogue was left with no family and no choice but to ascend the throne and rule in their stead. At the time, however, the thought of a woman ruling the kingdom was preposterous to some. Thus, the Rogue reigned from the shadows, helping Lucis to overcome a difficult era without once revealing her face to the masses.
Height: 11 ft. 9 in. Weight 981.2 lb.



Where are you? Show yourself!


She halves damage from elements apart from light, and is weak to Prompto's weapon types.

The Rogue is fast, dashes around the arena, slashing with her shuriken, and dodge-rolling to avoid being hit. She can warp-strike by throwing her shuriken. She can disappear into a cloud of miasma and reappear to suddenly attack (can be block/parried). She can disappear to leave a glowing hologram behind that soon explodes. Her attacks inflict the party with Poison. She can throw her shuriken across the arena to hit further away targets. She can disappear and then hurl hordes of shurikens at the party from the outside of the battlefield parameter, and engage Noctis in a button-smashing QTE if he blocks the attack of her reentering the arena.

After losing ~40% of her health, she growls and begins to glow purple. When vulnerable, she kneels and is unable to attack for a time.

There are two pillars on the side of the area the player can point-warp to.

Prompto versus the Rogue from FFXVRE

Prompto faces the Rogue.

When she is almost defeated, Prompto elects to take over and the player must finish the battle as him. The battle ends in a QTE sequence where Prompto defeats the Rogue with an overkill strike and three crackshots. The player can't finish the battle without character-swapping to Prompto; if the player depletes the Rogue's HP before that, she simply stays at 0 HP and continues to fight. If the player is using Armiger Unleashed, they must cancel it before Prompto will ask to handle the boss. If the player was already playing as Prompto, the battle simply continues to the finish without interruption.

The summon prompt never appears in this battle.


It can be difficult to hit her back for blindside-strikes as she moves around all the time. The player can point-warp to the pillars and then warp-strike her when she appears. Armiger and Armiger Unleashed are also powerful. When the Rogue leaves behind a glowing hologram, the player should get away from it because it soon detonates—point-warping takes Noctis to safety.

When she stays off the battlefield to throw shuriken, the player can avoid them by holding the defense button, or by point-warping to the pillars. Staying on the arena and holding the defense button might work better, because then the player can block her when the Rogue returns, and winning the QTE prompt makes her vulnerable for a time. When she exits the arena, audio cues telegraph when she is about to attack, but this may be drowned out by the battle music.

When the game character-swaps to Prompto, it can be hard to manually aim at her as she is so fast. The player can use Trigger-Happy, but she may be too fast for the attack to connect. The player can use the basic handgun that doesn't need aiming and fire while running.

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