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The Power of Knowledge is a time-limited event where Trey from Final Fantasy Type-0 can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario may include characters not yet recruited by the player.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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A Solitary Youth:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

  • ???: How can this be? By all accounts, I should have perished...
  • ???: Or could it be...that I was spared? Me alone?
  • ???: Ace, Cater, Cinque, King... Could it be that, while I remain, they—
  • ???: No. That simply can't be.
  • ???: I have retained my memories of them. It then stands to reason that they are still alive and well.
  • ???: ...No, I mustn't jump to conlcusions. I need to remain calm and consider all possible situations.
  • ???: Forgetting those who have passed was originally a merciful act of the crystal...
  • ???: Perhaps this means that the crystal itself is gone. But is such a thing even possible?
  • ???: ...Not that anyone is here to answer me. How terribly lonesome this place is...
  • ???: At any rate, I will suppose that I am alive and shall set out to find the others.
  • Materia: It seems you've awoken, Trey.
  • Trey: Excuse me?
  • Trey: My apologies, but...who are you?
  • Materia: I am Materia, one of two gods governing this world.
  • Trey: A god named Materia?
  • Trey: I regret to inform you that I've never once come upon such a name in the countless books I've read.
  • Materia: This is a world different from the one you are from.
  • Materia: Allow me to tell you about this place and the reason you're here now...

  • Mog: Kupooo...
  • Vivi: I... I'm really sorry, Mog...

(Tifa and Zidane arrive)

  • Tifa: Did something happen?
  • Vivi: All his kupo nuts are gone... I must have lost them in that last battle...
  • Zidane: They're Mog's favorite, aren't they?
  • Tifa: It must be quite a shock to have him looking so sad...
  • Zidane: Then let's turn back! We can ask the others to be on the lookout, too!
  • Vivi: Really, Zidane!?
  • Mog: Thank you, thank you, thank you, kupo! You're my hero, Zidane!
  • Tifa: I really hope we can find those kupo nuts...
Reunited with Trey:
  • Trey: How utterly shocking. To know that every world's very existence now hangs in the balance...
  • Trey: And that not just myself, but warriors from other worlds were summoned for this purpose...
  • Trey: ...Hm?
  • Trey: What could that be...

(Trey picks up the object)

  • Trey: Nuts? I wonder why they would be amongst all this rubble...
  • Mog: Found 'em, kupooo!

(Mog arrives)

  • Trey: !?
  • Mog: Those are my prized kupo nuts! Thank you for finding them, kupo!
  • Trey: ...You are most welcome.

(Vivi and Cait Sith arrive)

  • Vivi: I'm so happy we found them!
  • Cait Sith: Well, we can check that off the list now!
  • Trey: Hmm... From your appearance, I gather you are warriors from other worlds.
  • Vivi: Huh? Your clothes...
  • Vivi: Could you be a friend of Mister Ace and the others?
  • Trey: So you know my classmates?
  • Mog: Of course, kupo! We've been traveling together for a while now!
  • Trey: So they're alive after all. What a relief...
  • Trey: How rude of me. Please call me Trey. I am a member of Class Zero from Akademeia in the Dominion of Rubrum.
  • Trey: This is where my fellow Agito Cadets and I tirelessly dedicated ourselves to our training...
  • Trey: But I suppose I am getting ahead of myself. According to legend, Agito are meant to be the saviors of our world, Orience...
  • Mog: K-kupo? What's he going on about?
  • Cait Sith: Not sure, but he seems pretty enthusiastic about it. Let's hear him out.

  • Trey: ...And that is the abridged history of our dear Akademeia and Class Zero.
  • Cait Sith: I get it now...
  • Vivi: Thank you for teaching us that, Mister Trey!
  • Trey: It was my pleasure. Thank you for listening!
  • Cater: Wow, someone actually listened until the end... I guess there's a first time for everything.

(Cater and Deuce arrive)

  • Trey: Cater! Deuce!
  • Deuce: It's nice to see you, Trey.
  • Cater: We came to check on Vivi and the others. We didn't expect to see you here!
  • Trey: I am relieved to see you both in good health. Where are the others?
  • Cater: Waiting over there. You had better go say hi!
  • Trey: I will.
  • Vivi: I'm so glad you can see your classmates again!
  • Mog: And we found my kupo nuts and a new friend! Today was a great day, kupo!
The Endless Pursuit of Knowledge:
  • Trey: Take that!

(Trey defeats a pair of Magitek Armor)

  • Barret: Haha! Not bad at all!
  • Trey: Why, thank you.
  • Ace: It looks like your shots are as dead-on as ever, Trey.
  • Cater: And his stories as long as ever.
  • Machina: ...It's been a while, Trey.

(Machina arrives)

  • Trey: Machina!?
  • Trey: What a surprise it is to see you in your human form...
  • Wakka: What's that mean?
  • Machina: ...I see. So you have all your memories, then.
  • Machina: Trey, I owe you an apology.
  • Trey: Whatever for...?

  • Trey: ...I see. So that's what transpired...
  • Machina: I won't ask for your forgiveness. I just...had to tell you the truth.
  • Trey: Thank you for telling me, Machina. From now on, let us fight side-by-side.
  • Machina: Trey...!
  • Trey: Looking back at the past changes nothing. What matters is how we choose to live our lives from here on out.
  • Trey: It seems like we cannot escape our fate of having to fight, but...
  • Trey: I am happy that I can do so with everyone by my side.
  • Machina: ...Thank you.
  • Cater: Hehe. That went well!
  • Ace: I knew Trey would understand right away.
  • Barret: Lucky for us, he's got both brains and a heart!
  • Wakka: And brawn, yeah! That last battle was somethin' else.
  • Trey: By the way, Machina, I have something to ask you.
  • Machina: What's that?
  • Trey: What happened to Orience after we died?
  • Machina: ...We started rebuilding. It wasn't easy, but everyone's doing the best they can.
  • Trey: You were always a responsible one, Machina.
  • Trey: How would you even begin to rebuild such a broken Orience, though?
  • Trey: Please, I'd like to hear more about your endeavors.
  • Machina: ...Heh, it's like old times.
  • Machina: I want to hear your opinion, too, Trey. I can tell you all about it on the airship.
  • Trey: I insist!

(Trey and Machina leave)

  • Cater: I'm going to be old before this conversation is over...
  • Ace: What's the harm? Machina seems happy.
  • Cater: Yeah, I guess so... Hehe.
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Musical themes[edit | edit source]

  • "War: That Which Lurks" plays during regular waves.
  • "War: Pursuit" plays during boss waves.
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