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I remember crossing the border. Standing in Gyr Abania once more. Me and my fellow Scions...the Warrior of Light among us. Behind us, Baelsar's Wall, cutting the land in two. Freedom on one side, tyranny on the other. Tyranny...and the promise of a new beginning. But one that could only be bought with flames and blood.

The Fringes are a location in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. Located just beyond Baelsar's Wall in Gyr Abania, the Fringes are the first new region to be visited in the expansion.

Like much of Gyr Abania, the Fringes are arid and prone to violent thunderstorms. The area is divided in half by the Velodyna River, which plunges into a deep canyon. By the time the Warrior of Light first arrives in the Fringes, the area is littered with the wreckage of Garlean warmachina left behind in the wake of their retreat from Baelsar's Wall.




There are Aetherytes located in the Alliance-occupied Castrum Oriens and The Peering Stones.


  • East End - A forested area that marks the boundaries of the Black Shroud, cut off from the rest of the Shroud by Baelsar's Wall.
  • Pike Falls - A large waterfall on the Velodyna River.
  • Dimwold - A gloomy wood to the south of East End.
  • The Striped Hills - Located to the east of the upper Velodyna River.
  • Djanan Qhat - The stronghold of the Qalyana Ananta tribe. Translates to "Mother's Bed" in the Ananta language.
  • Virdjala - Located on the western side of the canyon that bisects the Fringes.


Castrum Oriens[]

Originally built to oversee the construction of Baelsar's Wall, Castrum Oriens was expanded following the Seventh Umbral Calamity in readiness for Gaius van Baelsar's re-attempts at invading Eorzea. The camp is the first Garlean base to fall to the Eorzean Alliance during the campaign to liberate Gyr Abania, and serves as its temporary headquarters for much of Stormblood. It is officially held by the Order of the Twin Adder.

The Peering Stones[]

A village located on a rocky outcrop in Virdjala, and home to the M Miqo'te tribe.

Vira Nilya[]

A village inhabited by the Vira Ananta tribe.


The Fringes' climate may exhibit any of the following weather conditions:

Weather Frequency
Fair Skies Fair Skies 45%
Clouds Clouds 20%
Clear Skies Clear Skies 15%
Fog Fog 10%
Thunder Thunder 10%

Places of interest[]

Baelsar's Wall[]

The fortified border between The Black Shroud and Gyr Abania, named for Gaius van Baelsar.


The remains of a hamlet in the East End. Bittermill was used as a chemical weapons testing site by the Garleans, who carried out the first experiments with Black Rose on the hamlet's inhabitants.

Castellum Corvi[]

The remains of a Garlean fort overlooking The Pall of Clarity, the upper of the two bridges spanning the canyon.

Castellum Velodyna[]


The Comet's Tail[]

The Yawn[]

A great chasm located in southern Virdjala, the Yawn was formed by Omega after pursuing Shinryu. The chasm connects to the Interdimensional Rift, an artificial pocket dimension created by Omega for the purpose of carrying out experiments. As the experiments continue, the Yawn begins to fill with a strange purple liquid. After Omega is defeated, the Yawn returns to normal and the Interdimensional Rift can no longer be accessed.




Emanation Emanation
Level 67
The First Altar via Djanan Qhat (x37 y15) during The Lady of Bliss The Lady of Bliss

Upon witnessing her daughter's death at the hands of Fordola and her Skulls, the Qalyana broodmother cried out to the heavens in despair...and a primal answered. Sri Lakshmi, patron deity of the Ananta, came forth from the aether, and the imperials were put to flight. Alas, the tale did not end there, for now the Qalyana demand that the Vira come and pay tribute to the goddess. And so it falls to you and your comrades to journey unto the Qalyana stronghold of Djanan Qhat, and put an end to Sri Lakshmi's dream.
Deltascape V1.0.

