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The Rising is an annual event in Final Fantasy XIV celebrating the anniversary of the game's relaunch as A Realm Reborn, replacing the Foundation Day event from the original version. This is one of the two seasonal events to be introduced after the A Realm Reborn's relaunch, the other being the Make It Rain Campaign. All other annual events were already in the game since 1.0.

The Rising typically runs concurrent with the Moonfire Faire event, and its accompanied by side stories posted in the Lodestone website. Just like the other annual events, the three city-states of Eorzea and the residential districts (Shirogane included) are decorated for the event. The players usually can get minions based on relevant Final Fantasy XIV Main Scenario characters.

In the event, the people of Eorzea pay tribute to the people who lost their lives at the Seventh Umbral Calamity. Relevant characters through the event's editions are the Wandering Minstrel and Naoki Yoshida himself.

The 2018 edition introduced the seasonal instance of The Calamity Retold, though it has only appeared that year.

Editions and rewards[]


The heavens are ablaze with fireworks as Eorzea celebrates the Moonfire Faire. With the townsfolk captivated by majestic colors sweeping across the skies, Adventurers' Guild chaperones set off a special set of fireworks to mark another momentous occasion: the Rising. In memory of those lost to the Calamity, and with hopes for a better tomorrow, the night sky alights with flowers of flame─a beauty to behold the realm over. Furthermore, rumor has it that this dazzling display has inspired a song of remembrance from a certain individual.

  • Time: 27 August, 2014 - 8 September, 2014
  • Quests:
  • Rewards:
    • Minions: Wind-up Minfilia, Wind-up Thancred
    • Emote: Huzzah
    • Items: Realm Reborn Red, Magicked Prism (Meteor Survivor)
  • Achievement: "A Bloom with a View"
  • Official 2014 website


The people of Eorzea gather to pray, to reflect on the Calamity of years past. But a new threat arises to disturb the reverence. What brave soul will step forward to restore peace for the coming celebration?

The Rising, a celebration of remembrance, has returned to Eorzea. As her people gather to reflect on the Calamity, a terrible insect infestation threatens to spoil the event. Speak with Nonora in Ul'dah, Steps of Nald, and see what can be done to remedy this dire dilemma.

  • Time: 27 August, 2015 - 7 September, 2015
  • Quests:
  • Rewards:
    • Minions: Wind-up Iceheart, Wind-up Yugiri
    • Items: Heavenscracker
  • Achievement: "A Room with a You"
  • Official 2015 website


2016 edition artwork.

The Crystal Caravan Takes Center Stage!

The Crystal Caravan has come to Ul'dah, and plans to put on the performance of a lifetime. To ensure the actors can truly bring their roles to life, however, the troupe leader seeks those who can tell them more of the great heroes who will be portrayed on stage. Adventurers with a love for the theater and the arts are encouraged to seek them out.


2017 edition artwork.

A Missing Minstrel and Perilous Pest Problem

A missing friend has left Nonora too preoccupied with worry to partake in Eorzea's celebration of remembrance. Those who would aid in her search for her lost companion are encouraged to seek her out at the Ruby Road Exchange.

  • Time: 26 August, 2017 - 14 September, 2017
  • Quests:
  • Rewards:
    • Minions: Wind-up Lyse, Wind-up Gosetsu
    • Furnishing: Rising Balloon
    • Orchestrion Rolls: Stormblood, Answers - Reprise
    • Items: Magicked Prism (Flowers)
  • Achievement: "Fourth Time's Also a Charm"
  • Official 2017 website


2018 edition artwork.

The Calamity Returns to Ul'dah

Dural Tharal, renowned reporter for the Mythril Eye, seeks the assistance of able adventurers in penning what promises to be a splendid story. Those who would answer the call will find the Lalafell at the Ruby Road Exchange.

