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A list of locations that appear in The Final Fantasy Legend.


Eons ago, the Tower spewed forth beasts and monsters of many kinds. Adventurers set forth to end the invasions and find the legendary Paradise on the other side.


The Final Fantasy Legend takes place on several worlds centered around a large tower which was built by the Creator in ancient times to link the various worlds together. Time does not flow at a constant pace between the levels of the Tower, rendering some worlds more technologically advanced than others. Various monsters come forth from the Tower into each world; many are hostile, but some of them are friendly to humans and willing to coexist. An offshoot of the human race, known as mutants also exists in each world. Mutants are the magic-attuned descendants of a union between humans and the World of Continent's older races.

World of Continent[]

Located on the first floor, this world is a large land mass ruled by three kings who are in a constant war for control of their world. They each carry an object needed to open the Tower's entrance.

World of Ocean[]

Located on the fifth floor, this consists of various small islands surrounded by an ocean, and each are connected by small caves. Pirates roam the sea of this world, making travel by ship hard.

World of Sky[]

Located on the tenth floor, this world contains large land masses suspended in clouds, and is ruled by a powerful dictator from his flying castle.

World of Ruins[]

Located on the sixteen floor, this world is a technologically advanced cityscape, reduced to a post-apocalyptic wasteland by constant monster attacks.


It has been said that the Tower in the center of the World is connected to Paradise.