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Hear me, Chosen King—The time has come to fulfill your calling and dispel the darkness from our world. Go forth. Restore the Light...and free my brother from his curse.

The Mystic

The Mystic is a boss in the Windows and Royal Editions of Final Fantasy XV, fought during Chapter 14. He is the Lucii form of the Founder King infected by the Starscourge. His bestiary entry calls him a guardian of the Old Wall. He is the third boss fought in the final boss gauntlet at the Citadel, after the Fierce and the Rogue. Defeating him the first time yields 30 AP, and defeating him again in the second phase yields further 30 AP for each party member (Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis: 90 AP in total), and killing him with the QTE as Noctis earns 100 AP.

The battle takes place in the Hall of History of the Citadel. The Mystic wields the Blade of the Mystic as his weapon, his royal arm.

The Mystic, now called Somnus Lucis Caelum, is the final boss of Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn, defending King Regis from his brother.

Bestiary Edit

One of the guardians of the Old Wall, consumed by the Starscourge and forced to submit to Ardyn's will. With the Ring of the Lucii on his finger, the Mystic established the Kingdom of Lucis as it is known today. Yet while the Founder King is revered for having brought his people together under one banner, one man was excluded from this unity: the king's older brother, Ardyn Lucis Caelum. Having been rejected by the Crystal and labeled a living embodiment of the Starscourge, the ostracized Ardyn lived out the remainder of his days in exile.
Height: 13 ft. 3 in. Weight: 1,788.8 lbs.



This one's more powerful than the last!


The Mystic is weak to fire and light and resists ice and lightning. The battle has two phases. The first phase starts in the intact Hall of History.

The Mystic slashes wildly with his sword and can slam it on the ground in front of him, cracking the floor. He can eject energy from his sword to hit ranged targets, similar to how warp-striking works with the Blade of the Mystic equipped. He can inflict the party with Confusion. The Mystic can generate a tornado of miasma around himself that sucks in and damages all near him. He can warp, disappearing and appearing in quick succession. His warp-strike can be block/parried.

After losing ~40% of his health, the Mystic begins to sparkle with miasma.

Ignis vs the Mystic from FFXVRE

Ignis versus the Mystic.

When the Mystic has lost at least ~70% of his health, the game character-swaps to Ignis and the player must finish the phase as him. If Ignis was KO'd, he comes back to life with 1 HP. The Ignis phase cannot be skipped—if the player depletes all of the Mystic's health too fast, he simply won't die before the QTE with Ignis initiates. If the player is using Armiger Unleashed, they must cancel it before Ignis will ask to handle the boss. If the player was already playing as Ignis, the battle simply continues to the finish without interruption. Ignis's Total Clarity in fire mode is to attack various points on the Mystic by throwing knives, like his Mark Technique, which makes the Mystic vulnerable. The phase ends with a QTE sequence of Ignis dodging the Mystic's attacks, blasting him with a fire flask, and then impaling him with Lancet. This energizes the Lucii who sends the retinue to a destroyed version of the hall trapped amid a whirlwind of miasma, and the perspective shifts back to Noctis.

The Mystic battle from FFXVRE

Aerial block.

In the second battle phase, the now-glowing Mystic can warp to the sky before descending upon his target. When the Mystic warps to the sky, the player can fight him in the air as Noctis by warp-striking him. Unusually, the player can block and parry the Mystic's aerial attacks, and the loser of this scuffle falls. If Noctis does not engage him midair, the Mystic will barrage the party below with bursts of energy, while warping around to prevent falling.

After losing ~40% of his health, the Mystic becomes even more ferocious. When vulnerable, he kneels and is unable to attack for a time. The pillars of the battle arena make for point-warping.

When the Mystic's HP has been depleted in the second battle phase, the player gets a QTE sequence where the party combines their Techniques to take him down: Gladiolus uses Royal Guard to block him with a shield, Prompto catches him off guard with Trigger-Happy, and Ignis orders an all-out attack with Overwhelm. Noctis finishes the sequence with "Quadrumvirate Strike" with a unique sword not shown in any other scene in the game (appears to be an alternate version of the Sword of the Father).

The summon prompt never appears in this battle.


Ignis can bestow Noctis's weapon with the fire element with his Enhancement Technique. Character-swapping to Ignis lets the player use his fire daggers and Overwhelm. This is more viable in the first battle phase where the Mystic does not fly, and the player must finish the battle as Ignis anyway. In the second phase, only Noctis can fight him head on when the Mystic flies into the sky by warp-striking him and by using Armiger.

When the Mystic generates a tornado it is best to stay away. The player can warp away from him when he does his pirouette jump, as he is about to conjure the tornado. The energy beams he shoots from his sword can be dodged by holding the defense button. Parrying his attacks makes him vulnerable. Armiger Unleashed is powerful against him.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode ArdynEdit

Somnus Lucis Caelum FFXV Episode Ardyn boss

Somnus Lucis Caelum is the final boss of the episode. He has a large amount of health and his attacks deal considerable damage. He primarily fires weapons of light around Ardyn and uses hand-to-hand attacks with his massive body appendages. He can warp using his royal arm and can slam down his sword upon descending from the sky.

After being beaten close to death, Somnus Lucis Caelum will channel light into his sword and deal an omni-directional slash of light that will kill Ardyn if no Power Up nodes have been activated in the Descension tree, allowing for a brief bout in Overkill. From then on, the Mystic sparkles with light, and in addition to his attack power being enhanced, he gains new attacks, such as raising pillars of light and can use the same slash of light attack able to kill Ardyn instantly.

Once Somnus Lucis Caelum is defeated, a prompt appears to summon Ifrit to perform Hellfire. Failing to trigger this prompt will cause Somnus to stand up and regain some health. After Hellfire, another prompt appears for Ardyn to deal the finishing blow; failing to trigger this prompt will lead to an instant Game Over.

Behind the scenesEdit

Noctis fights the Mystic in Final Fantasy XV -The Dawn of the Future-, suggesting he would have been a boss in Episode Noctis had it not been cancelled.


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