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The More the Merrier was a quick-play single-track Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


Though Kefka has ripped the world apart through his sheer insanity in an attempt to conquer it, the party continues to search for new allies with the aid of the Falcon. Their mission takes them to the frozen north, where a lone moogle somehow survived the disaster. He speaks of a powerful servant who stalks the depths of the abandoned mines, that only he has been able to control. Exploring uncharted territory filled with impish monsters, they approach a makeshift den filled with intricate bone carvings. A glowing stone is set in the center of a sculpture, and when pulled awakens a sleeping giant. The yeti attacks them to defend its turf, but is quickly subdued. With the moogle's aid, he joins the party.

On Triangle Island, a subterranean menace swallows any living creature whole that sets foot above it. The party is devoured by the beast, but finds a master mime having carved a dwelling out of the beast's innards. It expresses an interest in the world beyond, and joins the party.