The Girl from Oerba is a Lost Chapter where Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII can be added to Mog's group of warriors.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Forest of the Lost:
  • Mog: Kupo?
  • Y'shtola: Aye, how peculiar.
  • Sazh: Something the matter? I thought we were almost out of here.
  • Y'shtola: We would be if this were a normal forest.
  • Tifa: Wait, are you saying it's not?
  • Mog: It's almost like we're trapped inside, kupo.
  • Hope: We're trapped? You mean we can't leave!?
  • Y'shtola: Rather, we are not allowed to leave.
  • Sazh: I'm not followin' you.
  • Tifa: You mean someone intentionally trapped us in here?
  • Y'shtola: Or perhaps "something." Escaping may prove to be quite arduous.
  • ???: Help!
  • Mog: Someone's in trouble, kupo!
  • Hope: That voice! Is that—!?

(Hope runs off)

  • Sazh: Hope! *Sigh* Can't take your eyes off him for a second.
  • Tifa: C'mon, we have to go after him!
Damsel in Distress:
  • Warrior of Light: It appears that was the last of them.
  • ???: Thank you.
  • ???: I mean, you're not one of the bad guys...right?
  • Warrior of Light: We bear no animosity toward those who wish us no harm.
  • Warrior of Light: Are you hurt?
  • ???: I'm fine. That was a close one! By the way...who are you guys?
  • Hope: It looks like there aren't any more monsters here. Vanille, are you okay?
  • Sazh: Man, kids these days think they'e invincible. Glad you're okay though.
  • Vanille: Hope! Sazh!
  • Mog: You're friends? Introduce us, kupo!
  • Hope: She's a friend from back home.
  • Vanille: I'm Vanille. Nice to meet you.
  • Vanille: So...where are we?
  • Mog: Come on, I'll explain on the way, kupo!
  • Vanille: Wait... Do you mean I can come with you?
  • Warrior of Light: It is far too dangerous for you to travel alone. You may accompany us until we reach a safe—
  • Mog: You also bear the light, kupo! You should come with us!
  • Vanille: The light? Hold on. Is that a moogle?
  • Sazh: What can I say? You've missed out on a lot. But for now, we could really use your help.
  • Vanille: Really? Count me in.
  • Mog: You can trust me, kupo!
  • Vanille: A friend of Sazh and Hope's is a friend of mine.
  • Y'shtola: What a peculiar girl.
  • Sazh: For real? What's so weird about trusting others?
  • Y'shtola: I do not think it a bad thing.
  • Y'shtola: In any event, the force preventing us from leaving the forest has weakened.
  • Vanille: We're leaving already? But there are still areas I haven't checked out yet.
  • Vanille: This forest is huge! Who knows what wonderful treasures await us? Besides, I feel like something's calling me!
  • Sazh: And if we get lost? Then what? Listen, we need to regroup and— Aw, forget it. You've already made up your mind.
  • Vanille: I knew you'd understand, Sazh. All right then, let the treasure hunt begin!
No One Knows:
  • Vanille: Hey, so... Is someone going to tell me where we are yet?
  • Cecil: We still owe you an explanation, don't we?
  • Mog: Oh yeah, kupo! Allow me to explain.
  • Mog: This is an illusionary world created by the gods, but it's being corrupted by the Torsions.
  • Mog: That's why I'm on a journey to make friends with those who are blessed with the light to save it.
  • Cecil: Those Torsions threaten to erode each of our worlds as well.
  • Mog: Exactly! Which is why this is such an important journey for us all, kupo!
  • Vanille: I get that something has to be done...
  • Vanille: But why would such powerful gods need our help to fix things?
  • Yuna: Now that you mention it... If our worlds really are in trouble, why would we need to come here to save them?
  • Mog: Because the gods aren't all-powerful and in control of everything, kupo.
  • Mog: Besides, it's not like they created this world to be destroyed. They made it for a reason.
  • Mog: That's why we desperately need your help to save it, kupo.
  • Vanille: Hm... Alright then.
  • Mog: Does it make sense now, kupo?
  • Vanille: Nope! But at least I'm certain it doesn't make sense now.
  • Mog: Kupo...
  • Yuna: For now, I guess all we can do is focus on what's in front of us. We have to seal the Torsions.
  • Vivi: Yeah, we don't have any other choice if we want to protect our homes.
  • Vanille: Huh... So that's what this is all about.
  • Mog: Yep! So there's no time to waste, kupo!
  • Vanille: ...Okay, ready to go then?

