The Nanaa Mihgo's first studio album cover.

The Nanaa Mihgo's is a three piece instrumental band formed by Naoshi Mizuta in 2012, dedicated to performing various arrangements from Final Fantasy XI.


The Nanaa Mihgo's were formed in mid 2012 to perform a 30 minute live segment as part of the Final Fantasy XI 10th anniversary celebration at the VanaFest held in Tokyo.

The name Nanaa Mihgo's was chosen because it sounded like the word "amigo" which means friend in Spanish, and also as a play on the name of the character Nanaa Mihgo from Final Fantasy XI.

Band membersEdit

  • Naoshi Mizuta - Bass, effects
  • Takuro Iga - Piano
  • Machi Okabe - Violin


Studio albumsEdit

Date Title Notes
September 11, 2013 Final Fantasy XI: Stolen Hearts Their first studio album. It contains only 8 tracks but runs at over 50 minutes long, and includes compositions ranging from the original Final Fantasy XI OST to the Seekers of Adoulin expansion.


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