Deltascape V1.0 Deltascape V1.0
Level 70
Item Level 295
Temporary Camp via the Yawn (x30 y31) during Into the Deltascape Into the Deltascape

In your hunt for the elusive Omega, you and your comrades find yourselves unwitting subjects in its fiendish experiment. With no recourse but to do as bid, you resolve to venture into the Deltascape to do battle against unknown foes. Before you looms the test world, the image of a mysterious castle framed within its egg-like contour...
Deltascape V2.0.

Deltascape V2.0 Deltascape V2.0
Level 70
Item Level 295
Temporary Camp via the Yawn (x30 y31) during A Catastrophe Waiting A Catastrophe Waiting

You have triumphed in your maiden encounter within the Deltascape, but there are more tests to come, each bound to be more trying than the last. According to Nero's analysis, your next opponent is capable of manipulating gravity, and by way of a countermeasure, he sends you off with one of his curious contraptions: an anti-gravity gimbal.
Deltascape V3.0.

Deltascape V3.0 Deltascape V3.0
Level 70
Item Level 295
Temporary Camp via the Yawn (x30 y31) during The Croak Queen The Croak Queen

Fresh from your victory over the grotesque Catastrophe, you set your sights upon the next battle. Your foe is a being named Halicarnassus, an antagonist from a classical novel, wherein she rules as the Queen of Dimension Castle. Yet be it born of fact or fiction, the struggle ahead promises to be very real.
Deltascape V4.0.

Deltascape V4.0 Deltascape V4.0
Level 70
Item Level 295
Temporary Camp via the Yawn (x30 y31) during A Void at All Costs A Void at All Costs

And so you come to the final encounter in the Deltascape. Awaiting you is yet another villain from a work of fiction known as Exdeath, who is described as an evil tree that assumes the form of a dark mage. Doubt not but that this will be your toughest test yet, but overcome it you must if you are to head off Omega's threat.
Sigmascape V1.0.

Sigmascape V1.0 Sigmascape V1.0
Level 70
Item Level 325
Temporary Camp via the Yawn (x30 y31) during No Slowing Down No Slowing Down

You are once more summoned to Omega's rift between dimensions, this time to conquer the denizens of the Sigmascape. With no spatial anchor to help pinpoint the correct segment of data, you are forced to enter the first battle bereft of any insightful analysis. Senses straining and nerves taut, you could swear you hear a high-pitched whistle echoing within the arena beyond...
Sigmascape V2.0.

Sigmascape V2.0 Sigmascape V2.0
Level 70
Item Level 325
Temporary Camp via the Yawn (x30 y31) during An Unfinished Masterpiece An Unfinished Masterpiece

Chadarnook. According to Cid and Nero's research, such is the name given to your next devilish opponent. Had you not just won a battle against a spectral train, you might think the idea of a haunted painting absurd. Thankful for the inventive genius of your companions, you go forth armed with the Chocobo Brush─a tool specifically designed to help you overcome this bizarre encounter.
Sigmascape V3.0.

Sigmascape V3.0 Sigmascape V3.0
Level 70
Item Level 325
Temporary Camp via the Yawn (x30 y31) during Won't Let You Pass Won't Let You Pass

Known simply as the "Guardian," this foe is described by Cid as the machine responsible for defending a capital city. As a creation of otherworldly engineering it is impossible to know exactly what weapons it will bring to bear─only that this will be a contest of force versus overwhelming brute force.
Sigmascape V4.0.

Sigmascape V4.0 Sigmascape V4.0
Level 70
Item Level 325
Temporary Camp via the Yawn (x30 y31) during Test World of Ruin Test World of Ruin

The looming face of the Sigmascape, "Kefka" will be your final opponent in this test world. Analysis of his data reveals that, despite his comical appearance, this cackling jester once rose to godhood and cast his entire planet into ruin. His is a power not to be underestimated. Nero has also alerted you to the villain's propensity for trickery, and promised to watch for deadly feints through his enhanced monitor. You can only hope that his warnings come in time...
Alphascape V1.0.

