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The Giant of Babel is an event in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, based on the dungeon from Final Fantasy IV.

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Once feared as a great of weapon of war, the giant was brought back by the power of the Blue Planet crystal which consisted of the evil will that had permeated the land.

Investigating further into the giant in hopes of preventing it from causing harm, Rain and his crew come across an old battleground where warriors from the Blue Planet fought, and eventually lost their lives.

Now a new enemy stands before them, the all-powerful Four Fiends. It is now Rain and the gang's turn to experience this fight to the finish.

Filled with all the emotion their allies felt in the world from which they came, Rain and his crew now face the same fate...

The perilous road to their final fight has been opened.


The Giant of Babel is an exploration event which requires no farming. The player simply must clear all stages to obtain all the rewards. The map is shared between all stages but has a higher difficulty as one progresses further until the entire map has opened at the most difficult (ELT) stage. Any chest opened will remain open in other stages.

Battle Info[]

The Giant of Babel - BGN[]

The Giant of Babel - INT[]

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