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I remember the peaks of Gyr Abania. Silent watchmen that would stand long after we were gone. We came seeking allies to join us in the fight against the Empire. People who had had enough. People who had suffered every possible indignity. Who had been treated like animals, day after day after day...

The Peaks is are a location in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.



The Peaks' climate may exhibit any of the following weather conditions:

Weather Frequency
Fair Skies Fair Skies 50%
Clouds Clouds 15%
Clear Skies Clear Skies 10%
Fog Fog 10%
Wind Wind 10%
Dust Storms Dust Storms 5%



There are two aetheryte settlements located in the Peaks: Ala Ghiri is located in the south, and Ala Gannha in the north.


  • The Last Forest
  • The Slow Wash
  • The Thirstless Path
  • Rustrock
  • The Razor Mountains
  • Miriam's Luck
  • Wightrock
  • The Ironroad
  • Mount Yorn


Ala Ganha[]

A settlement that in it's heyday was a prime supplier of cut granite for use in building.

Ala Ghiri[]

A former trading hub, neglected during the Garlean occupation.


A small isolated village that is the hometown of Raubahn Aldynn.

Places of interest[]

The Ziggurat[]

A structure important in the history of red mages as a symbol of the first act of cooperation between black and white mages following the 6th Umbral Calamity. Following the fall of the Order of the Crimson Duelists, a tribe of man-eater Qiqirn have made it their home.

Specula Imperatoris[]

Castrum Abania[]

Nyunkrepf's Hope[]

A giant ship created by the famous Archon Nyunkrepf Nyunkrepsyn in his attempt to save as many as possible during the 6th Umbral Calamity. In the raging tides of the Great Flood, Nyunkrepf cast a spell that transported this ark to rest atop the high peaks of Mount Yorn, before he and his followers alighted. After the waters receeded, he lead his people west to Dravania, and then across the ocean to the north, founding what would become Sharlayan.



Castrum Abania.

Castrum Abania Castrum Abania
Level 69
Item level 260
Castrum Abania (x30 y31)

The Alliance and the Resistance cannot suffer a repeat of the slaughter at Specula Imperatoris. As such, they will not march upon Castrum Abania until they can be certain the fortress's main cannon will not be brought to bear against them. With the aid of an Alliance contact in Radiata, you and your comrades have devised a plan to infiltrate the castrum and seize control of the cannon. Several parties, including yours, will attempt to create a diversion inside the castrum, thereby allowing Lyse and her unit of Resistance fighters to proceed relatively unhindered to the fire control center. Weapons research is to be your destination, and one can only imagine what manner of foes await you there...


Name Level Location Time limit Objective
Spawn conditions (if any)
Escort FATE. A New Leaf 60-64 The Last Forest (x11 y11) 15 minutes Escort Mimiroon Leafgrinder to the Ziggurat.
Mimiroon Leafgrinder's companions have been ratnapped, and the kindly Qiqirn finds himself unable to free them on his own. Mimiroon seeks an equally kind adventurer to serve as his sword while he uses his sensitive snout to suss out the location of his soul-shrews.
Battle FATE. Salad Days 60-64 The Last Forest (x13 y15) 15 minutes Defeat the Qiqirn meatseekers.
It appears Mimiroon Leafgrinder and his herbivorous helpers are not as opposed to consuming meat as his own name would suggest...and it appears you are on the menu.

Spawn conditions:

Boss FATE. A Bone To Pick 60-64 The Last Forest (x13 y15) 15 minutes Defeat Mimiroon Bonecruncher.
The Bonecruncher formerly known as Leafgrinder has proven himself a right scoundrel, and this affront cannot well be forgiven lest he endeavor to repeat the ruse on another unsuspecting rube.

Spawn conditions:

