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Gentle Strength is a time-limited event where Deuce from Final Fantasy Type-0 can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario may include characters not yet recruited by the player.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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The Sound of a Flute:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

  • Vaan: Do you see that!?

(The party runs ahead to a dead Zu)

  • Rem: Someone must've slain this monster.
  • Ace: A battle was fought here.
  • Yuna: And it wasn't one of us... But maybe it's someone we know.
  • Yuna: They must be alright seeing they defeated this monster.
  • Ace: It may be a friend, but it could very well be an enemy too.
  • Vaan: Can't you be a little optimistic for once?
  • Ace: I'm just stating the possibilities.

(The sound of a flute is heard)

  • Thancred: Did you hear that?
  • Rem: What is it?
  • Thancred: I thought I heard a flute. Rather a ways off, though.
  • Vaan: Really? I didn't hear anything.
  • Thancred: Perhaps I'm starved for entertainment.
  • Ace: It's possible you heard something we didn't.
  • Rem: Yeah, and if you did hear a flute, it could be whoever killed this monster.
  • Yuna: A musician who can battle? Or perhaps one who learned to in order to travel?
  • Rem: Not quite. We have a friend back home who wields a flute as a weapon.
  • Yuna: A...flute?
  • Ace: I suppose it must seem odd to those from other worlds.
  • Rem: Now that I think of it, it's not very common in our world either.
  • Thancred: A friend may be nearby then?
  • Thancred: What are we waiting for?
  • Ace: You're right. Let's go.
An Encouraging Ally:

(Terra finds the party against a pack of Wolves)

  • Terra: Are you all okay?
  • Onion Knight: Yeah, but they just keep coming and coming.
  • Terra: We must've come across a large pack.
  • Yuffie: You guys would've been so dead without me!
  • King: I appreciate the help, but our situation hasn't changed much.
  • King: I know we're all tired, but we need to keep fighting.
  • Yuffie: Why are there so many of them!?
  • Onion Knight: It's not strange for monsters to travel in packs.
  • Onion Knight: You jumped in to help us because we were surrounded, right?
  • Yuffie: Yes, but I didn't know there'd be so many of them!
  • King: For what it's worth, you can have all the credit.
  • Yuffie: I don't want credit, I want rewards!
  • Terra: More keep coming.
  • Onion Knight: We need to stand our ground till the others arrive!
  • King: Got it.

(Deuce arrives)

  • ???: It looks like I made it just in time.
  • Yuffie: Who're you?
  • Deuce: I'm Deuce. It's nice to meet you.
  • Yuffie: Why are you so calm!? Can't you see what's going on!?
  • King: Don't worry, she can handle herself.
  • Deuce: I'm so glad I found you all. I'm ready to give you my full support.
  • Terra: A flute?
  • King: We'll talk later. Right now, we need to take care of this situation.
The Young Flautist:
  • Deuce: Thank you for letting me come with you.
  • Thancred: Of course.
  • Thancred: I knew I heard music back there.
  • Rem: I'm glad to see you again!
  • Deuce: Me too!
  • Thancred: Were you frightened all alone?
  • Deuce: No, not especially. Fighting isn't new to me, and I knew Rem and the others were okay.
  • Deuce: And because they were, I knew that I had to do what I could.
  • Vanille: How did you know they were okay?
  • Deuce: Because I could remember them all: Rem, Ace, King, and Cater.
  • Rem: In our world, when someone passes, they're forgotten.
  • Vanille: Wow, and that kept you going.
  • Rem: But I don't know for certain if that applies in this world too.
  • Deuce: Why is that?
  • Rem: There's no way to confirm it.
  • Vanille: Whatever the case, I'm glad you're alright and that you found your friends.
  • Deuce: Thank you.
  • Vanille: I'm curious. How is it using a flute as a weapon?
  • Deuce: I don't know. I've never been asked so I've never thought about it.
  • Deuce: This is what I'm used to.
  • Vanille: So it's hard to explain...
  • Vanille: Oh, maybe you like music?
  • Deuce: I do. I love music.
  • Eiko: Then you and I will become great friends!
  • Thancred: How so?
  • Eiko: I can play the flute too! And I'm really good.
  • Thancred: I had no idea.
  • Eiko: Of course. I'm a lady.
  • Eiko: I even played the flute in battle!
  • Deuce: Will you show me later? I've always wanted someone to play music with.
  • Eiko: Of course! See? We're great friends already!
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Gentle Strength Pt. 1[edit | edit source]

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