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This cocky bearer of the thief's asterisk will steal your items and use them against you. His high Speed and Evasion make for a bitter battle for heavily armored.


The Jackal is a boss in Bravely Default. He is fought alongside Khint.

Stats Edit

First Battle

Second Battle

Third Battle

Fourth Battle

Fifth Battle

Sixth Battle

Seventh Battle

Battle Edit

Of the two opponents fought in the battle, the Jackal is less dangerous. He will occasionally Brave to attack two opponents in a turn, leaving him vulnerable on the next turn. Occasionally, he may also use Steal to take an item from the party. Once Khint leaves, the Jackal will behave more recklessly, using Brave multiple times in a single round and leaving himself defenseless afterwards.

Strategy Edit

Since Khint leaves when the Jackal's health drops below half, bringing the Jackal to this point should be made a priority. Melee attacks and magic will both work, though the Jackal's M.Def is much lower than his P.Def. Once Khint leaves, the Jackal will use Brave multiple times. Defaulting on the turn after Khint leaves will help mitigate damage taken, and also grants the party BP to retaliate while he recovers. At this point, the Jackal should not last very long.

Battle Quotes Edit

Chapter 8 Edit

The Jackal: I'll teach you lot... some... respect!
After taking some damage
The Jackal: ...This is thirsty work. My throat's all daggers...
After taking some damage first
Khamer: I... I must... hasten to... the duchy...
The Jackal: You're in the way, old man! Move!
Should Khamer be defeated before the Jackal
Profiteur: Gah! I'll not fall to zese proletarians!
The Jackal: You just did! Now stand down and make room for us!
Should Profiteur be defeated before the Jackal
The Jackal: Augh!
Should the Jackal be defeated
The Jackal: Augh!
Khint: Go, Jackal. You've done enough.
Should the Jackal be defeated before Khint
The Jackal: Chief, I... I gave it my best...
Should the Jackal be defeated last
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