The Princess of Dalmasca is a time-limited event where Ashe from Final Fantasy XII can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario is located after Chapter 6.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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To Bear the Cross Alone:

It is recommended that you clear Ch. 6: Domina Wastelands before playing.

  • Laguna: Right? So then I say, "You're gettin' the Cuchi-cuchi treatment!"
  • Yuffie: Ah ha ha! You can't be serious!
  • Vaan: Not the Cuchi-cuchi treatment! We'd better watch out! Hahaha!

(Mog and Penelo watch the trio converse)

  • Mog: ...They're having an awfully good time, kupo...
  • Penelo: Laguna's good at storytelling. ...Hm?

(Ashe walks over)

  • Penelo: Is that...!?
  • ???: ...Penelo!
  • Penelo: Vaan! Come here!
  • Vaan: Hahaha...huh?

(Vaan runs over to Ashe)

  • Vaan: Oh, Ashe, you were summoned to this world, too?
  • Ashe: ..."This world"?
  • Mog: That's my cue, kupo!

  • Ashe: ...I cannot believe it. Such a reality begs credulity.
  • Mog: Won't you join us, kupo?
  • Ashe: Well, I...
  • Laguna: Yuffie, have you heard this one? This guy orders soup, and there's a fly in it...
  • Yuffie: Ah ha ha! What the heck? Stop making me laugh!
  • Ashe: ...I respectfully decline.
  • Vaan: Why? You planning to go it alone?
  • Ashe: I have no time for foolishness! I must return to Ivalice with all haste!
  • Ashe: So, if you'll forgive me...I do not think it is in my interest to interrupt your frivolity...
  • Penelo: Don't say that! No one is being frivolous...
  • Yuffie: What? Did you say something?
  • Mog: Of all the times to be oblivious, kupo...
  • Ashe: I am prepared to fight on my own. Please excuse me; I must hurry on...

(Ashe leaves)

  • Laguna: ...Huh? What just happened? The lady won't be joining us?
  • Penelo: And whose fault do you think that is, Laguna!
  • Laguna: Beats me! Not mine at least!
  • Laguna: ...But this area is crawling with monsters. We can't just let her wander on her own.
  • Mog: He's right! Let's go after her, kupo!
A Deep Brooding:
  • Ashe: Unh... If only I were stronger...
  • Vaan: Ah! There she is! Over there!

(The rest of the party arrives)

  • Penelo: Are you okay!?
  • Laguna: See? What did I say? This is what happens if you go off on your own.
  • Ashe: ...What are you here for?
  • Vaan: To help you, of course.
  • Ashe: I am...fine on my own.
  • Laguna: Awful darn stubborn for the shape you're in.
  • Penelo: Can't you trust us to help?
  • Ashe: I am fighting in earnest, not for fun like you.
  • Yuffie: Hey, I resent that. I put my neck on the line in battle.
  • Laguna: You think we'd go out of our way to chase off monsters and help you for kicks?
  • Ashe: I, well...
  • Vaan: Even if we look like a bunch of goof-offs...
  • Vaan: Everyone was worried about you. Even the guys who'd only just met you.
  • Penelo: It's a boisterous group, but they're all concerned about others' wellbeing.
  • Ashe: I see... I suppose I lost my temper.
  • Mog: Kupo! You're finally being honest with us, kupo! Hooray!
  • Ashe: I haven't introduced myself. I am Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca, Princess of the Kingdom of Dalmasca.
  • Yuffie: Get out! A real princess! Talk about fantasy worlds!
  • Laguna: But man if that isn't a long name. What do you guys usually call her?
  • Penelo: Well, she is royalty... We usually call her Princess Ashe.
  • Ashe: Circumstances require I return to my world as soon as possible...
  • Ashe: So please! I beg you lend me your strength!
  • Laguna: You got it!
  • Laguna: And in exchange, you'll listen to my stupid stories now and then, eh?
  • Ashe: ...I will do my best.
The Princess's Fight:
  • Mog: Just a little more to the Torsion, kupo! Let's go, go, go, kupo!
  • Ashe: Once every Torsion is closed, we can return home...
  • Ashe: Let us continue on!
  • Galuf: ...Ashe, why is it you are in such a hurry to get home?
  • Ashe: ...As I mentioned before, I am the Princess of Dalmasca.
  • Ashe: The empire...a hostile nation currently occupies my homeland, threatening its very existence.
  • Ashe: I lead the resistance forces to counter that threat.
  • Vaan: I was surprised when I first saw the princess fighting, sword in hand.
  • Firion: A princess fighting against imperial tyranny... I can respect that.
  • Ashe: I simply desire our liberty... For that, I need power.
  • Firion: I understand completely. We'll do everything we can for you!
  • Galuf: Just...take care not to lose yourself in your quest for power.
  • Ashe: Eh...?
  • Galuf: No matter how powerful you become, you cannot change the past.
  • Galuf: ...We're fighting for the happiness of those dear to us who are with us now. You musn't forget that.
  • Ashe: ...I understand that. Even still, I—!
  • Galuf: Ha ha ha! Forgive me! As you get on in years, the more everything you say starts to sound like a lecture.
  • Firion: In any event, Ashe needs to return to her world.
  • Firion: If there's anything we can do, just say the word!
  • Ashe: ...Thank you.
  • Vaan: Fighting for those dear to us who are with us now, huh...?
  • Penelo: We have to give it our all and face forward.
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