Alphascape V1.0 Alphascape V1.0
Level 70
Item Level 355
Temporary Camp via the Yawn (x30 y31) during In the Beginning, There Was Chaos In the Beginning, There Was Chaos

While you recuperated from the latest round of testing, Omega's trials proceeded apace. Of the eighty-nine combatants in Psi group, four emerged victorious. Of those four, one proved itself the mightiest entity of the last remaining test world: a champion designated as "Psi IV." This immensely powerful being will be your opponent as you strive to complete the final stage of Omega's grueling experiments.
Alphascape V2.0.

Alphascape V2.0 Alphascape V2.0
Level 70
Item Level 355
Temporary Camp via the Yawn (x30 y31) during And Like Fire Was His Mane And Like Fire Was His Mane

You have conquered Chaos, a primal force of deific power. Omega, frustrated in its attempts to process the results of your improbable victory, has decided to conduct a supplemental stage of testing. Drawing on the incomplete data of a foe who once stood firm against Omega itself, the machine generates a new simulacrum for you to face: the legendary Midgardsormr, Father of Dragons.
Alphascape V3.0.

Alphascape V3.0 Alphascape V3.0
Level 70
Item Level 355
Temporary Camp via the Yawn (x30 y31) during In the End, There Is Omega In the End, There Is Omega

Your triumph over the recreated Midgardsormr has convinced Omega of your supremacy, and the master of the rift will now engage you directly in combat. The final experiment is begun and the arena awaits. Gather your courage and steel your spirit, for upon this battle rests the fate of entire worlds...
Alphascape V4.0.

Alphascape V4.0 Alphascape V4.0
Level 70
Item Level 355
Creation via the Yawn (x30 y31) during In the End, There Is Omega In the End, There Is Omega

Omega rallies from defeat, and reconfigures its form in a drastic effort to comprehend the incomprehensible. What manner of transformation has the machine undergone...? It seems that only complete destruction will free Omega─and Hydaelyn─from its relentless drive to evolve.
Stone, Sky Sea.

Stone, Sky, Sea Stone, Sky, Sea
Level 70
The Striped Hills (x30 y11)

“They who fight with strength of stone unyielding, breathe deep of boundless sky and embrace serenity of rolling sea, against them none can stand.”

Embrace the esoterics of foreign masters and destroy the striking dummy within the time limit!


Name Level Location Time limit Objective
Spawn conditions (if any)
Battle FATE. Showing The Recruits What For 60-64 East End (x8 y16) 15 minutes Defeat the flame, serpent, and storm recruits.
The Eorzean Alliance has no shortage of recruits willing to fight under its ivory standard. What it does have a shortage of is skilled fighters to assist in training the mewling privates. Adventurers are sought to bloody some noses.
Battle FATE. Showing The Officers What For 60-64 East End (x8 y16) 15 minutes Defeat the petty officers and temple knights.
It has been overlong since the Eorzean Alliance has taken part in any serious tactical engagements, and while peace is good for the realm, it dulls both swords and sword arms. Adventurers are sought to serve as the whetstones that will restore the army's edge.

Spawn conditions:

Boss FATE. Showing the Commanders What For 60-64 East End (x8 y16) 15 minutes Defeat the commanders.
Without competent commanders, the Eorzean Alliance would be naught more than an army of drunken farmhands and restless mercenaries, incapable of finding their way out of the South Shroud, let alone driving the Garlean invaders from Eorzea. However, to become a competent commander, one must first train against competent foes...or in other words─you.

Spawn conditions:

