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Refia returns to Sherlotta's Solace for some well-needed R & R after Saronia. She gets to thinking about how dangerous the passage across the ice is, and decides to look for a way to create a safe route through. After talking with Sherlotta, the two of them head to the Nether Nebula.

Quest summary

The Ice Bridge is an Intervention quest in World of Final Fantasy. It becomes available after clearing Chapter 8 and completing the quest, The Girl Who Forgot Her Name.


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Musing about what a pain it is to get back and forth across the Ice Region, Refia wonders if it would be possible to for her to use magic to build an ice bridge. Giving it her all, she makes the attempt...until realizing she doesn't know how to use Blizzard magic. Returning to Sherlotta's Solace, Refia decides to discuss her bridge idea with Sherlotta. Mentioning hearing about a Mirage who might be able to help, she recommends Refia look for Shiva around Cornelia.

Refia and Sherlotta arrive at the Nether Nebula to seek out Shiva. Sherlotta orders her to come out on the double to discuss business. Shiva materializes, annoyed at being "summoned" like that and threatens to turn them in ice. She says that she is done with them and Sherlotta informs her they weren't done with her.

Refia tries to smooth things by telling Shiva they just wanted to ask for a favor. After explaining, Shiva informs them she's not the one who does the "ice bridge trick". Sherlotta says it must be out of her league and that they shouldn't waste time on second-tier Mirages. Sherlotta continues to insult her until Shiva finally losses her temper and attacks.

After the battle, Shiva relents and says she'll build their "stupid" bridge for them. Refia thanks her and they return to the Ice Region. Refia is pleased with the trip across now being shortened, but Sherlotta is less happy as she realizes this could bankrupt her business.

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The battle consists of only Shiva★. First time completion of this quest rewards x2 Solid Frigicite with subsequent completion rewarding x1 Ether.