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FFRK Golden Vault Event

The Golden Vault was a Special Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. In the global release, this event ran from December 23, 2016, to January 4, 2017 (UTC).

Overview Edit

As with previous festival dungeons, The Golden Vault offered special dungeons with guaranteed orb drops, and Cactuars that would appear and drop more rare orbs. A new mechanic was also introduced, the Roulette. Gold Knights would appear in these special dungeons and dropped Roulette chips that could be cashed in on a Roulette to spin the wheel and win rare prizes. There was a finite number of prizes, and if the player could amass enough chips, all prizes could be acquired. When all prizes were won, any remaining chips could be exchanged for gil.

Roulette rewards Edit


Item Avaiable
Lucky Dice 1
Memory Crystal III Lode 1


Item Avaiable
Gold Sword (VII) 1
Conductor's Tuxedo 1
Rosetta Stone 1
Major Power Orb 10
Major White Orb 10
Major Black Orb 10
Major Summon Orb 10
Major Non-Elemental Orb 10
Major Fire Orb 10
Major Ice Orb 10
Major Lightning Orb 10
Major Earth Orb 10
Major Wind Orb 10
Major Holy Orb 10
Major Dark Orb 10
Major Growth Egg 10
Mythril 10
Soul of a Hero 5
Memory Crystal Lode 5
Memory Crystal II Lode 1
Spirit Mote (4★) 10
Dexterity Mote (4★) 10
Vitality Mote (4★) 10
Wisdom Mote (4★) 10
Bravery Mote (4★) 10


Item Avaiable
Greater Power Orb 20
Greater White Orb 20
Greater Black Orb 20
Greater Summon Orb 20
Greater Non-Elemental Orb 20
Greater Fire Orb 20
Greater Ice Orb 20
Greater Lightning Orb 20
Greater Earth Orb 20
Greater Wind Orb 20
Greater Holy Orb 20
Greater Dark Orb 20
Power Orb 40
White Orb 40
Black Orb 40
Summon Orb 40
Non-Elemental Orb 40
Fire Orb 40
Ice Orb 40
Lightning Orb 40
Earth Orb 40
Wind Orb 40
Holy Orb 40
Dark Orb 40
Lesser Growth Egg 50
Growth Egg 20
Greater Growth Egg 10
Spirit Mote (3★) 20
Dexterity Mote (3★) 20
Vitality Mote (3★) 20
Wisdom Mote (3★) 20
Bravery Mote (3★) 20


Phase 1: Summon, Ice, Earth Orbs Edit

Run Dates: Dec 23 - 26 (UTC)

Phase 2: Fire, Dark, and White Orbs Edit

Run Dates: Dec 26 - 29 (UTC)

Phase 3: Black, Power, and Wind Orbs Edit

Run Dates: Dec 29 - Jan 1 (UTC)

Phase 4: Holy, Non-Elemental, and Lightning Orbs Edit

Run Dates: Jan 1 - 4 (UTC)

Phase 5: Weapon & Armor Upgrade Materials Edit

Run Dates: Dec 23 - Jan 4 (UTC)

Etymology Edit

Gold is a chemical element with the symbol Au and atomic number 79. It is a dense, soft, malleable and ductile metal with a bright yellow color and luster, the properties of which remain without tarnishing when exposed to air or water.

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