Defense FATE. And the Bandits Played On 60-64 The Last Forest (x15 y7) 15 minutes Protect the frightened villager from the Qiqirn meateaters.
Residents of Ala Gannha tend not to stray too far from the protective walls of their humble hamlet, for when they do, a Qiqirn bandit is usually there waiting to steal their clothes, their coin, or worse...their lives. Escorts are thoroughly appreciated, and handsomely paid.
Battle FATE. Of Mice and Men 60-64 The Last Forest (x20 y14) 15 minutes Defeat the Qiqirn meateaters.
Ever the greedy gluttons, a band of Qiqirn cutthroats have descended the Peaks to raid local farmsteads of their bountiful harvest. The smallfolk cannot defend their land armed with but spades and hoes. An adventurer, however, may have more success.
Boss FATE. Churlish Chapuli 60-64 The Last Forest (x7 y14) 15 minutes Defeat the supernal chapuli.
Those who have chosen to make their homes on the unforgiving slopes of the Peaks have done well to coax whatever plant they can from the barren soil. Which is why it is all the more disheartening to see those hard-earned crops torn from the fields by gluttonous vilekin─vilekin like the dread chapuli.
Battle FATE. Down with the Sickness 60-64 The Last Forest (x20 y16) 15 minutes Defeat the bloodgliders.
The lichyard behind Ala Gannha is full to bursting with the freshly buried bodies of those to have recently succumbed to the Weeping Cough─an affliction that induces hacking fits so terrible, that it makes the victim shed tears. The cause of this illness? The scales shed by the giant moth-like bloodgliders that fly over the village at night. If they were to be slain, the people might be saved.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the frightened villager.
Battle FATE. Child's Plague 60-64 The Last Forest (x17 y11) 15 minutes Defeat the chapulis.
Ala Mhigan legend tells of an ancient Gyr Abanian king whose pride angered the gods and brought upon his fertile land a plague of winged insects that devoured all grass and trees, leaving the desolate Peaks that remain to this day. The vilekin chapulis are believed by some to be the remnants of that plague.
Boss FATE. Winging It 60-64 The Last Forest (x13 y8) 15 minutes Defeat Etain.
Wings of orange herald the morn
Wings of white herald the night
Wings of gold herald the cold
Wings of purple...are filled with deadly poison what will melt your organs from the inside. Always take care when dealing with wings of purple, and Etain─queen of the fluturini─has a pair of the purplest.
Battle FATE. Beat Boxes 60-64 The Last Forest (x19 y15) 15 minutes Destroy the strong lockboxes.
Qiqirn cutthroats are preparing an assault on Ala Gannha and have consolidated their weaponry in conveniently labeled lockboxes conveniently located not far from the humble hamlet. If someone were to destroy these boxes and their contents, the bumbling bandits would be oh, so inconvenienced.
Battle FATE. Days of Fluturini Past 60-64 The Last Forest (x11 y6) 15 minutes Defeat the fluturinis.
Adult fluturini will lay hundreds of eggs each day, and while some of these eggs will be consumed by predators, their sheer number ensures that many will survive to hatch...grow...and kill. Seek out and swat the swarms which threaten to wreak havoc in the Peaks.
Boss FATE. Venting 60-64 Rustrock (x21 y15) 15 minutes Defeat Ventus.
Anila are dreadful creatures whose incessant gyrations birth hot, sand-filled storms that ruin crops and send caravans tumbling from canyon-tops. Ventus is by far the worst of this breed, grown fat on the flesh of its lesser brothers.
Battle FATE. Attack of the Groans 60-64 The Last Forest (x10 y14) 15 minutes Defeat the dust anilas.
When an anila spins, it kicks up copious amounts of dust─dust that is coarse and rough and irritating and gets literally everywhere. Every anila slain, a dervish averted. Every dervish averted, a pair of knickers free of sand's itchy burden.
Boss FATE. Moth to a Flame 60-64 The Last Forest (x15 y10) 15 minutes Defeat Ignamoth.
To hear the smallfolk of the Peaks tell it, one in three of every home set to flame is done so by the notorious pyromantic, Ignamoth. While these numbers may be inflated, that does not change the fact that a massive fire-starting vilekin is flying loose about the countryside, and should probably be put down. Quickly.
Defense FATE. Resist, Die, Repeat 60-64 The Last Forest (x9 y9) 15 minutes Help the wounded fighter defeat the chapulis.
A Resistance fighter is putting up his best resistance against a flock of fighting chapuli who are resisting all his attempts to break free from the fighting. Are you so cold as to resist the call to aid in his fight?

