For the boss from Final Fantasy VII, see Proud Clod.

The Proudclad is a boss in Final Fantasy XIII. It is a machine piloted by Yaag Rosch, capable of flight and able to transform into a spider-like form. Rosch had used the Proudclad to pursue the party after their escape from the Palamecia in Chapter 9, and fights them twice in Eden in Chapter 12.





First encounter

We can trust the pawns no more than the fal'Cie who move them. Humanity's fate rests in its own hands!


In the first battle stage The Proudclad repeatedly uses a weak but fast non-elemental laser attack. The battle will change direction once The Proudclad has been staggered; as soon as it recovers from stagger, it will use Limiters Deactivated (which fully restores its health, casts some permanent buffs, and enables new moves), and will respond with Retaliatory Strike (a very fast and powerful bombardment of missiles). Every time it recovers from stagger it will counter with this move, which can quickly KO the party leader, depending on its random targeting.

Defeating The Proudclad earns the party 10,000 CP and a Particle Accelerator.


Useful paradigms include Relentless Assault (COM/RAV/RAV), Diversity (COM/RAV/MED), Decimation (COM/RAV/SYN), Tireless Charge (COM/COM/MED) and Combat Clinic (SEN/MED/MED). Saboteurs are essentially useless—the status enhancements The Proudclad inflicts upon itself cannot be removed, and it is immune to status ailments.

The player should begin the battle in the Decimation paradigm, so the Synergist can cast status enhancements, especially Haste. Once the party is buffed, Relentless Assault can be used to quickly drive up the chain meter while switching to Diversity to heal as needed.

If either Fang or Snow has learned their respective full ATB skills, The Proudclad entering its second, more powerful, battle phase, can be prevented. Fang/Snow should be in the Commando role when the chain meter approaches 3/4 full. As The Proudclad approaches its stagger threshold, the player should queue Highwind/Sovereign Fist and wait for an ally to almost stagger it. Right before Proudclad is staggered, the player should unleash the full ATB skill to deal a massive damage at the cost of resetting the chain gauge and preventing The Proudclad from using the Limiters Deactivated ability or Retaliatory Strike. This method can be repeated for the rest of the battle to safely dispose of Rosch's machine without running the risk of being KO'd by its counter. The party should continue switching between Relentless Assault (to drive up the chain gauge), Diversity (to heal) and Decimation (to recast Haste).

An alternative for players who haven't learned either Highwind or Sovereign Fist involves Eidolons. The player should fill the chain meter substantially, then summon an Eidolon to stagger The Proudclad. The moment this happens, the player should enter Gestalt Mode and immediately use the finishing attack. This method does not deal as much damage, but still avoids the powerful combo of Deactivate Limiters and Retaliatory Strike.

The player can also keep The Proudclad stagger-locked the entire match. Since it has no time-triggered or critical health triggered attacks, one could take the long route and simply kill it without staggering. This method is faster with Fang/Snow's full ATB skill, but is still possible without. An easy method would be to use Discretion (COM/MED/MED) to start off the chain, then switch to Perpetual Magic (RAV/MED/MED) to build the chain, and back to Discretion to keep building the chain slowly. As long as The Proudclad doesn't stagger, no one in the party will drop below 50% health. If the whole party has weapons with Stagger Lock ability they cannot stagger The Proudclad, and these weapons tend to have good stats; they can be bought from Gilgamesh, Inc.

If using none of these methods, the battle is still fairly straightforward—the player should buff the party at the onset and inflict stagger, unleash as much damage as possible during it (Tireless Charge is useful here, especially if the Commandos' attacks are timed properly so that they use Smite/Scourge right as the stagger ends to inflict massive harm). After The Proudclad recovers, the party should switch into Combat Clinic to weather the storm of Retaliatory Strike, then repeat the pattern.

Second encounter

He really wants us dead!


The Proudclad starts in Annihilation Mode where it uses Muon Blaster to deal moderate damage, and hits fast. At half health, The Proudclad will use Limiters Deactivated to bring it to full HP and buff itself up, but it will lower its defense. When it switches into a new mode The Proudclad uses Oneiric Maelstrom, which can hit hard. It may also use this when changing into Aerial Defense Mode.


The recommended paradigms are: Solidarity (COM/SEN/MED), Relentless Assault (RAV/COM/RAV), Protection (Optional - MED/SEN/SYN), Combat Clinic (MED/SEN/MED), Strategic Warfare (COM/SEN/SYN) and Tireless Charge (COM/COM/MED). The characters' equipment should be optimized to offensive and have 4000+ HP.

For the first battle phase it is recommended to use Relentless Assault and switch from time to time to Solidarity/Protection for healing and buffs. When The Proudclad switches into Aerial Defense Mode, the player should change to Strategic Warfare for a bit and then switch to Relentless Assault to build up the stagger bar. Once The Proudclad reaches the stagger bar the party should continue with this paradigm, or alternatively switch to Tireless Charge to heal. Once his stagger is nearing the end the player should switch to Combat Clinic or Solidarity to maintain good health.

When The Proudclad uses Limiters Deactivated at half health, the party should switch to Relentless Assault to stagger it, and switch to Solidarity/Protection to heal. If the party is running out of buffs, the player may want to remain in Protection or switch to Strategic Warfare to buff up.

When The Proudclad uses Oneiric Maelstrom, it is recommended to switch to Combat Clinic, but if it relentlessly continues to attack, the party one should use Renew and continue with Relentless Assault. The party should keep staggering The Proudclad and switch from time to time to Solidarity when needed.

When it is staggered, one may want to change to Tireless Charge, and when the stagger is almost over, one should switch to Strategic Warfare or remain in Solidarity for a bit, until The Proudclad starts attacking in Aerial Defense Mode, where one should, from time to time, switch between Relentless Assault/Strategic Warfare/Solidarity. The Proudclad will a­lso use the attack Retaliatory Strike, which can be annoying, but should be easily handled by the Sentinel in Combat Clinic/Solidarity/Protection.

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The Proudclad is named after the boss Proud Clod from Final Fantasy VII. In both games the party encounters them upon returning to their home (Midgar or Cocoon). Both machines are piloted by figures from the antagonist operations who have attacked the protagonists on prior occasions (Yaag Rosch of PSICOM, or Scarlet and Heidegger of Shinra).

In Japan, The Proudclad isn't a definite article and translates to "Proud Clad" (as in "clad in pride").


  • Along with its connection to the machine from Final Fantasy VII, The Proudclad's first form resembles Elvoret, a boss from Final Fantasy VIII.

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