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The Ghimlyt Dark is a Dungeon Dungeon appearing in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, released in patch 4.5. Here adventurers venture into a war torn land to defend against imperial invaders.


The Ghimlyt Dark opening cinematic.

For those who dare travel 'twixt Aldenard and Ilsabard, there is but one path, and it leads through Ghimlyt. A confluence of harsh terrain and aetheroclimatic conditions have shrouded the land in perpetual darkness, and it is here the decisive battle for Eorzea begins. Joined by their Far Eastern allies, the Eorzean Alliance battles desperately to fight back the seemingly endless waves of imperial troops. In a bid to change the tide of battle, the Warrior of Light has been called to the fray, but can they prevail in this land long since lost to the light?


  • Arrive on the Field of Dust
  • Clear the Field of Dust
  • Arrive at the Impact Crater
  • Clear the Impact Crater
  • Arrive at the Provisional Imperial Landing
  • Defeat Julia and Annia


The party starts off with Yugiri and Hien, they travel with the group until the party reaches the first boss in the field of dust

Field of Dust[]

In the field the party comes across an advanced Magitek Colossus that battles them with many abilities.

  • Jarring Blow- A cleave tank buster.
  • Wild Fire Beam- Pink circle markers put on all players.
  • Magitek Slash- 6 conal AoE's that rotate in a specific direction, these give a burn debuff if stood in.
  • Magitek Ray- Stack marker.

Impact Crater[]

In a large crater is the magitek weapon known as Prometheus, here the boss uses many fire abilities.

  • Nitrospin- Party wide damage also shrinking down the arena into a smaller circle.
  • Oil shower- Only a small cone in front of the boss is safe.
  • Unbreakable Cermet Drill- Tank buster.
  • Needle Gun- Conal AoE in the front of the boss.
  • Heat Drill- The boss will drill under the arena, and come shooting out one of the sides, with a line of fire.
  • Freezing Missle- AoE proximity markers that will occur during the Heat drill phase.


  • Schola Sky Armor
  • Schola Predator
  • Schola Eques
  • Schola Secutor
  • Schola Centurion
  • Schola Laquerius
  • Schola Canis Pugnax
  • Schola Gunship
  • Mark III-B Magitek Colossus (Boss)
  • Schola Armored Weapon
  • Schola Avenger
  • Schola Scorpion
  • Prometheus (Boss)
  • Schola Rearguard
  • Schola Hexadrone
  • Schola Colossus
  • Schola Mark II Colossus
  • Schola Colossus Rubricatus
  • Julia quo Soranus (Boss)
  • Annia quo Soranus (Boss)



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