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Zone notices the party's Girl Next Door magazine.

The Girl Next Door (となりのカノジョ, Tonari no Kanojo?) is a "naughty" magazine in the world of Final Fantasy VIII and a favorite of Zone's.

While on the White SeeD Ship, Zone expresses he wishes he had not sold his copy. If the player has the magazine in their inventory, Zone asks if Squall will give it to him. If given to him for free, the player receives a Rename Card and the Shiva card. The player can also choose to sell it to him for 25,500 gil, or simply not sell it to him. The Girl Next Door is found in the Timber Maniacs Building Reception among the stacked magazines on the floor.


The girl next door is an archetype of a cute, kind, unassuming, and honest girl or woman who lives next door, often in a romantic story.


  • The Girl Next Door can also be obtained through playing the Chocobo World, but even if the player had multiple copies, only one can be given to Zone.
  • After first arriving in Timber, the shop at the top of the train station sells a Naughty Magazine, but the owner refuses to sell it to the party due to them being underage. The shopkeeper then suggests the party to talk to Zone about naughty magazines.
  • This isn't the first instance of adult material in a Final Fantasy game. In Final Fantasy IV, one can pick up a Lustful Lali-ho and watch the screen turn purple when the item is "read".

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