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The Maiden of Water was an open-track Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


Having liberated the Fire Crystal and having restored peace to several kingdoms, our four heroes uncover the truth of their origins; they are not of the Floating Continent, but of a broader world. They were rescued by Cid Haze as water engulfed the land, before a plague of darkness stopped time.

To free the remaining Crystals, the four venture forth on the modified Enterprise into the great unknown. Eventually, they spot the wreckage of a ship below. Boarding the vessel, they meet with an old man tending to an unconscious girl stricken by poison. With an Antidote, the girl, Aria, recovers. Sensing that the four are the legendary Warriors of Light, Aria, the priestess of the Water Temple, offers to accompany them.

The group recovers a crystal fragment from the Water Temple, and now must venture into the Cave of Tides as their mission to restore light rolls on.


Musical themes[]

The original version of "Aria, Maiden of Water" served as the theme music for this event.