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I, the last of my kind, shall test thee. Come, prove thy worth!


The Mothercrystal is a main scenario Trial Trial in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, added in patch 6.0. It is a battle against the Will of the Star, Hydaelyn. It is the first trial to use a Trust System, but in Scenario Mode only.


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Goddess of Light. Will of the star. Hydaelyn. From the far reaches of the aetherial sea has She ever called to you...and at last you meet face-to-face. Though the Scions would traverse the great expanse in search of Meteion to forestall the Final Days, you must first rise to meet Her challenge and prove yourselves equal to the task.

In-game description

The Minstrel's Ballad: Hydaelyn's Call[]

From the first note of the minstrel's melody, you recall the scene with crystal clarity—your allies and Hydaelyn, hope against hope. Overcome once again with the emotion of that day, no epithet seems too grand, no verse too epic...

In-game description
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Hear... The song of creation's end...
Feel... The sorrow at hope's demise...
Think... And find your way in the Darkness.
Follow your Light... Or fly, my children, and never look back!



This trial takes place on a circular arena with the titular Mothercrystal serving as a backdrop. The edge of the arena is an instant-kill zone.

Hydaelyn opens up with her party-wide AoE attack Magos' Radiance and is used periodically throughout the fight.

After this, she will cast Dawn Mantle in which she changes her weapons into one of three possible arms, signified by color coded sigils and uses an AoE attack and an attack exclusive to that form.

Red/Heart (Dancer): AoE attack that covers all but a small portion in her immediate location. Close in to dodge. Her tankbuster, Mousa's Scorn requires both tanks to soak.

Green/Staff (White Mage): Short-ranged proximity AoE. Move away from her to avoid. Uses Magos' Radiance.

Blue/Sword (Paladin): Cross-wave attack. Stand in corners to avoid. Her tankbuster, Heros's Sundering is a wide cleave.

She will cycle through these again and then begins the next phase, encasing herself in crystal and becoming untargetable. The backdrop then changes, turning the background into pure golden light with the platform being turned into the same sigil used for Hydaelyn's blessing in which the Crystals of Light appear as non-hostile adds that must be destroyed as Hydaelyn's Duty Gauge fills up. All the while, an untargetable add in Hydaelyn's image will use an AoE attack that must be mitigated by moving away from the center of its trajectory. Hydaelyn herself will also attack the party with Crystallize, using one of two elements.

  • Ice = Party targeted by AoEs. Spread to mitigate damage
  • Earth = Stack

If all Crystals are destroyed before the gauge fills up, she begins the third phase by performing Exodus, which needs to be healed through after. The background also shifts back into the first version with fractured Light.

In this phase, she will combine the use of Crystallize and Dawn Mantle. The elemental cues are now more visible to see which attack she's preparing next.

  • Heart/Ice = Move in as usual and wait until after her attack goes off, then quickly spread out to avoid overlapping AoEs.
  • Sword/Ice = Spread out in corners
  • Sword/Earth = Gather together in one corner
  • Staff/Ice = Spread away from her
  • Staff/Earth = Gather in one spot away from her.

While in Dancer form, she will once use Parhelion to toss large chakrams at the edge of the arena with visible gaps in the AoE. However, they will return with Subparhelion in which the AoEs will cover the entire arena. Pay attention to the first line of AoEs that appear and immediately move there after they go off.

In White Mage form, she will cast Parhelic Circle, causing green lines to appear on the floor in differing patterns. Move to any spot away from their end points to avoid the incoming circular AoEs

After cycling through her weapons, she will cast Radiant Halo, a party-wide damaging attack and initiating the final phase of the fight, causing the backdrop to shift into a brilliant lightscape and the platform becoming more rainbow-like. In this, she wil cast Lightwave, summoning four miniature Floods of Light. At the same time, she will cast Echoes, a multi-hitting stack attack. The floods themselves always have a large gap. Move the stack there and when the attack ends, you will have room to dodge the incoming waves. During this, she will use Crystallize and then Dawn Mantle again. She will repeat this cycle until the battle finishes.

The Minstrel's Ballad: Hydaelyn's Call[]

Like the normal version, this trial also takes place on the same circualr arena.

Musical themes[]

The theme used in this encounter is "Your Answer", a remix of the game's main theme "Answers".