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The Dragonstar is a distant world from Final Fantasy XIV. It was the homeworld of dragonkind, life on it destroyed eons before the events of the game's narrative. The planet is observable from Etheirys and charting the Dragonstar is the central tenet of Ishgardian astrology in modern times.


Before Final Fantasy XIV[]

The Dragonstar was the homeworld of the dragons, a placid yet powerful race of beings that lived in peace and prosperity, until a mechanical race called the Omicrons invaded their world. With their dual purpose to continue evolving, eliminating potential threats against their civilization, as well as use the conquered planets for their resources, the Omicrons launched an full-scale war against the dragons, which they deemed as the most powerful creatures in the universe.

The war on the Dragonstar saw the near complete decimation of the dragons in a long and drawn-out conflict, with the Omicrons only relenting on their conquest of the planet after determining that the conflict rendered the planet inhospitable and worthless for their purposes. Before the cessation of the conflict, however, the great wyrm Midgardsormr refused to allow his kind to be driven to extinction and grabbed his final seven eggs and fled the Dragonstar while under pursuit by the Omicron's greatest weapon, Omega. Midgardsormr defeated Omega, but could not destroy it. He arrived to a faraway planet, known as Hydaelyn, and made a pact with its will, the elder primal of the same name, to allow his kind to settle on the star. The eggs eventually hatched, forming the first brood. Other dragons attempted to do the same, but were attacked by the destination planet's inhabitants who coveted the dragon's immense power. The dragons that stayed tried restarting life, but found the environment made it near impossible to hatch eggs and those that did spawned malformed dragonettes.

The Dragonstar in this state was visited by the Meteia, which imprinted their emotional state of despair as part of their report.

The Dragonstar is visible from Hydaelyn, and millennia after Midgardsormr's arrival on the planet the astrologians of Ishgard would focus on it in their star-readings to predict the movements of the Dravanian Horde during the Dragonsong War.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

The Dragonstars in Alphascape V2.0.

After being awakened, Omega performed several challenges for the Warrior of Light and the Garlond Ironworks in the Interdimensional Rift. Among these challenges, Omega used his records to simulate Midgardsormr and the Dragonstar itself.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

The Dragonstar depicted in Ultima Thule.

When the Scions of the Seventh Dawn arrived on Ultima Thule to defeat the Meteia to avert the Final Days, they learned the place was domain of dynamis. Through this, the Meteia had created simulacrums of different desolate worlds to prove their belief of life being nothing but death and despair. One of these simulacrums, known as Ostrakon Deka-Okto, was created in the image of Dragonstar, where dragons wallowed in despair. When Estinien Varlineau showed these dragons how their kind had survived and lived on a different star, the realm's despair began to fade.


Ostrakon (plural ostraka), alternatively written as ostracon, is a Greek word for a shard of pottery. In archaeology, ostraka are potsherds or stone fragments that were reused or repurposed to inscribe a message, with writing on the surface added after the original object broke. In classical Athens, when votes were cast by citizens on the exile of a person, they were cast and counted in ostraka.