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The Power of Ignorance is a time-limited event where Jack from Final Fantasy Type-0 can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario may include characters not yet recruited by the player.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Katana Wounds:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

  • ???: ...Can't a guy catch a break around here?
  • ???: Where is "here" anyway? I wonder if that god was the real deal...
  • ???: "Lend your comrades your aid." Riiight. "You cannot return to your home world." Uh-huh!
  • ???: What's the big deal summoning someone if they can't get home? Well, I accepted the terms...so I guess this's my fault.
  • ???: That Materia didn't have much life in her, so it's not like I could say no anyway.
  • ???: Haha... She really played me for a fool, didn't she?
  • ???: Monsters everywhere and not a Class Zero cadet in sight... Just what is this place?
  • ???: I guess there's no point standing around and complaining. I better get looking for a clue, or at least find out what's real or not here.

  • Ignis: What happened to these monsters?

(The party comes across the Zus killed by Jack)

  • Laguna: Looks like someone beat us to 'em. Guess that means there's someone else here.
  • Ignis: One of our comrades, perhaps?
  • Ignis: No...I've heard nothing of the sort. Which means it must be an enemy...or a new ally.
  • Ace: If it's one of our enemies, then maybe it's Kefka. He likes destruction. Or Garland, who's always looking for a fight...
  • Ace: But I doubt either of those two would be satisfied fighting ordinary monsters.
  • Cyan: I agree with thou, Sir Ace. Furthermore...
  • Cyan: These are katana wounds. Neither of those two could have caused these.
  • Ignis: Katana wounds? Then perhaps Sephiroth or...
  • Ace: I guess we had better check with Cloud and the others first.
  • Cyan: Indeed. Those lines may be suspicious...
  • Cyan: But I do not think that this creature was struck down for fun, as Kefka would do.
  • Cyan: Garland is the same. And I do not think Sephiroth would go around slaying monsters...
  • Laguna: Come on, Cyan... Let's not get too gloomy here.
  • Laguna: It might just be a new friend fighting some monsters up ahead.
  • Ignis: If it were an ally, our comrades may have some hint as to who wields a katana. However...
  • Ace: It doesn't change what's happening around us. There's a high chance we'll run into them eventually.
  • Ace: Sephiroth's done some terrible things before. So we had best be prepared.
  • Cyan: Indeed. If it is a new comrade, we must find them...
  • Cyan: But if it is our enemy, we cannot let our guard down. No ordinary man could cause such a wound...
  • Ignis: Of course. Let us proceed with caution.
  • Laguna: If someone like Sephiroth shows up, we can just say "that's enough!" and send them off.
  • Ace: If only they were so reasonable...
Team Effort:
  • Cloud: This isn't Sephiroth's doing.
  • Cloud: He wouldn't be so roundabout.
  • Cloud: Someone who tried to steal the god's throne would come at us more directly.
  • Cyan: So it is as I suspected...
  • Cyan: But this monster was taken down in a single stroke.
  • Cyan: Hm? I hear something...
  • King: It sounds like a battle...
  • King: That way!

  • ???: Whew. Well, that does it for this area.
  • ???: I'm all for a workout, but I've been doing nothing but fight since I got here. This is getting old fast!
  • ???: Come on... Where is everyone?
  • King: Hold it!
  • ???: Hm? Who could that be?
  • ???: Oho! So you finally show your faces! I guess that goddess was telling the truth after all!

(Ace and King find Jack)

  • King: ......
  • Ace: I see...
  • King: ......
  • ???: Oh? So it's like that, is it?
  • King: I'm going to stop its movements for just a second!
  • ???: Yes, sir!

(Behind Jack is a Behemoth; King, Jack, and Ace's attacks defeat it as Cloud and Cyan arrive)

  • ???: Whoa! That thing was huge, yo!
  • Cyan: A magnificent display of teamwork. And judging by his clothing...
  • Ace: Yeah. One more from Class Zero.
  • Jack: I'm Jack! Nice to meet you.
  • Cyan: Sir Jack. We saw what thou can do with a blade while on our way here.
  • Cyan: Thou wield thy katana without hesitation. It appears thou hast considerable training.
  • Jack: Nahhh. I'm not that good!
  • Cyan: In contrast to thy sharp swordsmanship, however, thou seem to be quite the relaxed youth.
  • Cloud: So you're the type who changes with a weapon in hand.
  • Ace: No. He's the same on the battlefield.
  • Cyan: So his true heart makes his blade strike true...?
  • King: Don't read so deeply into it. This is just the way he is.
  • King: But his skill with a katana is solid. There's nothing for you guys to worry about.
  • Jack: Psssh. Praised by King? This really is a different world!
  • Jack: Well, I guess I better get used to it since I'm part of the team now, yo!
To Be Cool:
  • Seven: Haha! We thought it might be an enemy, but it was just you, Jack.
  • Jack: Awww, and there I was just trying to stay alive!
  • Noel: I'm glad you're one of Ace's friends. If you were an enemy—
  • Paine: We would end you.
  • Jack: Whaaat? So I was in danger? Ahaha...
  • Jack: Well, it all turned out alright in the end. No harm, no foul!
  • Locke: Well, you defeated the enemies so that we didn't have to.
  • Locke: Like some kind of unknown hero.
  • Jack: A hero? Psssh!
  • Jack: Being the cool leader type is good, but being a nameless hero who rescues people from the shadows ain't so bad either!
  • Seven: Rescuing people from the shadows? I don't think you're that subtle, Jack.
  • Jack: But that's what I looked like, right?
  • Paine: I guess to the others, maybe... But not me.
  • Jack: If I had known, I would have come out more gallantly! I could've played the cool hero!
  • Seven: Keep that up and you won't have a chance at looking "cool," Jack.
  • Paine: Only those with skill can pull that act off.
  • Noel: Well, it's not impossible. If you keep it up, some day you could be that guy.
  • Jack: Really? Then I'll give it my best shot, yo.
  • Jack: ......
  • Locke: What's the matter, Jack?
  • Jack: I thought the "cool" types were strong and silent. I was just giving it a try!
  • Seven: I told you, Jack. You're a far cry from being the "cool" type—in a good way.
  • Jack: Praised by Seven, too!? I think I'm blushing!
  • Noel: Jack's a good guy, no doubt about it.
  • Paine: Certainly a lot nicer than most guys I know.
  • Jack: Everyone's so nice here!
  • Locke: Well, would you like to meet one of those "cool" hero types?
  • Locke: His name is Squall.
  • Locke: He's always frowning, but he's a good guy. I can introduce you!
  • Jack: Really? I'd love to make some new friends!
  • Jack: I'll be a cool hero someday! I'm sure this Squall guy is full of good advice!
  • Seven: Squall's not going to like this...
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Musical themes[edit | edit source]

  • "War: Warrior Worth a Thousand" plays during all waves excluding boss waves.
  • "Wings of Fire" plays during boss waves.
  • "Untainted Eyes" plays during the first cutscene.
  • "A Day Like Any Other" plays during the second and third cutscenes.
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