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The following is a list of characters from The Final Fantasy Legend.

Main characters[]

Name Image Description
Human M FFL Human M.png Humans are the most well-rounded characters. Their starting Hit Points are high in comparison to the other races. Humans can use most all equipment and armor. They can carry up to eight items of choice. Humans do not rise in strength and level like the other playable races. They must "buy" their increase in the form of the HP200 or the HP400, Strength and Agility can be raised by purchasing Strong, and Agility. Humans are the most common of the races found on the continent. Their numbers gave been increasing due to their strength of arms. With the ability, they have been able to wrestle most of the land back from the invading monsters, but as of yet, have still been unable to discern the secrets of the Tower.
Human F FFL Human F.png
Mutant M FFL Mutant M.png The Mutants are an interesting off-shoot of the Human race consisting of a cross between Humans and some of the older races of the world of the Continent. As playable characters, they tend to be physically weaker, possessing fewer HPs than their pure blooded Human counterparts. Mutants do not raise their abilities like the Humans. Mutant powers "mature" only through the rigors of questing. At a point the Mutant evolves into more powerful form. This evolution triggers latent powers locked deep inside the Mutant's genetic code. Suddenly gifted with new powers, and more HPs, the Mutant character becomes a more dominant force in the party. Mutants can carry up to four items, and once their powers are activated, they can no longer use their store-bought weapons. For all these reasons, and more, the Mutant offers many opportunities for achieving success.
Mutant F FFL Mutant F.png
Clipper FFL Clipper Field.png Monsters come in many shapes and sizes. Some are creatures from the Continent's past, and some are newcomers from the Tower who have proven to be friendly. All have mastered the ability to communicate with man-like races and have even begun to co-exist with them. As playable characters, the monster character also has an individual method of growing stronger. The monster character gains strength by eating the specially seasoned meats carried by most creatures. When a monster character eats meat, it may transform into a beat of another form. It will have all the HP, and power of the beast. This means it could transform into a beast weaker than itself should it eat the meat of a weaker enemy. And of course, if it eats the meat of a more powerful monster, it thus becomes more powerful. Monsters starts with low HP, but some have strong attacks. Monsters cannot use items.
Redbull FFL Redbull Field.png
Wererat FFL Wererat Field.png
Zombie FFL Zombie Field.png

Supporting characters[]

Name Image Description
King Shield FFL King Shield.png In possession of the FFL Shield Icon.pngKing. He's a sickly old man who rules the castle in the forest right next to a village. His guards do not take very kindly to visitors, and will throw anyone out if caught. The king himself prefers isolation, and greedily hoards the shield, but does not take an aggressive route like King Sword does.
Steward FFL Human M.png King Shield's personal servant. He secretly poisons the king and makes off with the shield while leaving the king to die. The main characters will obtain the King Shield upon defeating him.
King Armor FFL King Shield.png In possession of the FFL Armor Icon.pngKing. He's the king of the castle to the northeast, and generally a kind fellow to be around. He will give the main characters the armor if they help rescue his lover, and free her village from the bandits in the cave to the south.
Girl FFL Girl.png The love of King Armor's life.
Bandit FFL Redbull Field.png He's been ransacking South Town. He's determined to marry the girl King Shield is in love with.
King Sword FFL King Shield.png In possession of the FFL Sword Icon.pngKing. He's the king in the castle to the south, surrounded by mountains. His castle is rampant with monsters, and some of them even serve him as his guards. The king himself is very aggressive, and will attack anyone trying to take his precious sword. The main characters will obtain the sword for defeating him in battle.
Ryu-O FFL Ryu-O.png The King of Dragons, he fled from the underwater world and lives on an island in the guise of an old man. The main characters will obtain the second half of the Blue Sphere, the Blue Orb, upon answering his riddle.
Charles Charles was the leader of the Resistance, and he left the secret of the sphere to his twin daughters.
Jeanne FFL Jeanne.png The current leader of the Resistance, she's Mileille's twin sister whom Byak-Ko is looking for.
Mileille FFL Jeanne.png She's Jeanne's twin sister who is secretly working for Byak-Ko in finding her sister.
Sayaka FFL Sayaka.png So-Cho's sister. She wants desperately to find her brother, and asks the main characters for their assistance.
So-Cho FFL So-Cho.png Sayaka's brother. He has set out to defeat Su-Zaku, but no one has heard from him. People have begun to fear the worst has befallen him.


Name Image Description
Gen-Bu FFL Gen-Bu Sprite.png One of the Four Fiends, the Black Tortoise is the keeper of the Black Orb who emerges from the Statue of Hero after the heroes manage to find the FFL Sword Icon.pngKing, FFL Shield Icon.pngKing, and FFL Armor Icon.pngKing.
Sei-Ryu FFL Sei-Ryu Sprite.png One of the Four Fiends, the Azure Dragon is the keeper of the Blue Orb. He resides in the undersea castle, and confronts the main characters after they enter his castle and take the blue orb. To further protect anyone from getting the orb, he surrounded it with many fake orbs which are guarded by ferocious monsters.
Byak-Ko FFL Byak-Ko Sprite.png One of the Four Fiends, the White Tiger is the keeper of the White Orb. Unlike the other Four Fiends, he imprisons the main characters instead of killing them.
Su-Zaku FFL Su-Zaku Sprite.png One of the Four Fiends, the Vermilion Bird is the keeper of the Red Orb. It flies across the skies of World of Ruins. When the main characters first encounters it, they are force to retreat due to it's impenetrable force field protecting it.
Ashura FFL Ashura Sprite.png Ashura is responsible for commanding the Four Fiends that antagonized the main characters throughout the story.
Creator FFL Creator Sprite.png Appears to the party as a guide or sage. Directs the main characters to where they should go next.