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The Power of Action is a time-limited event where Nine from Final Fantasy Type-0 can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario may include characters not yet recruited by the player.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Flying Spear:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

  • Cid: Hey! Anyone up top!?
  • Ignis: Yes. What seems to be the matter?
  • Cid: This ain't no time to be spacin' out, boy! Knock that thing outta the sky right now!
  • Ace: It's over there! In front of us!
  • Maria: I can hit it from here.
  • Ignis: Allow me to help.
  • [Monster]: Guaaah... Guh...
  • Ace: The monster's...gone?
  • Cid: You really made quick work of that thing! Great job!
  • Maria: But it isn't our victory to celebrate.
  • Cid: What? Then whose is it?
  • Ignis: A spear came out of nowhere and knocked that thing out of the sky.
  • Ace: That's right. I didn't see where it came from, though.
  • Cid: Then Kain's the hero of the day, is he?
  • Kain: Unfortunately, I'm not. It came from below.
  • Maria: From below? That means...

(Maria leaves)

  • Ignis: Someone managed to hit their mark from all the way down there.
  • Ignis: It appears Kain may have some competition.
  • Ace: I only know one other person who's that good at using a spear...
  • Maria: Everyone, look! There's someone on the ground!

(The party reaches Maria)

  • Ignis: You can see all that way? Impressive.
  • Maria: A keen eye is as important to an archer as bow or arrows.
  • Ignis: Right, of course...
  • Ignis: Cid, lower the airship.
  • Cid: Roger that! Descending now!

  • ???: Got it! One spear, one kill, yo!
  • ???: Oh, look. That got their attention.
  • ???: About time. Let's get this reunion started, yo.
Foul-Mouthed Cadet:
  • Yang: Was it you who threw the spear? Hmm?
  • Yang: (That uniform... It resembles those worn by Ace and the others.)
  • ???: Hmm, don't recognize you. Is this flying hunk of junk yours, yo?
  • ???: Were you brought here by—what's her name?—Materia or whatever she's called?
  • Yang: You have the right of it. Are you—
  • Cid: Hunk of junk!? Didn't your parents teach you any manners, boy!?
  • ???: What do you know about manners, old man!? You should be thanking me for saving you, yo!
  • ???: And don't talk about Mother like that, you sack of wrinkles!
  • Cid: Oh, so you do have a mother!? I guess she never told you to respect your—
  • Yang: Calm down, you two. Arguing will get us nowhere.

(Seven and Cater arrive)

  • Cater: Sounds like you both need to work on your manners.
  • Seven: Glad to see you're as chatty as ever, Nine.
  • Nine: There you are! I had a feeling you guys were on that ship, yo!
  • Nine: How's everyone else? Hiding under the decks?
  • Cater: The others from Class Zero are doing fine. We can all catch up later.
  • Yang: Nine, was it? If you are a friend of my allies, then you are a friend of mine. It is apparent you meant us no harm.
  • Cid: If he did, he wouldn't be standin' right now! And he's lucky that spear of his didn't miss!
  • Cid: If it had punched a hole in my precious hull, there'd be hell to pay!
  • Nine: That's some thanks! I should've let that monster wreck your "precious" ship, yo!
  • Seven: You can rest easy, Cid. Nine may look like a loose cannon, but his skill with a spear is unmatched.
  • Cater: Still, everybody makes mistakes. Good thing he hit the right target this time.
  • Nine: Have a little faith, okay? Besides, what was I supposed to do when I thought my friends were in trouble?
  • Nine: Anyways, as rickety as that thing looks, it's not like a single spear would smash it to pieces. Right, old man?
  • Cid: Damn right it wouldn't! Especially not one thrown by those noodle arms!
  • Nine: Materia told me you were out here, and when I saw the ship I had a good feeling.
  • Nine: When that monster attacked you, I did the first thing that came to mind—
  • Cater: And threw your spear. Well, your impulsiveness is as dependable as ever.
  • Yang: Nevertheless, his aim was true and we were spared the beast's wrath. None can deny that—not even you, Cid.
  • Cid: Yeah... Guess you're right on that count. Better that he acted than sat there twiddling his thumbs.
  • Nine: Glad we can agree on something. Anyways, I've been looking for you guys all over. I need to take a load off, yo.
  • Seven: Just how long have you been here?
  • Nine: How long? Well...I haven't really been keeping track! All I know is that I'm beat, yo.
  • Yang: You may rest inside the ship. I am sure your friends will be delighted to see you.
Impulsive as Ever:
  • Lann: Alright, Palom, how're we gonna prank everyone next, yo?
  • Palom: We need to be patient, yo. Let's wait until everyone is asleep, then we can scheme, yo!
  • Reynn: Hey, use your regular voices when you're being creepy!

(Reynn arrives, followed by Nine)

  • Nine: What's up with those two, yo? They know they sound like idiots when they talk like that, right?
  • Reynn: ...What?
  • Reynn: Oh, Lann would sound like an idiot no matter how he talked.
  • Lann: Ouch, that one hurt, yo!
  • Reynn: But now he's imitating people, too!
  • Nine: Huh? Who are they imitating?

(Deuce and King arrive)

  • Deuce: I see you're already fast friends. I didn't know that was Lann at all!
  • Lann: Right!?
  • Reynn: Don't encourage him!
  • King: I had a feeling you would get along.
  • King: Lann always did remind me of you, Nine.
  • Reynn: I can see why. No offense.
  • Palom: We've been talking a whole bunch. He told us all about what happened in Orience.
  • Lann: That's right! We're bestest buds!
  • Deuce: Speaking of Orience...
  • Deuce: Just how much do you remember about what happened?
  • Nine: Everything, yo! Why wouldn't I remember it all?
  • Nine: Wait... I guess I don't remember the people who died...
  • King: I see... We need to talk, then. We—
  • Nine: I know. You made a choice.
  • Nine: Everything from back then... It all feels like a dream. I don't even know what the hell's going on now, yo!
  • Nine: I just have to keep moving forward, and it'll come back to me eventually, right?
  • Nine: I'm glad we're finally back together, of course. But under that gladness...I dunno, something feels off...
  • Deuce: I know what you mean.
  • Palom: Come on, guys, smile! That's what friends do when they reunite, right? Everyone's safe and sound.
  • Lann: Yeah! Be happy you met each other again... Oh, and be happy you met us, too!
  • Reynn: Hey, it only took thirty seconds for you to interject yourself into the conversation this time!
  • Nine: Yeah, you're right, yo! You guys aren't half bad!
  • Lann: See! He likes us!
  • Palom: I'm surrounded by children! I suppose that means I must be the responsible one. Everyone, follow me!

(Palom and Lann run off)

  • Nine: Are you coming too, Reynn? I mean, if Lann is...
  • Reynn: What? Are you serious? I am so not like him! But I guess I will come along to keep him in line.

(Nine and Reynn run off)

  • King: He hasn't changed. Still not a thought in his head but how to move forward.
  • Deuce: Still the same old Nine. I'm glad some things can be relied on here.
  • King: We all made our choices—we all chose how to live. This must be the path he wanted to walk down.
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