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The Manderville Gold Saucer, or simply the Gold Saucer, is a location in Final Fantasy XIV implemented in patch 2.51. It is inspired by the Gold Saucer from Final Fantasy VII.

An amusement park located at Southern Thanalan, founded and managed by the master goldsmith Godbert Manderville. It has a Cactuar known as "Senor Sabotender" as the official mascot of the park. Players can participate in different minigames such as the Triple Triad, Chocobo Racing, and many more to obtain a special currency known as MGP (Manderville Gold Saucer Points), which can be used to buy exclusive rewards in the park.

Players may obtain access to the facility at any time after completing the level 15 sidequest It Could Happen to You It Could Happen to You, available in Ul'dah after completing the diplomatic envoy Main Scenario quest (level 15) for their starting nation to gain access to the airship.


Airship Landing[]

Entrance Square[]

Gold Saucer Aetheryte Plaza[]

Card Square[]

Wonder Square[]

Round Square[]

Event Square[]



Main games[]

Name Description
Chocobo Racing
FFXIV Chocobo Racing
Chocobo Racing allows players to race, breed and train chocobos to race against NPCs and other players. It is an expanded version of the racing minigame from Final Fantasy VII.
Triple Triad
FFXIV Triple Triad Match
Triple Triad is a minigame based on the card game from Final Fantasy VIII, with the same rules. It allows players to collect cards from around Eorzea and play against other players or NPCs.
Lord of Verminion
XIV Verminion 02
Lord of Verminion is a real-time strategy minigame where players engage opponents using summoned minions to destroy the rival's “Arcana Stones”. Players can participate against other players or against NPCs.
Doman Mahjong
FFXIV Doman Mahjong
Doman Mahjong is a minigame based on Japanese Riichi Mahjong. A tile-based game, players race to complete a winning hand of 14 tiles, with points awarded for speed and difficulty of the hand. Players can participate against other players or against automata.


Name Description
Monster Toss
FFXIV Monster Toss
A basket shooting game. The player makes free throws within an allotted time, and will be awarded based on how many they can through within the time. Throw timing changes so the player must to adjust to score the maximum points.
Crystal Tower Striker
FFXIV Crystal Tower Striker
A hammer strength game. Players need to press a button with correct timing.
FFXIV Cuff a Car
A punching strength game.
Moogle's Paw
FFXIV Moogle Catcher
A crane minigame, where players must to grab objects using a crane UI in the lower-right of the screen. Smaller objects yield more points.
The Finer Miner
FFXIV The Finer Miner
Swing the pickaxe to locate the hidden ore. It is based on the Miner gathering system from 1.0.
Out on a Limb
FFXIV Out on a Limb
Swing the hatchet to locate the hidden timber. It is based on the Botanist gathering system from 1.0.


GATEs are events similar to FATEs that occur every 20 minutes real time, at :00, :20, and :40 past the hour.

Currently active[]

Name Time Description*(in-game)
Any Way the Wind Blows
FFXIV Snort Hunger
45 minutes The mission statement of the Gold Saucer's founder, Godbert Manderville, states that all are welcome to seek employment at the Gold Saucer, regardless of race, nation, or creed. It's even said a kindly voidsent has joined their ranks after an aborted gladiatorial career. If you believe you can withstand his gale-force nasal eruptions, seek out the thaumaturge in Event Square!
FFXIV Minion Rescue 2
15 minutes The stage is set: high atop a lofty locale, a wayward chocobo chick with a wont for wanderlust chirps out in distress. Are you adventurer enough to brave the heights and rescue the frightened hatchling from its feather-raising plight!?
Leap of Faith
FFXIV Leap of Faith
15 minutes Hop, skip, and jump your way to the top in this death-defying test of athleticism. To scale the course's dizzying heights will require strong legs, and a stronger stomach. Or perhaps one need only take a leap of faith.
Air Force One
FFXIV Air Force One
15 minutes Ready. Aim. Fire! Strap into the Air Force and shoot the cactuar targets to rack up a high score for a handsome MGP reward.
The Slice is Right
FFXIV The Slice is Right
x minutes Hailing from the Far East, the mysterious swordsman Yojimbo descends upon the Gold Saucer! Only those with lightning-quick reflexes and the providence of the kami will be able to withstand his onslaught and reign victorious in the ultimate test of skill...and sheer luck.


Name Time Description*(in-game)
The Time of My Life
FFXIV Dance Master
45 minutes Do you dance a mean Manderville? Is your Bomb Dance positively explosive? At the Gold Saucer, we are ever looking to shine the spotlight on the finest young dancers in Eorzea! Prove yourself on the grand stage and it just might be your first step into Ul'dahn high society.
Vase Off
FFXIV Raptor Transportation
15 minutes En route to the Gold Saucer: a shipment of priceless Thorne Dynasty vases. The Jolly Raptor has been entrusted with the delivery, but the shipping conglomerate has reason to believe that a band of unscrupulous brigands has set their sights on the cargo. Are you stealthy and surreptitious enough to deliver the goods to their destination while steering clear of the bandits' greedy gaze?
Skinchange We Can Believe In
FFXIV Skin Changer
15 minutes Imps, imps, everywhere! With the Gold Saucer suffering from an imp infestation, the management recruited a contingent of adventurers to purge the voidsent pests. To their dismay, the imps transformed themselves into the spitting images of their would-be hunters and dashed off into the crowds! Can you identify friend from foe quickly enough to put an end to the two-faced threat!?

Other games[]

Name Availability Description
Mini Cactpot
FFXIV Mini Cactpot
Jumbo Cactpot
FFXIV Jumbo Cactpot
Fashion Report
FFXIV Fashion Report


Manderville Gold Saucer Points (MGP) obtained from playing minigames can be traded for many type of rewards including Setzer Gabbiani's costume, a Bunny outfit, and NPC casual wear.

Adamantoise mount and Fenrir mount are also available.


Patch 2.51[]

The Manderville Gold Saucer debuted in the interim patch of Before the Fall. Triple Triad, Chocobo Racing, Cactpot Lottery, GATEs, and the first mini-games debuted here.

Patch 3.0[]

The launch of Heavensward added twenty new cards to Triple Triad, as well as NPCs to play in expansion areas.

Patch 3.1[]

Patch 3.1 As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness added Lord of Verminion, as well as two new mini-games based on the older Gathering system from Version 1.0.

Patch 3.25[]

Chocobo Racing was expanded by introducing the Chocobo Challenges, along with additional abilities and items to use during races.

Patch 3.4[]

The Triple Triad Battlehall was added to permit cross-server Triple Triad matches across the same data center. Similarly, Lord of Verminion matches can be queued through the Duty Finder.

Musical themes[]

"Four-sided Circle", a violin arrangement of the "Gold Saucer" theme from Final Fantasy VII plays in the park. It was composed by Masayoshi Soken.

The original version of "Shuffle or Boogie" from Final Fantasy VIII plays while playing Triple Triad.

Behind the scenes[]

Square Enix's Eorzea Cafe served a dish called "Parfait of Gold Saucer" with a description that translates to: The Gold Saucer—a place for all to indulge in transient dreams. This parfait embodies the glamor of it all. Enjoy the many flavors provided by the fruits and sauces!



Gold is a chemical element with the symbol Au and atomic number 79. It is a dense, soft, malleable and ductile metal with a bright yellow color and luster, the properties of which remain without tarnishing when exposed to air or water.