(Everyone leaves, except Vanille)

  • Vivi: Let's be careful we don't get lost.
  • Cecil: Mog, lead the way, if you could.
  • Yuna: We're counting on you.
  • Mog: Kupo!? R-right this way.
  • Vanille: Things don't always go as planned...even for gods, huh?
  • Vanille: I know the feeling.
  • Vanille: ...I really hope there's some way I can help save this world.
A Bustling Place:
  • Yda: Hrm. This forest truly is confounding.
  • Vanille: But you sound like you might know where we are!
  • Yda: Well, I could bring us back to whence we started. I've trekked through a wood or two in my day.
  • Yuffie: What a relief. I'd hate to get stuck here forever.
  • Rem: Are you okay? You can wait outside the forest if you're worried about getting lost.
  • Yuffie: And let you hog all the treasure? Not a chance.
  • Vanille: Treasure?
  • Yuffie: The treasure you told us about! You said it was callin' you.
  • Vanille: Oh yeah... I guess I did say something like that.
  • Yuffie: Must be something amazing for you to feel it calling you from so far away.
  • Rem: I just hope it's nothing dangerous.
  • Vanille: Well, uh... Let's hope for the best!
  • Yuffie: C'mon, have some faith! You're the one who brought it up, after all.
  • Vanille: Well, it's true I feel like something's calling me.
  • Yda: Perhaps that something is why we couldn't leave the forest earlier.
  • Vanille: I guess we'll soon find out.
  • Yda: That we will! Whatever it is, I just hope it's not alive!
  • Rem: You two are starting to scare me.
  • Yuffie: Yeah, maybe I will go back and wait.
  • Vanille: Come on, we've come this far. Let's see this through together.
  • Yuffie: Y-you're just trying to trick me into taking point, aren't you!

(Everyone leaves, while Y'shtola joins Edge in observing)

  • Y'shtola: Everyone has become rather comfortable around each other, haven't they?
  • Edge: You won't hear me complain.
  • Y'shtola: Why don't you join them?
  • Edge: Sometimes it's nice to just sit back and enjoy the view.
  • Edge: Gotta let the ladies have their fun, you know?

(Edge leaves)

  • Y'shtola: ...Aren't we the noble one?
The Blessings of the Forest:
  • Rem: This pendant's drawing in mana. Maybe this was what trapped us in the forest?
  • Vivi: It's kind of creepy. I don't like it.
  • Rem: Yeah, we should probably leave it alone.
  • Vanille: What are you two whispering about? Hey, check it out!

(Vanille picks up the pendant)

  • Vanille: So? How does it look?
  • Vivi: What are you doing!?
  • Vanille: What do you mean?
  • Rem: Huh? What happened to the dark aura?
  • Vivi: It's gone... But why?
  • Vanille: "Dark aura"? What are you talking about? It's just a cute pendant. See?
  • Mog: They say some items in this world choose their owner. It looks like that one has taken a liking to you, kupo.
  • Sazh: Or maybe you scared off the "dark aura" with your rainbows-and-sunshine attitude.
  • Vanille: Sazh, maybe it's your turn to wear this pendant. Let's see how the dark aura likes you!
  • Sazh: Okay, okay! You win. You know magic and I don't get along.
  • Y'shtola: Not a terribly adventurous spirit, I see.
  • Sazh: You can't afford to take any chances at my age.
  • Vanille: You take chances all the time though. Especially when it involves your family.
  • Sazh: Guess we're not that different then, huh?
  • Vanille: Yeah... I wonder how everyone's doing back home.
  • Rem: Well, you were reunited with Sazh and Hope in this world.
  • Rem: Who knows? Maybe it won't be long before you see your family again, too.
  • Y'shtola: Aye, now is not the time for sorrow.
  • Vanille: Was it that obvious? You're right. I shouldn't worry.
  • Vivi: Besides, you have us now. We're here for you.
  • Vanille: Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to getting to know you all.
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Musical Themes[edit | edit source]

  • "Archylte Steppe" - Taken directly from the eponymous location in Final Fantasy XIII. It serves as the main field theme for The Girl from Oerba.
  • "Blinded by Light -arrange- from Final Fantasy XIII" - A rearrangement of the main battle theme in Final Fantasy XIII, taken directly from Dissidia 012. It is the theme for regular battles.
  • "Saber's Edge -arrange- from Final Fantasy XIII" - A rearrangement of the Boss Battle theme in Final Fantasy XIII, taken directly from Dissidia 012. It is the theme for boss battles.
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