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The Far East, with Othard in the west and Hingashi in the east.

The Far East is the second setting of the events of Final Fantasy XIV, made accessible in the Stormblood expansion. Like Eorzea, the Far East is a region of Hydaelyn comprised of a massive continent, in this case, Othard, as well as several surrounding islands.

The map of the Far East was revealed in the full opening for Stormblood, appearing at the end of the cutscene. However, the Dalmasca region located at the south of Othard was still covered by clouds. In patch 4.5, the final chapter of the Return to Ivalice storyline showed a map revealing Dalmasca, finally making Othard completely revealed.


Comprise of Othard, the easternmost of the Three Great Continents and its surrounding islands, the Far East is a region comprised of many different climates and landscape. To the farthest east, the archipelago of Hingashi is composed of many temperate and mountainous islands, while Othard has diverse climate ranging from the arid steppes to misty Chinese-like mountains for Yangxia.

Political EntitiesEdit

Contrary to the Eorzean political landscape centred around city-states, the Far East is home to various systems ranging from tribes to kingdoms.


The nation of Hingashi was a turmoiled nation which was recently united by a military government named Bakufu. To govern the different islands and regions around the country, different Bugyo are assigned as governors while the Shogun rules from the capital of Bukyo on Koshu.

On the international landscape, Hingashi aims to remains neutral and follows a severe isolationist politic, the only exception to the lockdown being Kugane, who welcomes foreign trade and embassies.


The Kingdom of Doma, nested in the peaks of Yangxia along the One River, was an ancient and respectable kingdom that fell years ago to the Garlean expansion. At first a puppet state under King Kaien, the kingdom was completely annexed as an Imperial Province and Kaien assassinated after a failed rebellion for independence following the turmoils of the Emperor's Death.


A Kingdom situated in the Dalmasca Desert in southern Othard, it was annexed by the Garlean Empire 30 years prior to start of A Realm Reborn.

The Xaela KhanateEdit

The Xaela spread around the northern steppes are divided into 50 tribes with each their own culture and customs. Only once a year do they gather to compete during the Naadam to decide which clan will gain dominance over the others and gain the right to the Dawn Throne. While technically the newly designated Khan commands the other clans, the lack of external threat and internal politics makes it more of a figurehead while each clan goes their usual ways.

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