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I'm giddy with anticipation! But I'm afraid you have one more Wall to break through first.

Ardyn Izunia

The Fierce is a boss fought in the Citadel as part of the final boss gauntlet in the Windows and Royal Editions of Final Fantasy XV. He is the spirit of a ruler of yore, Noctis Lucis Caelum's ancestor, now enslaved by Ardyn Izunia. He is faced in the Citadel on the party's way to the throne room at the end of the game, past the point of no return. He wields the Mace of the Fierce, his royal arm. Defeating him yields 20 AP.


One of the guardians of the Old Wall, consumed by the Starscourge and forced to submit to Ardyn's will. The Fierce enjoyed the reverence of his people, who admired his kind and compassionate demeanor. That warmth in his heart burned like fire on the battlefield, though, as he deftly felled foes who trembled in fear before him.
Height: 12 ft. 6 in. Weight: 2,047.4 lb.



Come forth, O Chosen...

The Fierce

The Fierce is weak to lightning and light, and has no weapon weaknesses. He jumps to smash down with his mace. He can warp to the ceiling and then plunge down, knocking back everyone on the impact zone (can be blocked). He swings the mace in violent arcs, destroying pillars that get on his way. He can charge daemonic energy into his mace to build a "gravity sphere" that sucks those nearby into it to deal continuous damage, similar to giant-types' gravity attack. As a former king of Lucis, he can warp, and thus sometimes teleports across the room.


The Fierce's body glows.

After losing ~40% of his HP, the Fierce charges his body with daemonic energy, knocking everyone near him back, and begins to exude miasma. He grows more ferocious, now permanently berserk and swinging his mace wildly.

There are point-warp spots along the ceiling, which the player can use to escape the Fierce's rampage and to replenish MP. When Vulnerable, the Fierce kneels and doesn't attack for a time.

When low on health, the Fierce cloaks himself in an impenetrable Wall, which damages those who touch it. Gladiolus takes over, and the game automatically character-swaps to him. Blocking and parrying the Fierce as Gladiolus breaks the Wall, and the player must do the rest of the battle as Gladiolus. If the player takes too long defeating the Fierce as Gladiolus, the Fierce will put up another Wall, and the player needs to break it again by parrying. The battle ends with a QTE sequence where Gladiolus defends against the Fierce's blow before taking him out with Dual Master.

The player can't finish the battle without the Gladiolus phase; if the player depletes the Fierce's HP before he puts up the Wall, he simply won't die and continues to fight, but once the game character-swaps to Gladiolus and the player breaks the Wall, the ending sequence will trigger soon after. If the player is using Armiger Unleashed when the Fierce puts up the Wall, they must cancel it before Gladiolus will ask to handle the boss. If the player was already playing as Gladiolus, the battle simply continues to the finish without interruption, and the Fierce may not even use the Wall.

The summon prompt never appears in this battle.


Ignis's Enhancement bestows Noctis's weapon with the lightning element. When the Fierce swings his mace, the player can phase through his attacks. Dodging with the Ring of the Lucii casts Holy on the Fierce. When he charges his mace for the gravity attack, the player can point-warp to the ceiling. Blocking and parrying can put him into a Vulnerable state. Armiger and Armiger Unleashed are powerful, as is lightning-elemental Elemancy. The player can also take him on as Gladiolus since the beginning and use the parry commands.



Gladiolus with two Genji Blades from FFXVRE

Gladiolus with two Genji Blades.

  • If Gladiolus has the Genji Blade equipped in Chapter 14, he will summon a second copy of it to his other hand for his finishing blow against the Fierce in the Windows and Royal Editions.
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