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the wounded fighter.
Battle FATE. Das Bhoot 60-64 The Last Forest (x21 y9) 15 minutes Defeat the horrific bhoots.
Their rage binding them to the corporeal realm, the spirits of young Ala Mhigans slain at the hands of Garlean invaders roam the Peaks seeking vengeance even now, more than twenty summers removed from the fall of their kingdom. Release the spirits from this world that they might finally find respite in the beyond.
Boss FATE. You Don't Know Jack 61-65 Rustrock (x27 y15) 15 minutes Defeat Lumber Jack.
While some beetles will scour forests for entire days in search of wounded trees from which they can sip sticky sweet sap, one particular vilekin simply uses its head. Literally. Lumber Jack is notorious for violently butting against solemn sentinels until they topple so he may suck the life from the exposed trunk. If let to continue, there might not be a single tree left in all the Peaks come winter.
Boss FATE. Barbershoppe 61-65 Rustrock (x23 y9) 15 minutes Defeat the Brutal Barber.
Despite his title, the Brutal Barber is by no means a licensed practitioner of medicine, and any limbs entrusted to his care will most likely be lopped off, regardless of whether or not they require medical treatment.
Boss FATE. Diceman Cometh 61-65 Rustrock (x34 y8) 15 minutes Defeat Crapaud.
Pious men say that gambling is a sin and that those who lose themselves in games of trump and dice will be damned to the seven hells where their spirits will become corporeal manifestations of their worldly vice. As ridiculous as this may sound, the mere existence of the fell Crapaud makes a good case in favor of the pious.
Battle FATE. Stuck in the Muud 61-65 Rustrock (x25 y13) 15 minutes Defeat the muud suuds.
Muud suuds have been cursed by the gods with an insatiable hunger that drives the creatures to madness. When not devouring flesh, be it rotting or fresh, they are searching for it rotting or fresh.
Item FATE. Fletching Returns 68-72 Mount Yorn (x25 y28) 15 minutes Deliver griffin feathers to the sorry sutler.
Seeing an opportunity to profit off the coming conflict, an independent sutler is collecting griffin feathers that he plans on crafting into arrows─arrows that he will sell at a premium to the Ala Mhigan Resistance, the griffin being the symbol of their fallen city–state. The sutler will gladly purchase any feathers you happen upon, as well.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the sorry sutler.
Battle FATE. Eat Big or Go Home 68-72 Wightrock (x16 y28) 15 minutes Defeat the highland erucas.
To sate their appetites, highland erucas do not bother with “smaller” prey such as rabbits, tigers, and chocobos. Qiqirn merchants, Ananta battlemaids, Roegadyn mercenaries. These are what the vilekin crave.
Boss FATE. Love Me, Tindalos 68-72 Mount Yorn (x12 y30) 15 minutes Defeat Tindalos.
They say that dogs are a man's best friend. Tindalos, on the other hand, is no friend to man...or woman, for that matter. Tindalos is merely hungry, and would rather devour any and all who dare cross his path than make their humble acquaintance.
Battle FATE. Home on the Range 68-72 Wightrock (x13 y36) 15 minutes Defeat the highland erucas.
Upset that his father insisted he take up the plow over the sword, a young boy of Rustrock decided he would leave the safety of his family's farmstead behind and join the Ala Mhigan Resistance. What he failed to take into consideration were all the ravenous beasts that would be waiting for him in-between, and now desperately needs an escort home.
Boss FATE. Rattle and Humbaba 68-72 Goodblade (x15 y30) 30 minutes Defeat Humbaba.
Life in the Peaks can be downright difficult, but the people of the J tribe somehow manage with what little they have. Yet, when what little they have is constantly being stolen by a heartless brute by the name of Humbaba, that is simply salt in their wounds. The J seek a champion that might ease their pain.

Spawn conditions:

Defense FATE. Forget-me-not 68-72 Mount Yorn (x24 y34) 15 minutes Protect the Coldhearth resident from the kongamato.
A warrior of Coldhearth who journeyed to the Bull's Bath for his weekly dip forgot his sword by the pond, and now finds himself assailed by kongamato with no way to defend himself. Assist the man home where he may procure a second sword to help him retrieve his first.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the Coldhearth resident.
Battle FATE. The Day of the Griffins 68-72 Wightrock (x14 y25) 15 minutes Defeat the true griffins.
The founders of Ala Mhigo chose the griffin for their kingdom's standard for its strength, ferocity, cunning, and endurance─all traits that make the winged beastkin one of the most deadly creatures you will ever meet, if not the last creature you ever meet.
Boss FATE. Breakneck 68-72 Mount Yorn (x26 y25) 15 minutes Defeat Neckbreaker.
When the King of Ruin fell, his head executioner, refusing to be subjected to the same cold justice he dealt his entire life, slit his own throat. Unable to bear the loss, the executioner's pet beast─Neckbreaker─took to the Peaks, where he has been continuing his kind master's work ever since, much to the chagrin of the region's innocent residents.
Boss FATE. Slaughterwife-five 68-72 Mount Yorn (x23 y30) 15 minutes Defeat the Nenaunir.
Nenaunir is said to have taken five wives─five wives he all loved with equal measure. When those wives were hunted and slain, he swore revenge against all mankind, and will not stop killing until he, himself, is killed.
Boss FATE. 5-year Energy 68-72 Mount Yorn (x28 y31) 15 minutes Defeat Energetic Eruca.
Their large bodies and relatively bright coloring make erucas easy targets for hungry predators large enough not to become prey themselves. There lives, however, one worm so full of vim and vigor that it has eluded capture for five whole summers, allowing it to swell to its current gargantuan girth. It should be noted that vim and vigor came from consuming the local citizenry.
Defense FATE. Mouth For Water 68-72 Wightrock (x18 y34) 15 minutes Help J'najaq Sunflare defeat the panteras.
Try as she might, J'najaq Sunflare is struggling to fend off the bloodthirsty panteras that threaten to maim and maul the J tribe maid who has come to the river to gather water. The warrioress sees you approach and sends a pleading glance.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with J'najaq Sunflare.
Chase FATE. The Magitek Is Back 68-72 Wightrock (x14 y26) 15 minutes Defeat the Lethal Weapon before it arrives at its destination.
The Lethal Weapon was meant to give the Empire the upper hand against the armies of Eorzea, yet it proved too difficult to control for even the most experienced of magitek operators. The test model created was decommissioned and stored in a lonely warehouse where it was to await dismantling...until it came to life! Destroy the contraption before it lays waste to the entire front!

Musical themes[]

The daytime theme for the Peaks is On High, while the nighttime theme is The Stone Remembers.


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