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THE PRIMALS - Out of the Shadows is the third album of the The Primals, a metal band formed Masayoshi Soken, the online sound director for Final Fantasy XIV.

Track list[]

  1. Insatiable — 5:27
    (貪欲, Donyoku?, lit. Avarice)
  2. Ultima — 3:44
    (究極幻想, Kyūkyoku Gensō?, lit. Ultimate Illusion)
  3. Blinding Indigo — 4:37
    (輝ける蒼 ~希望の園エデン:覚醒編~, Radiant Blue ~Garden of Hope Eden: Awakening Edition~?)
  4. What Angel Wakes Me — 4:57
    (目覚めの御使い ~ティターニア討滅戦~, Mezame no Otsukai ~Titānia Tōmetsusen~?, lit. Messenger of Awakening ~Titania Showdown~)

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