The Power of Acceptance is a time-limited event where Ace from Final Fantasy Type-0 can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario is located after Chapter 6.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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A Bloodcurdling Scream:

It is recommended that you clear Ch. 6: Domina Wastelands before playing.

  • Bartz: Man, the breeze feels great. I bet Boko would love it out here.

(Mog and Rem arrive)

  • Rem: That's your chocobo, right?
  • Bartz: Yeah, he's basically my best friend. We'd go everywhere together.
  • Bartz: I wonder what he's up to right now? I sure hope he's not lonely without me.
  • ???: Kweeeh!
  • Mog: It came from over there, kupo!
  • Rem: It sounds like it's in trouble.
  • Bartz: Just you wait! I'm coming to save you!
  • Rem: Bartz!

(Alone, Ace protects a Chocobo from a Red Giant)

  • Red Giant: ......
  • ???: Not another step!
  • Chocobo: Kweh...
  • Bartz: We're here to help!

(Mog, Bartz, and Rem arrive)

  • Rem: Ace!
  • Ace: Rem? Is that you!?
  • Ace: I need some backup!
  • Chocobo:
  • Mog: It's hurt bad! We've gotta do something, kupo!
  • Bartz: We'll take care of the monster! You take care of the chocobo!
  • Ace: Thanks. I owe you one.
  • Bartz: All right, you giant hunk of scrap metal, let's do this!
Thank You:

(Yuna attempts to heal the Chocobo)

  • Chocobo: Kweh...
  • Ace: Is there nothing we can do?
  • Ace: ...
  • Bartz: ...What's that?
  • Chocobo: Kweh...

(The Chocobo passes)

  • Bartz: All right, I'll make sure to let him know.
  • Bartz: The chocobo wanted to thank you.
  • Ace: I'm sorry I couldn't save you.
  • Ace: If only I had gotten here a little faster...
  • Yuna: You did everything you could.
  • Ace: I was so relieved to see something I recognized in these unfamiliar lands...
  • Ace: When I saw it being attacked, I rushed over, but...
  • Cecil: You blame yourself for what happened?
  • Ace: I feel so powerless...
  • Cecil: You do not have to carry that burden alone.
  • Bartz: Yeah, we're all in this together. So what do you say? Wanna come with us?
  • Bartz: You don't mind, right, Mog?
  • Mog: The more the merrier, kupo. I can feel a gentle, warm light radiating from him as well.
  • Bartz: Further proof that you can't love chocobos and be a bad person, huh?
  • Yuna: Your kindness is a powerful tool—one that I'm sure will save many.
  • Ace: All right, I'll come with you. I'd like to hear more about this world as well.
  • Ace: Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I'm Ace. I'm an Agito Cadet at Akademeia just like Rem.
  • Bartz: Then it's settled. From now on, when you've got something to protect, we've got your back.
  • Ace: Thanks. I appreciate it.
The Void:
  • Ace: ...It feels so weird.
  • Rem: What do you mean?
  • Ace: Everyone was right. This world isn't Orience.
  • Ace: I can still remember that chocobo who died.
  • Wakka: Course you do. Why wouldn't you?
  • King: In our world, we forget those who die.
  • Rem: It's the Crystal's way of protecting us from dwelling on the past so we can move forward.
  • Wakka: Gimme a break! That's insane!
  • Ace: It's normal for us though. All we can do is forget the past and move on.
  • Vivi: Hmm...
  • Vivi: I know how much it hurts when you lose someone close to you.
  • Vivi: But forgetting them sounds even worse. That's not weird, is it?
  • Wakka: No way I'd ever want to forget my little brother. I mean, course it still hurts, ya know? But...
  • Ace: I haven't been able to stop thinking about that chocobo. ...It's like there's a lump in my throat.
  • Vivi: But...I bet it's really happy to know that.
  • Ace: Happy?
  • Vivi: The chocobo. It can tell how much you cared.
  • King: The happiness of the deceased... Never thought about it that way.
  • Wakka: This is the first time you guys remember someone who died, ya?
  • Wakka: You rather you didn't remember? Is it better how things were in your world?
  • Ace: I don't know. It's something we'd take for granted, so I can't even compare.
  • Vivi: You never knew what it felt like to be left behind...
  • Ace: No, but as long as we're here, I'm sure we'll come to understand the feeling.
  • Wakka: Whoa, don't talk like that! We're not letting anyone die, hear?
  • Ace: Sorry. Of course I didn't mean it like that. I'm not going to let anyone get hurt.
  • Ace: It's just...if we can feel it, I think we can understand it.
  • Ace: If I ever feel this pain again...I'll be ready to accept it.
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