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The Power of Tranquility is a time-limited event where Eight from Final Fantasy Type-0 can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario may include characters not yet recruited by the player.


Story Cutscenes

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Spare Me:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

  • ???: So this is a different world from Orience...
  • ???: For a place created to give "respite," it looks an awful lot like a battlefield.
  • ???: Huh? Are those...

(Eight runs ahead to inspect the ground)

  • ???: Magic bullets! Are these from Cater's pistol...?
  • ???: These are Ace's cards! Used in battle, no less.
  • ???: So they're here, too...
  • ???: That goddess was telling the truth after all.
  • Kefka: Well, well, what do we have here?

(Eight turns around to find Kefka)

  • ???: Who're you?
  • Kefka: I'm guessing by your uniform you're another one of those disgusting cadets.
  • ???: Cadets? So you know Ace and the others?
  • Kefka: Know them? Yes! I absolutely, positively abhor them!
  • Kefka: They're always meddling in my plans! And there're so many of them, babbling on about friendship and bonds! Blargh!
  • Kefka: And not too long ago... Why, my poor baby Blackened Wills...!
  • Kefka: Ooh! Just thinking about it makes me want to scream!
  • ???: (There's no mistaking it. He's definitely an enemy.)
  • Kefka: Which is why you, my fresh-faced foe, will be paying the price for your friends' transgressions!
  • Kefka: If you want to hate someone, hate your dear friends! Prepare for a whooping!
  • ???: (Let's see if I can't turn this around...)
  • ???: P-please, don't hurt me!
  • Kefka: ...Oh? What's this now?
  • ???: I'm unarmed! I'm no threat to you!
  • Kefka: What's wrong with you!? You're nothing but a coward!
  • Kefka: How annoying! You've ruined all my fun!
  • ???: So you'll let me go?
  • Kefka: Puh-leez. Where's the fun in that?
  • Kefka: There's no way I'm letting you get away so easily!
  • Kefka: I'm sure there's something we can do...
  • Kefka: Oho, I have a great idea! Watch this!
  • ???: (...What a fool.)
Mission Accomplished:
  • Kefka: Heh heh heh!

(Kefka appears)

  • Yang: Kefka!
  • Auron: To what do we owe this unexpected visit?
  • Kefka: Ladies and gentlemen, today is a special day!
  • Kefka: I've come to give you my heartfelt thanks!
  • Cater: What are you talking about?
  • Kefka: Not long ago, you had the audacity of trouncing my Wilburinos!
  • Ace: Not this again...
  • Yang: We will destroy them however many times it takes. When will you learn your lesson?
  • Kefka: Nobody asked you! Go jump in a lake!
  • Kefka: Now then, I have a question for you.
  • Kefka: Can you still keep that cheeky attitude up after seeing this?

(An imprisoned Eight appears)

  • Ace: Eight!?
  • Cater: How did you get captured by Kefka!?
  • Eight: Hey, Cater! Looks like you're doing well.
  • Cater: This isn't the time for casual greetings!
  • Yang: It appears he is a friend of Ace and the others.
  • Auron: This is troublesome...
  • Kefka: Heh heh heh! Feeling helpless yet?
  • Kefka: If you value this chump's life, you'll let me beat you up for what you've done!
  • Cater: Kefka, you coward!
  • Ace: You fiend...
  • Kefka: Oh, thank you! Thank you! What high praise!
  • Eight: Alright. I guess I've been in here long enough...

(Eight breaks free and runs to the party)

  • Kefka: Wh-what!? Did you just get out of my prison!?
  • Ace: Are you alright, Eight?
  • Eight: I'm fine.
  • Eight: He was nice enough to take me to you guys.
  • Kefka: You, you...used me! How dare you!?
  • Eight: Thanks to you, we were reunited. Much obliged, Mr. Kefka, sir!
  • Kefka: Damn you! You told me you were unarmed!
  • Eight: I'm not really unarmed...
  • Eight: My weapons are...my fists!
During The Power of Tranquility Pt. 2:

(Wave 2: Kefka)

  • Kefka: Why you why you why you little—! You're gonna pay for making a dupe out of me!
  • Eight: Maybe this will teach you to judge your hostages better.
  • Kefka: Oooh! I've had it with you and your cheek!
Let Our Fists Do the Talking:
  • Eight: Mission complete!
  • King: Good job, Eight. Seems you haven't lost your touch.
  • Deuce: I'm happy to see you unharmed, and to fight beside you again.

(The rest of the party arrives)

  • Zell: Looks like you pack quite the punch!
  • Sabin: I'm sure you can knock some sense into your enemies with those fists. You must have trained very hard!
  • Eight: So you're the warriors from other worlds. I heard about you from the goddess.
  • Eight: My name is Eight. I'm from Class Zero, like King and the other Agito Cadets.
  • Relm: I thought you'd be a total weakling because you got captured by that silly clown!
  • Eight: Clever plan, wasn't it? I was able to turn the tide in my favor.
  • Zell: You managed to stay so calm, even though you just got to this world. It's amazing!
  • King: He's known for his quick wit, even among the other Class Zero students.
  • Deuce: No matter what happens on the battlefield, he never loses his cool.
  • Relm: How awesome!
  • Relm: Your fighting style's like the overfed muscle-man and the rowdy punk, but your personality is completely different!
  • Zell: Hey! Who're you calling rowdy!?
  • Sabin: Hahaha! She has a point. We're more likely to act first, then think later.
  • Sabin: All the more reason that martial arts was the right path for me to walk! A perfect match, don't you think?
  • Deuce: Well, when you put it that way...
  • King: Zell, Sabin, Yang, Snow...
  • King: There certainly are a lot of hot-blooded martial artists from the other worlds.
  • Zell: So why did you decide to become a martial artist, Eight?
  • Relm: I want to know, too! Tell us!
  • Eight: Hmm... Well, if I had to say, it's because of my beliefs.
  • Sabin: Your beliefs?
  • Eight: Having a weapon that easily takes the life of others doesn't suit me.
  • Eight: In the world I come from, we lose memories of those who pass away.
  • Eight: That's why I want to remember my opponents through the pain in my fists.
  • Zell: You...
  • Zell: You've got so much passion! Why didn't you say anything sooner?
  • Sabin: We've been waiting for someone like you!
  • Relm: Whoa, they're so moved!
  • Zell: C'mon, let's not wait another second! Let's get to talking—with our fists!
  • Sabin: We'll introduce you to the others and start training right away!
  • Eight: I like the sound of that.

(Zell, Sabin, and Eight run off)

  • Deuce: Their personalities are total opposites...
  • King: But it seems like their hearts understand each other.

(Snow and Zell have a match against Yang and Sabin)

  • Snow: Alright, alright! Here I go!

(Snow attacks Yang)

  • Yang: I won't hold back...!

(Yang attacks Snow)

  • Eight: ...Haha.
  • Eight: I think my fists will get plenty of good training in this world.
Spoilers end here.

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