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Noctis catches a rainbow frog.

Legend has it this creature lived through the tumultuous age of the gods, and that its colors shift and sparkle with every glance.

Key item description for a Rainbow Frog

The Frogs of Legend is a sidequest in Final Fantasy XV. It is the last quest given by Sania Yeagre. After completing The Professor's Protégé quest to bring Sania a part of a griffon, the player can find her in Meldacio Hunter HQ where she tasks Noctis with finding rainbow-colored frogs. The only clue she gives to their whereabouts is that the frogs are found near water anywhere in Lucis. Completing the quest yields 15,000 EXP and a Ribbon, an accessory that immunizes the wearer to all status ailments, even instant death.

The player can tell they are near a frog by their distinct ribbit sound effects.

Frog locations[]


A frog is found on the coast of Vesperpool northwest from The Vesperpool - West Bank fishing spot.

Fork of a river[]

A frog is found by the fork in the river east from Ravatogh, west from Tollhends Stronghold, south from Callatein Plunge. The frog is on the west side of the river next to a big rock.

Riverside by Fort Vaullerey[]

There is a frog by the river near the southern edge of Fort Vaullerey. It is in the shadow of a big rock.

Saxham Reservoir[]

There is a frog along the eastern shore of the reservoir by Saxham Outpost.

Alstor Slough[]

There is a frog near the base of an arch in Alstor Slough area of Duscae, found under a tree.