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The Warrior of Light patrols the streets of Cornelia, keeping good citizens safe. In other words, just another day on the job. But it looks like today's going to be interesting, for he spots a suspicious figure on the castle walls...

Quest summary

The Girl Who Forgot Her Name is an Intervention quest in World of Final Fantasy. It becomes available after discovering the Girl's Tearoom.


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As the Warrior of Light is musing about how the legends of the Warriors of Light are true, he notices a Bahamutian Soldier sneaking into the throne room. He goes to confront the soldier, remarking that he won't find Princess Sarah there, as she enjoys visiting the town and her people. He then battles the soldier.

After the battle, the Warrior of Light thinks that he is glad that the princess wasn't there, as he wouldn't want to see her be abducted again. He then wonder why he thought that, as he can't recall when it happened before. He also feels that there was a hand guiding him through the battle. He decides that he must just be tired and leaves the castle.

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After confronting the Bahamutian Soldier, a battle will begin with the twins fighting in place of the warrior. The battle consists of the soldier and 2 Goblins. First time completion of this quest rewards x3 Ether with subsequent completion rewarding 1 Ether.