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Trophy: The Pizza in the Sky
Complete "The Day Midgar Stood Still". Bronze

Cloud, Tifa, and Barret prepare to infiltrate the Shinra Building. They proceed through a crumbling Sector 7, ready to settle the score with Shinra and save a beloved companion.


The Day Midgar Stood Still is the fifteenth chapter in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, and Barret Wallace climb the Collapsed Sector 7 Plate up to the Shinra Building.

Completing the chapter unlocks the bronze trophy The Pizza in the Sky.


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Cloud, Barret, and Tifa arrive at the Collapsed Sector 7 Plate thanks to the grappling guns Leslie Kyle gave them. Barret explains the mission is to save Aerith Gainsborough and the planet by destroying Shinra Electric Power Company. Cloud and Tifa agree and they move forth. On the way, some more building collapse, and Barret tells the group to be careful. The group finds some survivors crying over their losses and they meet up with a Neighborhood Watch Member, who tells them to turn around, since the Collapsed Plate is too dangerous. Tifa tells them that a friend needs help, so the member lets them pass.

A flying robot and Shinra troopers survey the area.

As they continue to climb the collapsed plate and defeat some monsters, they arrived at an area with rope that was possibly used by search and rescue group and glimpse the top level of the collapsed plate. Tifa warns that once they use the ropes alongside the grappling guns to get to the next level, there is no coming back. On the next level the group spots Shinra forces with their guard dogs and a flying robot on a scouting mission looking for intruders. Barret wants to draw their attention, but Cloud tells him to remain calm and not be spotted. The group defeats two 3-C Soldier Operators when spotted who drop a speaker phone. Cloud picks it up and pretends to be the defeated soldier, telling the other Shinra troops he was on a hunting mission, while they answer back saying that Avalanche has put them in overtime. Barret grabs the speaker phone and tells them that Avalanche is not afraid and that he is coming for them, but the call was already over. Enraged, Barret throws the speaker phone while Tifa calms him down.

The group hides from the flying robot, Valkyrie, who is searching for the group. They use the grappling guns to reach the next level, which collapses, and they fall to a bottom level where Shinra troops find them. Barret, Cloud, and Tifa defeat these troops on their way back up. As the group climbs ever higher, they witness the aftermath of the Sector 7 plate collapse. Barret tells them to never forget this view and that he is fired up about busting into the Shinra headquarters, but Cloud tells him to save it for later.

When the Valkyrie finds the group and starts firing at them, they escape to a lower level while hiding behind rubble. They keep climbing and once they are near the top, turn around and see the sunset shine over the collapsed Sector 7 plate. Barret tells Tifa that they will build another bar, and Tifa agrees and asks Cloud's help; he agrees "for a price".

The group makes it to the top.

The group uses their grappling guns to reach the top where the Valkyrie starts firing at them again. The group tries to run, with Cloud aiming for the next level of the collapsed plate with his grappling gun, but the Valkyrie stops them. Barret refuses to run anymore and battles the Valkyrie. He and Tifa almost fall to their deaths, but Cloud saves them and uses his grappling gun to help the group reach the next level. The group defeats the Valkyrie that explodes, causing the area to collapse. Cloud grabs Tifa and uses his grappling gun to reach the next level, while Barret uses his grappling gun on the collapsed area. His rope snaps, but Tifa uses her grappling gun and grabs him, and everyone reaches the top. Barret thinks there is such a thing as too much excitement, while Tifa says there is more to come. Cloud hopes everyone is warmed up.

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