Battle FATE. Death Beckons 60-64 East End (x12 y11) 15 minutes Defeat the Velodyna sarcosuchus.
Timmon Beck serves as the sole source of fresh water for many of the residents of East End...which is why the congregation of recently arrived sarcosuchus cannot be suffered to remain.
Battle FATE. Unbearable 60-64 East End (x10 y12) 15 minutes Defeat the mountain grizzlies.
Drawn from their dens by the ripe odor of the Eorzean Alliance's latrines, mountain grizzly sightings have become increasingly common as of late, some of these chance encounters leading to serious maiming or even death. The Allied armies seek adventurers to frighten the beasts back into the hills.
Boss FATE. Dizzy Miss Grizzly 60-64 East End (x11 y16) 15 minutes Defeat the revenant grizzly.
Flame scouts with the Eorzean Alliance are failing to return to their camps. The culprit, however, does not appear to be the Garleans, but a deadly grizzly sow that has acquired a taste for sweet Lalafellin flesh. As the scouts cannot afford to lose any more of their number, they seek adventurers to cleanse the hills in their stead.
Boss FATE. Roid Rage 60-64 Pike Falls (x18 y11) 15 minutes Defeat Crocoroid.
Sightings of a gargantuan sarcosuchus colorfully dubbed the “Crocoroid” have residents of the Gyr Abanian Fringes guessing as to its origins, the most popular theory being it swelled to its unnatural size by consuming the discarded bottles of imperial performance-enhancing elixirs.
Escort FATE. Keeping the Peace 60-64 The Striped Hills (x28 y12) 15 minutes Escort the Resistance fighter on his patrol.
When not plotting the overthrow of imperial regime, members of the Ala Mhigan Resistance are tasked with maintaining the peace in the Fringes─ridding the hills and highlands of aggressive fauna whose populations have exploded since the Garlean occupation claimed the lives of many of the region's hunters.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the Resistance fighter.
Escort FATE. Keeping More Peace 60-64 The Striped Hills (x23 y13) 15 minutes Escort the Resistance fighter on his patrol.
When not plotting the overthrow of imperial regime, members of the Ala Mhigan Resistance are tasked with maintaining the peace in the Fringes─ridding the hills and highlands of aggressive fauna whose populations have exploded since the Garlean occupation claimed the lives of many of the region's hunters.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the Resistance fighter.
Defense FATE. Double Dhara 60-64 The Striped Hills (x23 y11) 15 minutes Help the Resistance fighter defeat the highland dharas.
A Resistance fighter separated from his company finds himself surrounded by vengeful elementals and unable to stave off their methodical assault. Race to his aid and earn the gratitude of all Ala Mhigo...or at least his commanding officer.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the Resistance fighter.
Battle FATE. Bold This Way 60-64 The Striped Hills (x27 y10) 15 minutes Defeat the lesser gaganas.
A pack of young-yet-bold gagana view the sheer cliffs surrounding Rhalgr's Reach as a prime location for their new nests. If allowed to roost on the rocks, it will not be long before the birds are raiding the town's livestock pens. Supplies are already scarce, so a quick solution to this potential problem is sought.
Battle FATE. Thank You for Not Mossling 60-64 East End (x12 y13) 15 minutes Defeat the mosslings.
While they appear harmless, mosslings are a threat to the fish that share the rivers in which they dwell. If left unchecked, a single colony of these swift-spawning, swift-growing seedkin can cover an entire lake in a matter of moons, blocking sunlight from reaching the riverbed, effectively killing the river's flora and the fauna that feed on it.
Battle FATE. The Secret Life of Plants 61-65 East End (x11 y26) 15 minutes Defeat the saprias.
Gyr Abania has its share of unique highland flora, from prickly thistles, to verdant worts, to man-eating sapria. It suffices to say the latter is not one of which the local smallfolk think that highly.
Battle FATE. The Morning After 61-65 Dimwold (x10 y29) 15 minutes Defeat the skimmers.
Swarms of skimmers─some of the vilest of all vilekin─have alighted in the Fringes to mate, and nothing works up an appetite like a frenzied fortnight of fornication. Unfortunately, skimmers have a taste for meat, preferably live, and will attack almost anything and everything that moves, be it livestock, pets, even something as large as a grown Roegadyn.
Defense FATE. The Mail Must Get Through 61-65 East End (x11 y22) 15 minutes Help the storm herald defeat the goosefish.
A storm herald carrying an important communication for his commanders is unable to cross the Velodyna, his way blocked by a school of goosefish. Part the waters and clear the poor man a path to freedom.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the storm herald.
Battle FATE. Diakka Round 61-65 East End (x10 y18) 15 minutes Defeat the diakkas.
A company of Eorzean Alliance regulars has been ordered to slay a pack of deadly diakka believed to be the culprits in a disturbing string of missing draught chocobos. Never ones to underestimate their enemy, the company is requesting the assistance of nearby adventurers and is willing to split any spoils earned in the raid.
Boss FATE. The Evil Seed 61-65 Pike Falls (x14 y23) 30 minutes Defeat Kirnis.
Legend states that all diakka were born of seeds scattered by Kirnis in her wanderings across Gyr Abania. She continues her journey to this day, spawning more of the deadly seedkin while feeding herself upon the blood of unwary bystanders.
Boss FATE. The Spiderweb Chronicles 61-65 Pike Falls (x17 y17) 15 minutes Defeat Ankabut.
The larger the spider, the larger the prey it must capture to sate its hunger...and Ankabut is one of the largest spiders to ever be reported in Eorzea. The muffled whimperings heard from the silken sacs on her webs suggest no one in Eorzea is safe.
Battle FATE. Yes, This Is Dogs 61-65 Bittermill (x13 y20) 15 minutes Defeat the canis perditones.
Trained from birth to kill on command, the Garlean Empire's canis pugnaces are feared across the realm. Now, reports are that several of the murdering machines have escaped their captors' fetters and are roaming the Fringes, taking out their aggressions on any moving thing in sight.
Defense FATE. The Antlion's Share 67-71 Virdjala (x31 y29) 15 minutes Help the M tribe ranger defeat the aggressor antlion.
Ever seeking to expand their own dominion, aggressor antlions have begun encroaching on M tribe territory. If the trend is allowed to continue, it will not be long before young huntresses start disappearing.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the M tribe ranger.
Boss FATE. Really Don't Keratyrannos 67-71 Virdjala (x29 y23) 15 minutes Defeat the keratyrannos.
With their invasion, the Garleans brought with them myriad beasts of war and burden not native to Gyr Abania. Some of these, such as the keratyrannos, have escaped from their masters and now thrive in the highlands where they have no natural predators. Their numbers must be thinned before a disaster strikes.
Item FATE. Get Sharp 67-71 Virdjala (x26 y25) 15 minutes Deliver sharp stones to the M tribe youth.
As she does every day, a young maid of the M tribe has ventured into the wilds to gather sharp stones for her aunt, the village fletcher. This day, however, the hills are alive with deadly dhara. Is there none who would see the area rid of these creatures so that the youth might be spared her aunt's lashing rod?

