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The Orders is an elite unit consisting of 16 Stars who report directly to the emperor! And, the person who holds the rank of Alpha Star is the one who is eligible to become the next emperor.

Aldore Soldier describing The Orders

The Orders is a military organization in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Both in a narrative sense and in occupation, the Orders are the replacement and successors of the Sworn Eight of Paladia as Aldore's new lieutenants. They serve as the leading antagonists of Season Two.


Heh heh...All of you, the chosen ones, once known as the Sworn Eight of Paladia...Your bodies and spirits will now be torn to shreds...By the chosen ones of today...The Orders.

Aldore Emperor describing The Orders

The Orders are composed of 16 individuals who serve the Aldore Emperor and are called to as the Battle Stars (闘星, Tōsei?) with an associated number. The lower the number, the stronger the member. The Global version uses Greek Alphabet connotations (i.e. Alpha, Delta, etc.). The Alpha Star leads the group and is the closest one to the Emperor, serving as his right-hand man and possible successor.

The Orders' power rivals and even exceeds that of the Sworn Eight of Paladia and Hess' Eight Sages, being the result of 700 years worth of technological and magical development.


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When first introduced, all sixteen ranks within the Orders are occupied.

  1. Levnato of the Alpha Star - The current leader whose magical abilities exceed even those of the Emperor. Though he serves faithfully, he resents his master. He uses advanced magic without the aid of incantation rules.
  2. Zeno of the Beta Star - A swordsman clad in a suit of armor to compensate for his injured left side who dual-wields katanas.
  3. Yego of the Gamma Star - A woman who can control the dreaded malboros due to being abandoned near their colony as an infant. Though outranking him, she fears Distorque who brought her up after discovering her living among malboros. In battle, she wields a whip while riding a malboro.
  4. Hyoh of the Delta Star - A newcomer whose talents have earned the Emperor's praise, earning his rank in record time. He conceals his face and wields the energy blade known as Ultima Weapon.
  5. Demoldoa of the Epsilon Star - A towering man encased in armor who wields a massive sledgehammer.
  6. Distorque of the Zeta Star - A blue-skinned monk who is able to unleash a flurry of kicks while upside-down to take his enemies by surprise. He prides himself of being an excellent teacher, but in truth, he is a sadistic man who demands absolute loyalty and will use violence to achieve it.
  7. Shamlin of the Eta Star - A eccentric young boy and apprentice to Distorque who cares more about promises than lives. His behavior is unstable due to Distorque's discipline.
  8. Mid of the Theta Star - A graceful dragoon who wields twin scythes reminiscent of dragon wings, having adopted her exiled father's fighting style. Deceptively young-looking, she in seven hundred years old, having undergone life-prolonging enhancements.
  9. Nagi of the Iota Star - While petite, she is an accomplished monk. She admires Hyoh and fights so that she can be praised by him.
  10. Nazuu of the Kappa Star - A tiger-like beastman from Gungan with little attachment to his land. He seeks power and ways to climb through the ranks.
  11. Zolulu of the Lambda Star - Delulu's partner, the two fight as a duo and are rather cowardly. Of the two, Zolulu serves as the leader.
  12. Delulu of the Mu Star - Zolulu's partner, the two fight as a duo and are rather cowardly. Of the two, Delulu is the more submissive and less intelligent member.
  13. Juraga of the Nu Star - A wolf beastman and older brother to King Yaksha of the Natura tribe of Gungan.
  14. Gudon of the Xi Star - A middle-aged man who moves in a cockpit-like device equipped with armaments for battle. He's a sadistic executioner.
  15. Galas of the Omicron Star - A muscular man clad in golden armor who wields a greatsword. He has no loyalty to the Emperor and only uses his rank for material gain.
  16. Physalis of the Pi Star - The newest member of the Orders. Physalis is a eccentric girl with a bubbly personality but who is perhaps as strong as the Alpha Star. She wields a rifle in battle and is accompanied by the moogle, Moog.


Following a series of deaths and defections, the Orders' numbers are cut in half, with promotions and new recruits adjusting the rankings.

