The Proud Lance of Baron is a time-limited event where Kain from Final Fantasy IV can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario is located after Chapter 9.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Reunion and Coalition:

It is recommended that you clear Ch. 9: Utopia Niveus before playing.

  • ???: So this is how the worlds are connected... But to where does this lead...?
  • Cecil: Is that...Kain!? You're here!

(The rest of the party arrives)

  • Edge: Somebody you know, Cecil?
  • Yang: A dragoon of Baron, he is Lord Cecil's close friend. ...Or was...
  • Kain: Edge... Yang... I see. You two have lost it as well.
  • Kain: Cecil... To think you'd lose the hallowed light...
  • Cecil: What do you mean? What are you doing here?
  • Kain: ...Don't be so suspicious of me. How long have we known each other? My voice should be enough to understand.
  • Kain: Be at ease... I have no interest in conflict here. What we hope to protect is the same.

(Kain leaves)

  • Mog: Kupo! He entered the Torsion, kupo!
  • Warrior of Light: Does he intend to close it by himself?
  • Edge: He'll be in a bind if he is! Let's go give him a hand!
  • Cecil: I know we ought to. But Kain...
  • Yang: He broke off relations with Lord Cecil to serve under a villain. My homeland, too, his forces...
  • Warrior of Light: He appeared to be concerned for your wellbeing, though.
  • Warrior of Light: That you had lost something...
  • Cecil: You lost some of your memories when you came here. It is to that he must have been referring.
  • Edge: Come to think of it, he knew my name.
  • Edge: I don't know any dragoons... Huh? I...?
  • Yang: Is there something we may have forgotten about Lord Kain and ourselves...?
  • Cecil: Let us enter this Torsion as well. If Kain knows would be in our interest to know as well.
  • Edge: Amen! This is gonna bug me if we don't clear things up!

(Everyone leaves, except Cecil and Mog)

  • Cecil: Mog...there is something I would ask you.
  • Mog: Kupo?
  • Cecil: The light... Did you sense it in him?
  • Mog: If he's planning to use his powers properly, then it's the light, kupo!
  • Cecil: ...I see.

(Cecil and Mog enter the Torsion)

During The Proud Lance of Baron Pt. 1:

(Wave 3: Kain)

  • Cecil: Kain!? Why!?
  • Kain: ...That should be obvious. Draw your blade, Cecil!
  • Cecil: Gr...!
  • Bartz: The Torsion closed! Wait, that means...!
  • Kain: I created it. And by defeating me, you closed it.
  • Cecil: Why, Kain! Why would you threaten the world this way!
  • Cecil: Unless... Is someone manipulating you!?
  • Squall: ...This isn't like you.
  • Squall: Would you mind speaking so we can follow along, too?
  • Onion Knight: Tell us what's going on. Wasn't there something you wanted to know?
  • Kain: ...That moogle is not here.
  • Kain: Have you noticed while battling in this world a feeling that your strength is being drawn out of you?
  • King: Yeah, we have wondered about that.
  • King: It seems most obvious when fighting inside a Torsion.
  • Kain: How about when fighting against me, a warrior from another world like yourselves?
  • Squall: It was more pronounced than going up against manikins or monsters...maybe.
  • Bartz: Ah! Come to think of it, it might've felt that way whenever we fight those other guys, too!
  • Onion Knight: So you picked a fight with us to figure that out.
  • Kain: I don't have all the answers.
  • Kain: Only...I've been told what's draining your strength is that moogle.
  • Cecil: Who told you that?
  • Kain: You aren't ready to know.
  • Cecil: Because I've...forgotten something important?
  • Cecil: Kain... Please tell me. I... What have I lost?
  • Kain: Something meaningless if you can't remember on your own.
  • Squall: So what now? Going back to whoever is feeding you info?
  • Kain: That was my plan...
  • Bartz: And you're just gonna leave your friend worried and confused?
  • Kain: He's the one who does not trust me... But you are right, warrior from another world.
  • Kain: I cannot leave Cecil in this state. I will join you on your journey.
  • Onion Knight: That would be a big help. Let's share what we know.
  • Cecil: Kain... Can I trust you...?
  • Kain: Call me a traitor if you like. ...I will bring the light back to my friend.
Our Path Together:
  • Warrior of Light: You've grown more pensive since Kain joined us.
  • Zidane: Is it whatever you can't remember from back home that's eating you?
  • Cecil: ...Indeed. I've lost something important that for the life of me...I just can't figure out.
  • Cecil: But more painful than that is this cold-hearted distrust of my friend.
  • Cecil: Have I...let my heart become as black as this armor...?
  • Zidane: For such a softie, you're way too hard on yourself.
  • Warrior of Light: As am I. Everyone has missing memories to some extent or another... I know this thanks to him.
  • Zidane: I trust Kain. After all, he's sticking his neck out there for everyone, right?
  • Warrior of Light: Agreed. His spear shows us the way.
  • Warrior of Light: The mystery to be solved is the Torsions...
  • Cecil: If we can know them, we can know what it is we have lost, is it?
  • Cecil: You two are right. There is nothing to gain in fretting...
  • Zidane: The way I see it, Kain's defending you along with the rest of us.
  • Zidane: Any doubts you have'll clear up eventually, hear?
  • Cecil: Thank you, Zidane. As I am, I will do what I can to believe that.

  • Kain: Cecil and his companions were summoned by this Materia...
  • Kain: Could the difference in our memories have to do with who summoned us?

  • Spiritus: Warrior burdened with the mark of treachery... Go, and protect my world!
  • Kain: As though I would fight for your sake.
  • Kain: I protect my friend.
  • ???: ...You came, Kain.
  • ???: Now, to Cecil's side with you...
  • Kain: Heh... My thoughts exactly.

(Kain follows Golbez)

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