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The Five Dooms was a Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


The event showcased five enemies across four levels of difficulty. Defeating each stage rewarded Motes, with the fourth stage rewarded Job Motes that unlocked Empowered Spheres, a new mechanic that added numerous new Rank 6 abilities and allowed characters with access to Rank 5 in those abilities to unlock access to Rank 6 through the Empowered Spheres.


Five monumental battles await the player as the game continues expanding, adding new features to the Record Spheres system and introducing Empowered Motes and abilities.


Monk Sphere - The Weapon WatchesEdit

Samurai & Spellblade Spheres - The Hallowed BladeEdit

Thief & Ninja Spheres - Blood WyrmEdit

Knight Sphere - The Gaping MawEdit

Machinist & Dragoon Spheres - Great WyrmEdit

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