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An enigmatic figure who protects both the Warriors of Light and Darkness from malevolent forces, the Mask wants to obtain the Ultimate Magic sealed beneath an ancient ruins---but his true agenda is unknown. though his mask shields his face from view, something about him reminds Glaive of someone he met so very long ago...

Official Description

The Mask is mysterious figure who briefly accompanies the Warriors of Darkness in Final Fantasy Dimensions. Though he appears to be an ally, he has a secret.



The Mask dresses like a typical Magus, with a black, white and silver color scheme and a white mask concealing his face.



Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

The Mask was created as a result of Elgo dividing his being into two in response to the crystals splitting the world to hinder him.

Throughout their journey, the Warriors of Darkness either see or otherwise encounter The Mask, such as when he helps Glaive rescue Diana after she is captured by Avalon's soldiers. Eventually, the Warriors meet up with The Mask when he seeks to unseal Meteor, the ultimate Black Magic. Although Glaive accuses him of being Elgo in disguise, The Mask avoids the question when it is first raised. After traveling through the Lufenian Ruins, the group comes to a dead end and it seems like The Mask is turning against them. The person he is referring to turns out to be the Divine General Cocytus. He causes her to retreat but not before being struck down himself.

Laying on the ground dying, his mask is broken and it is revealed that he is the personified good within Elgo. He asks the Warriors of Darkness to defeat his other half. Reunited with the Warriors of Light, the Warriors of Darkness encounter Elgo, revealed to be the Avalonian Emperor, who reveals that the Masked Elgo was the manifestation of his discarded weakness. After the defeat of Chaos Elgo, Nil's flow changes course and the escaping light threatens to kill off the Warriors. The party flees but Dusk and Alba stay behind, but the spirits of Vata, Masked Elgo and Frey teleport the two to safety.

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The Mask in battle.

Starting Stats[]

Stat Growth
LV 50
EXP 522442
TNL 42636
HP 2466
MP 517
STR 15
SPD 28
VIT 24
INT 66
MND 28

Stat Growth[]

Stat Growth


Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

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