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the M tribe youth.
Battle FATE. The Tele-tale Hunt 67-71 Virdjala (x35 y29) 15 minutes Defeat the rabid teleocerases.
Ala Mhigan Resistance fighters have established supply caches across Gyr Abania in preparation for skirmishes with the Empire. Starved creatures of the region such as the saw-toothed teleoceras will raid these crates and devour their contents, and missions to drive off the scalekin are required to maintain supply stocks.
Boss FATE. Pop the Trunk 67-71 Virdjala (x31 y21) 15 minutes Defeat the rampaging marid.
The Vira keep marids not only for use in battle, but for their rich, fatty milk. The beasts, however, can be quite temperamental, and it is not rare that a beastmaid will lose track of one or two of her herd when grazing them in highland meadows. A good whack or seventeen is usually enough to calm their nerves.
Item FATE. A Pain in the Neck 67-71 Qalyana Nilyu (x35 y26) 15 minutes Deliver carved necklaces to the Vira beadmaid.
Last night, under the cover of darkness, Ananta of the Qalyana tribe raided a Vira beadmaid's workshop, stealing a goodly amount of jewelry meant for a coming ritual. Having no skill in the art of war, the beadmaid seeks aid in the recovery of her livelihood.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the Vira beadmaid.
Boss FATE. Flappy Berda 67-71 Virdjala (x27 y28) 15 minutes Defeat Berda.
Once again, warriors of the M tribe hunt the Scourge of the Skies; the Feathered Fiend; White Death. The warriors hunt Berda, and welcome any who might seek to share in their glory.
Boss FATE. Ananta and Her Sisters 67-71 Virdjala (x28 y17) 15 minutes Defeat Jateryu.
A party of Ananta battlemaids seek revenge for the wanton slaughter of several of their defenseless sisters at the hands of Jateryu─a bloodthirsty monster that rips open the bellies of its victims with its hooked claws. The battlemaids would not turn away those who might endeavor to aid their quest for ultion.
Boss FATE. Raisin' Hell 67-71 Virdjala (x30 y21) 15 minutes Defeat Sunmaid Drisana.
Impressed with your handling of her tribe's unruly marids, the Vira's champion Sunmaid Drisana seeks to ask you one more boon─to cross blades in mock battle.