1. Levnato of the Alpha Star - Levnato retains his position.
2. Zeno of the Beta Star - Zeno retains his position.
3. Hyoh of the Gamma Star - Hyoh is promoted to the position of Gamma Star upon rejoining the Orders, replacing Yego.
4. Sakura of the Delta Star - Sakura is granted the rank of Delta Star upon joining the Orders alongside Hyoh, taking his previous position.
5. Nichol of the Epsilon Star - Nichol is granted the rank of Epsilon Star upon joining the Orders alongside Hyoh, replacing Demoldoa.
6. Nagi of the Zeta Star - Nagi is promoted to the position of Zeta Star, replacing Distorque.
7. Shamlin of the Eta Star - Shamlin retains his position.
16. Physalis of the Pi Star - Physalis chooses to retain her position instead of being promoted.


1. Quadis - Ascended to the throne of Aldore after achieving the rank of Alpha Star.
16. Krowa - The former Pi Star, who left the organization due to a guilty conscience and meeting the automaton Regina.
?. Hyoh - Nagi's brother, who perished. His ranking at the time of his death is currently unknown.



In the final battle of the war of Hess' independence 700 years ago, the first Emperor and the Aldore leadership expelled their lieutenants and public heroes, the Sworn Eight of Paladia, to another world known as Lapis along with numerous soldiers from both Aldore and Hess. With Raegen (the rightful heir to Aldore's throne) out of the way, the Emperor sought a replacement for the Sworn Eight. He created the Orders, who owed him obedience, and established a meritocracy based on power. The current Orders are the result of that process along with several centuries of refined technological and magical progress. Its members now serve as the emperor's leading figures in his tyrannical agenda for all of Paladia.

Season Two[]

When Lasswell and his party arrive to Paladia to search for Rain they split in two groups, one consisting of the revived Sworn Six of Paladia (now again led by Raegen) who will go after the Emperor. Lasswell's party consists of Rain's companions who search for him, believing him lost somewhere in Paladia. The former party confronts the Emperor intending to free Paladia from his evil grasp. They climb the Aldore Tower while several of their high ranking successors await.

Lasswell's group is ambushed and separated, but Lasswell, Fina, Lid and Jake regroup and meet an escapee from a forced labor camp chased by Aldore soldiers. The party defeats the soldiers and the man they saved leads them to a village. They are chased by Galas of the Omicron Star of the Orders who feigns defeat only to unleash his true power. Disgusted at Lasswell for not giving up, he attempts another strike, but is forced to retreat when Akstar, an exemplary swordsman Lasswell had met on his travels in Paladia, overpowers him.

When Lasswell's party investigates the labor camp while looking for Rain, they break through the guards and rescue the prisoners, but fail when one of them is taken hostage. Akstar points Nichol and Sakura to the rest of the group and free them from imprisonment. As they attempt to leave they are forced into submission by the hostage situation, which Akstar resolves by striking through the guards while leaving the hostage unharmed.

The party and Akstar decide to destroy the facility and again face Galas who vows to destroy them to rise in the ranks. The party's conviction in finding Rain empowers them and they defeat the Omicron Star. The Battle Star knees, gloating that since every battle data from them is sent to the Emperor Lasswell's party has doomed its fate as the other members will hunt them down. Disgusted, Akstar kills Galas and Lasswell convinces him to teach him swordsmanship.

Meanwhile in the Aldore Tower the Sworn Six are confronted by high-ranking Battle Stars led by Hyoh. Although the Sworn Six put a brave fight they are defeated. Hyoh spares their lives and orders them imprisoned as they are in his view unworthy of being executed.

As they lay imprisoned in Medos Long-term Prison, "Mid of the Theta Star" secretly has them released. With their suits of armor damaged Raegen reasons that they do more harm than good, and they should risk their lives if they wish to close the gap in power between their successors. The now-armorless Sworn Six escape the prison and reach Industrial City Dormdry, a town that didn't exist 700 years ago. The Sworn Six realize the town is used as a facility to power a giant barrier surrounding Aldore Tower via crystal energy. They strike the facility's core to weaken the barrier, but are intercepted by Mid whom they defeat. Sieghard tries to kill her, but Cid stops him as he recognizes Mid as his long estranged daughter who during the 700 years of her father's departure had undergone the same immortality procedure as the Sworn Six. She lashes against his father promising to not hold back again and retreats.

At Georl Barrier Station Mid informs the guards that the Sworn Six are coming. When the Sworn Six face Mid again parent and daughter exchange words. After a duel the two partly reconcile as Mid gifts Cid the toy watch she had made in her youth and requests he returns to Lapis, worried that the Sworn Six are no match for the three highest ranking Battle Stars. After Mid leaves Cid vows to free her from the Emperor's grasp.

