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The Epic of Alexander, Commonly abbreviated by players as TEA is an Ultimate raid debuting in patch 5.11 Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.

Story Edit

The clockwork fortress that manifested itself in the far reaches of snow-swept Dravania did bear an uncanny resemblance to the great steel giant sung of in the legends of the Hotgo, an Auri tribe hailing from far across the sea. Inspired by this tragic tale of a mechanical god who placed his trust in a single mortal soul, the minstrel spreads the proverbial wings of imagination and takes flight, weaving an impassioned ballad of hope and despair profound.


Progression Edit

Living Liquid Edit

After a few seconds of being pulled Living Liquid will hit the tank with Fluid Swing and follow up with Cascade, dealing raid wide damage, spawning three water tornadoes, and spawning Living Hand, splitting its HP in half. The Hand can be taken away from the boss to bait its palm, or kept together to bait its fist. When the hand has an open palm it needs to be next to living liquid, if its fist it needs to be pulled far away, if not the hand will wipe the raid in a few moments. following the hand slapping the ground both bosses will hit the target with a Fluid Swing cleave, can either be mitigated by both tanks or invulned by one. Four Jagd Dolls will also spawn which need to be hit by an individual DPS, here each dps needs to bring its HP down to 1-25% without killing it or it will wipe the raid. The dolls also give out an luminous exhaust stack that cannot reach more than two, or it will kill a player. once lowered, dps need to feed the dolls to the bosses slowly, as they explode and deal a ton of damage.

After the double tank buster two orbs will spawn from a tornado slowly moving towards the bosses, no player or enemy/boss can touch these orbs, so players must kite enemies around them and avoid them at all costs. After another tank cleave, the bosses are taken to the middle and all dolls should be taken care of. Here players should stack north and south of the boss to bait protean waves. Once the main AoE's go off, the 4 closest players will get hit with a wave and the 4 farthest will be targeted with a Sluice AoE, after each goes off the 4 closest go out and the furthest come close to the boss, as the wave gives a water resistance down debuff. Immediately after the tornadoes will tether to two players and must be taken by both tanks and somewhat far apart as they have an AoE. At the same time Living Liquid will do continuous Splashes, dealing raidwide damage and follow up with a cascade. Soon after six players will get a Throttle debuff that needs to be cleansed, and after a while the boss will use protean wave again, but the three tornados need someone close to them to bait their protean waves, this will happen twice. The hand should be pulled away after to bait another palm, and dps the boss down as he will do constant splashes, leading to another double tank buster and then an enrage cascade.

Limit Cut Intermission Edit

Brute Justice/Cruise Chaser Edit

Temporal Stasis Intermission Edit

Alexander Prime Edit

Perfect Alexander Edit

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  • Living Liquid
    • Jagd Doll
    • Living Hand
  • Cruise Chaser
  • Brute Justice
  • Alexander Prime
    • Cruise Chaser
    • Brute Justice
  • Perfect Alexander


  • Colossus Totem


Musical themesEdit

The majority of the music used during the fight is covers of previous Alexander themes by The Primals: Living Liquid is fought to Locus, Brute Justice and Cruise Chaser are fought to Metal - Brute Justice Mode, and Alexander Prime is fought to Rise. Perfect Alexander, however, is fought to the Eorzea Symphony orchestral concert version of Moebius.

Gallery Edit

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