  • Time: 26 August, 2018 - 17 September, 2018
  • Quests:
  • Rewards:
    • Gear: Manderville Earrings, White Ravens
    • Minions: Wind-up Cirina
    • Orchestrion Rolls: Revolutions
  • Achievement: "Give Me Five"
    • Title: Calamatologist (M/F)
  • Official 2018 website


2019 edition artwork.

To Eorzea, With Love

P'obyano seeks the aid of an adventurer regarding a matter of grave import.


2020 edition artwork.

Memories of yesteryear brought to life...

The Rising festival is known for bringing a splash of color to Ul'dah, and this year's celebration is especially vibrant. J'bhen Tia's exhibition of stained glass evokes memories of a pivotal moment in history, but he will need the assistance of a willing volunteer to ensure the event proceeds without a hitch.


2021 edition artwork.

On your unending road, may each dawn find you safe

Kipih Jakkya is looking around in consternation.

  • Time: 27 August, 2021 - 9 September, 2021
  • Quests:
  • Rewards:
    • Fashion: Red Moon Parasol
    • Item: Nymeia Potpourri
  • Achievement: "The Great Eight"
  • Official 2021 website


For the 2018 FATEs, see The Calamity Retold The Calamity Retold.

Name Level Location Time limit Objective
Spawn conditions (if any)
Battle FATE. Recurring Bugs
9-14 Central Thanalan (x18 y16)

Western Thanalan (x22 y23)

15 minutes Defeat the bugs and regressions.
A swarm of mechanical monstrosities is wreaking havoc on the environs of Thanalan. Stand together with the wandering minstrel, and eradicate this skittering threat.


A growing light o'er all the realm
Fingers bright on highlands white In an instance, a blade that smites the night.
But ill winds rise as the great gates yawn
Hope rides to meet what naught can cheat An old despair astride a new-shod mare...
Praise be to all ye men of worth,♪
Who build proud towers from clods of earth,♪
Who grant our fancies form and weight,♪
A thousand wonders incarnate...♪
'Neath pillars of whorling strife,♪
founders the dross of despair.♪
O'er pillars of eddying life,♪
surge high the gales of prayer.♪
Flux and flow do the gyres,♪
joined by the crystal in thy keep.♪
Thy adamant spear bores steeps entire,♪
thy argent blade cleaves oceans deep.♪
Neath azure skies a soul burned bright, stars soon gathered 'fore its might♪
By their radiance truths lay bare, a nation freed from deep despair♪
As the heavens take a crimson hue, friends now gather, old and new♪
By their deeds doth freedom ring, once more their hearts have cause to sing♪
O hero of rebirth traversing,♪
Soar you the azure skies.♪
Upon your breast a crimson crest,♪
Shine Light down from on high.♪
O hero of rebirth transcending,♪
Weave you an azure lie.♪
By your deeds doth crimson bleed,♪
And Darkness quench the fire.♪
O hero of rebirth traversing,♪
Heal you this scarred land.♪
Lay bare cloistered truths and tame the skies,♪
Let azure guide your hand.♪
O hero of rebirth traversing,♪
Break you the tyrants' bonds.♪
Embrace your sin and chase the light,♪
To darkness a world will dawn.♪
In the wake of calamity, Light descends once more,
To illuminate a world reborn, risen from fires of war.♪
'Neath the eyes of heaven, deception crumbles to dust,
Those divided by malice, united by bonds of trust.♪
On fields awash in crimson, battle raged far and wide,
In the name of liberty, the courageous few turn the tide.♪
Unto a distant realm, drowned in radiance unrelenting,
Strides forth the harbinger of night, iron will unbending.♪
Scarred by the falling of fiery stars, the land is reborn with new life.♪
God-slayer struck by an echoing roar, heavens ring with the promise of strife.♪
Beast and man, both, seek freedom or death in bloody inferno untamed.♪
By unbroken hopes, from a sky long undimmed shall the darkness of eld be reclaimed.♪
A merciless gale, an unending road, if this be the path we are fated,♪
Then pray be our dawn in the rift betwixt worlds, your soul's splendid light unabated.♪