Lasswell's party learns of an execution ground for rebels and believes a hint to Rain's whereabouts may be found there. At Zaharu Gallows they witness guards mistreating prisoners. Lasswell attempts another rescue, but Akstar advises against it, saying the prisoners' fear for the Emperor will make them betray the party. Lasswell pays no mind as he believes their kindness will pay off at some point. The party breaks through the guards and is intercepted by Gudon of the Xi Star. The elderly man reveals the prisoners from the labor camp, fearful for their lives, revealed everything about Lasswell's party.

Lasswell states his resolve to be betrayed as many times as needed if it will help the weak protect themselves and declares he will defeat Gudon. The Xi Star is furious The Orders aren't being taken seriously, and swats the party with the flailing chainball within his device, leaving them weakened. As he readies to execute them, prisoners intercept, grateful to Lasswell for his bravery, and are killed by Gudon. Akstar pushes Gudon back, impressed that Lasswell's faith did pay off in the end. He motivates his apprentice to defeat Gudon once and for all.

Both parties travel to Gungan, the only major nation not under Aldore's control due to geographical defenses. The local civil war involves the Shibyra and Natura clans, the former employing technological innovations, while the latter seeks to preserve nature; the conflict has gone on for years. When a peace treaty was to be signed a terrorist attack undermined any possibility of peace. The attack was orchestrated by Nazuu of the Kappa Star to further plunge Gungan into war to have both nations destroyed and secure them for himself.

Posing as Fong, an aide to King Palte of the Shibyra, Nazuu recruits the Sworn Six to help with the incoming confrontation. While pretending to be working to prevent the war, he was killing the terrorists involved to silence any witnesses and evidence of his wrongdoings. He has secured the Core of King Palte's react, a powerful technological device that can turn ore into energy while the core itself is a source of power.

As both Natura and Shibyra are about to wage full war the battle is prevented when Raegen proposes a one-on-one duel. The Natura send Lasswell as their representative. Father and son do battle to their fullest while explaining each other's situation, learning the full grasp of the events. They ask if the sides still thirst for battle. The leaders are unable to bring themselves to full war and give Lasswell and Raegen's party the chance to discover the truth by themselves.

Trying to secure evidence they go to the cave where the gunpowder needed to manufacture the bomb originates from, and find Fong who discards his masquerade and reveals his true colors. Fong explains he seeks to weaponize the core in his hands to desertify and thus destroy Gungan. Both parties pursue the Battle Star to an energy reactor where he could accomplish his goal. Using the core Nazuu empowers a monster egg, splitting the parties in two with the Sworn Six left to deal with Nazuu. The Sworn Six overpower him, but with the last of his strength Nazuu attempts to activate the reactor. Lasswell attacks him from above, killing him, Nazuu muttering delusions of grandeur as he dies.

With his death the Gungan civil war is averted and peace is achieved. The groups gain notoriety with the Emperor himself, who orders Hyoh to eliminate Lasswell.

Both parties travel to Crystallis separately, Lasswell's party going with the company of Sol who claims to be able to sense Rain in the land. They reach a village of Kappas whose denizens are weakened as a result of the Barrier Station that protects the Emperor from invasions. The party agrees to destroy it. As they dismantle the facility Sol, who senses Rain nearby, goes on his own in pursuit and finds Hyoh. Hyoh intends to destroy Lasswell as commanded by the Emperor and Sol attacks him and the two fall from a cliff. The party finds them and demands to know whether Hyoh is indeed Rain. Lasswell agrees he felt Hyoh as Rain after clashing with him, but cannot bring himself to believe his friend would become the Emperor's servant. Hyoh claims to not be Rain and slashes Fina in cold blood as "proof", leaving everyone perplexed. Akstar battles Hyoh to buy the party time for Sakura to teleport everyone away.

Sol demands to be the one to kill Hyoh, but Lid opposes, insisting that Hyoh is Rain. Sol blasts Hyoh with a wind spell, allowing Akstar to join the party in the Teleportation where they struggle with Fina's wound as it is crystallizing her body. In the meantime Nagi of the Iota Star, who was watching the battle, requests Hyoh to allow her to help him in his mission.

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Musical themes[]

"Order without Honor" is the Orders' boss theme, and plays in all of the members' battle encounters against the party. The track appears in the game's second soundtrack.


  • This organization is the namesake of a band that plays the game's music for concerts during Fan Festa. They chose the name due to having the same number of members.