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The Party Never Stops is an Odd Job in Chapter 9, "The Town That Never Sleeps", in Final Fantasy VII Remake, taking place in Wall Market. While Cloud Strife waits for Aerith Gainsborough to get changed, Chocobo Sam directs him to the clothing store owner's son. The son requests Cloud bring back his father, who is heavily drunk at the nearby restaurant.

"The Party Never Stops" and "A Dynamite Body" are part of a questline available depending on the player's choice throughout "The Town That Never Sleeps", particularly during "Madam M's Desire". Different choices will instead provide the quests "The Price of Thievery" and "Shears' Counterattack".

How to get[]

The choices made during the chapter determine which questline the player gets. The following choices increase the chance of getting Sam's questline:

  • Describing Tifa as "She's in great shape" (during "Chasing Tifa").
  • Completing "Vagabond Johnny" and selecting "Yeah" when speaking to him.
  • Saying "No, thanks" to the inn keeper when he offers a room to Cloud and Aerith.
  • Selecting either "Heads" or "Tails" when offered a coin toss (during "Sam").
  • Selecting the Poor Man's Course at Madam M's parlor (during "Madam M's Desire").
  • Selecting "It's alright" when Aerith asks about her outfit (during "Madam M's Desire").
  • Selecting "I'll taste it" when interacting with the bottle on the table in the room with Johnny at the colosseum.


The clothing store is located on the west side of Wall Market, just north from the gym. Inside, the clothing store owner's son is the clerk. Speak to him to be directed to his father, who is located in the restaurant just southeast from the clothing store.

Johnny ready to help the tailor get his "inspiration" back.

After leaving the clothing store, Johnny is found outside, and directs Cloud to the bar. Follow the path to the bar to find the clothing store owner alone by a barstool. Speak to him, and he will ask Johnny and Cloud to go to the materia shop in the north end of town, just opposite Madam M's parlor.

After speaking to the materia shop merchant, he will ask the two to buy an item from the vending machine at the inn. Interact with the vending machine, and the success of the following interaction will depend on how many enemies the Assess Materia Assess Materia has assessed. There will be three chances to obtain "The Sauce" (other items obtained are vitalabrew or Crimson Spike), after which, return to the materia shop vendor.

The materia shop vendor then asks them to return to the restaurant, located just west of the inn. Speak to the owner, and the next interaction will depend on the level of the player's Magic Materia Magic Materia (specifically Fire Materia Fire Materia, Ice Materia Ice Materia, or Lightning Materia Lightning Materia). Choose advice based on the levels of the magic materia: choosing a level 2 materia will reward a remedy, while choosing a level 3 materia will reward a moogle medal. Regardless, the owner will give Cloud a medicine voucher.

Run outside and interact with a sick Johnny, and Cloud will be called into the pharmacy. Give the pharmacist a voucher, and the next interaction will depend on the level of the player's Cleansing Materia Cleansing Materia. Choose "Yes" if it is a high level, and depending on its level, the pharmacist will ask Cloud to deliver medicines to up to three locations:

The man gives Cloud a sedative.

  • The first is located by the toilet in the bar. Open the door and speak to a man inside the bathroom, and give him the medicine for a vial of sedative.
  • The second is found in an alleyway near the clothing shop. This is just northwest of the clothing shop on the map. Talking to him will reward Cloud a vial of celeris.
  • The third is found in an alleyway south of Madam M's massage parlor, on the northeast end. The man is located in the southern end of this alleyway, and will reward Cloud three big bombers.

After helping one or more patients, the pharmacist will give Cloud a VIP card, which must be given clothing store owner in the bar. Return to him and give him the VIP card, then return to the clothing store owner's son to earn a turbo ether.