Spawn conditions:

Battle FATE. M Bop 67-71 Virdjala (x31 y25) 15 minutes Defeat the Qalyana kshatriyas.
Archers of the M tribe will not suffer the likes of the Qalyana defiling their sacred hunting lands and are petitioning local adventurers to join them in driving off the sly serpentesses.



Elite Marks[]

Mark Hunt Description
B File:Ouzelum.png
"Ouzelum is a gagana of frightening size, his beak sickle-sharp and often strung with the gore of his latest victim. His stunted wings could never lift his bulk, but do not think yourself safe on higher ground ─ the bird's powerful legs propel him over the largest boulders with ease. For the Ananta and the M tribe of the Fringes, this flesh-craving terror has proven a constant threat to safety and sanity. In fact, several years ago there was a string of incidents involving the disappearance of the M tribe's young. When the Miqo'te followed the trail of the suspected kidnapper, it led to one of Ouzelum's known haunts and a heart-wrenching pile of small, gnawed bones..."
B File:Shadow-dweller Yamini.png
Shadow-dweller Yamini
“Amongst the Qalyana there was a maiden known as Yamini. Born under a star of resplendent arcane bounty, her potent magicks brought her to the unfortunate attention of imperial recruiters. Alliance spies determined that they took the Ananta lass to a well-secured corner of Ala Mhigo, where they imprisoned her inside a testing facility. What foul experiments they performed upon her, I cannot say, but when she was at last released, Yamini had lost all semblance of her former self. She dwelled in a place of shadow, existing only to bring harm unto others."
A File:Erle.png
“You wish to learn what I know of Erle? Of the venomous sting potent enough to fell a jhammel? Of the hurricane winds whipped forth by the beating of her wings? There is a tale I heard from the Ananta. It is told that the Nunh of the M Tribe went forth to battle this vilekin queen, trapping her within a cavern even as her stingers injected his heart with lethal venom. When the Yawn opened up, however, the ripples collapsed the cavern's walls, and the imprisoned Erle was set free once again.”
A File:Orcus.png
“Fearing their many natural predators, antlions prefer to burrow beneath the ground and lie in wait for their prey in relative safety. But Orcus is of a different breed─this monster will hunt along the surface, as bold as you please. As well she might. Why should Orcus cower from aught which walks or flies when she can spit a secretion caustic enough to erode steel? It is said that she only began displaying such behavior after the expansion of her hunting grounds brought her closer to the Percipient One. Could this proximity have influenced the vilekin's sudden transformation in some way? A worthy mystery.”
S Udumbara.png
“Ah, the elusive Udumbara. Patient. Silent. Deadly. This massive man-eating plant is rarely seen until it bursts forth from the ground to feed. So difficult is this mark to find, it takes its name from a tree of legend whose flowers are said to bloom only once every three thousand years. One theory has it that Udumbara sense the silent screams of nearby vegetation, their unheard cacophony bringing word of approaching prey. Maphap there is a way to use this knowledge to coax the monster from its earthen nest...”

Musical themes[]

"Beyond the Wall" plays in the Fringes during daytime, while "Hope Forgotten" plays at night. "With Giants Watching" plays in Castrum Oriens and the Peering Stones. "Harmony" plays in Vira Nilya.

"Looping in the Deepest Fringes" plays during standard enemy encounters in the Fringes.


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