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The Empire of Light and Dark is an exploration Event in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and the second based on the Zoldaad Empire.


Rain and his friends are witness to events occurred in Zoldaad. Differently from other visions they witnessed, this one is focused on much more recent events, making them wonder how Vision can allow them to watch happenings in present-time as well.

While navigating the visions, they pay notice of the mercenary and Raven member Abel meet with Grace in one of Dr. Lazarov's laboratories. Abel tries to reason with Grace, but she doesn't recognize him, being already brainwashed by Lazarov and treating Abel as an enemy. Grace chases after Abel while he flees for his life while pleading with her.

In his way to the border, general Wilhelm has a talk with Crown Prince Shera. Shera shares his worries with the "Shield of the Empire" about how the nation fell into decay quickly after the arrival of Lazarov and wondered if the technology used to draw power from the Fire Crystal which gave prosperity to the nation was worth sacrificing humanity while believing it strange that a man of Wilhelm's rank was placed to the nation's border and his Magitek unit placed under the command of Grace. Wilhelm minded his words and claimed that Emperor Sozhe must know what he is doing and that he cannot criticize him if he listens to the will of the people. He also let Shera know that he is aware of the prince meeting with the rebels but nonetheless kept the matter a secret. He asks of Shera to become a good emperor and leaves.

At some point before they witness a meeting of Raven with Jake, Abel and Jean. While Jake tries to develop a strategy and discuss about the Dr.Lazarov and how things changed with his arrival, Abel becomes impatient as he seeks to rescue his beloved and rushes. Jake asks Jean if she's ok, knowing that she has feelings for Abel, but she says she's fine as she looks to Grace as an older sister and if both are happy then she is happy too. Jake tries to comfort her by inviting her to drinks but she refuses and asks Jake to develop a plan instead.

Abel comes quickly surrounded by Zoldaad forces who learning that Abel is part of Raven, plan to brainwash him as well by orders of Lazarov. Jake and Jean appear to rescue him and tell him to escape with them. Abel refuses to leave his beloved behind but he is convinced to do so for the time being and Abel vows to save her.

Jake, Jean and Abel manage to find the laboratory used by Lazarov and Jake finds traces of the Fire Crystal's energy in the capsule that held Grace. This leads Abel to conclude her brainwashing had just finished when he found her in the previous encounter. The rebels quickly deduce that Lazarov was responsible. Before long Wilhelm arrives and "threatens" the rebels that they are surrounded by his army waiting outside. Jake notices that Wilhelm is not drawing his weapon and that he must have other intentions. Wilhelm let's Jake know he's aware that he's of royal lineage and lends a helping hand. He has Amelia reveal a hidden passage for the rebels to escape. The rebels wonder if Wilhelm will be fine since he will likely be treated as a traitor, but the general claims his life belongs to the emperor so he will do whatever he decides on his life. The rebels escape and Wilhelm is glad that Shera has found a reliable ally.

While making their escape Wilhelm "intercepts" the rebels by blocking their path and allowing them to pass if they defeat him. Jake is aware that Wilhelm is putting an act and risking his life in order to aid them. Jake plays along and both parties fight but Wilhelm allows himself to be defeated. With his dying wish he requests Jake as a prince to save their nation which Jake promises to do.

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