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The Crystal Tower is an event in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, based on the location of the same name from Final Fantasy III.

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Under the control of an evil wizard, this is where the World of Darkness comes to an end.

Rain and the gang are following in the tracks of the Warriors of Light in seeking to understand to crystals.

Though their worlds might be different, as chosen ones of the crystals, set apart by their unique powers, Rain and his friends resonate with these warriors.

As they are introduced to the crystals of another world, the mystery of those in their own world only deepens.

In the deepest reaches, Rain and the gang find themselves caught in the same trap as the warriors who came before them.

Like those warriors, are they capable of
drawing hope from the light of the crystal? The secret to which is soon to unfold.


The Crystal Tower is an exploration event which requires no farming. One must simply clear all stages to obtain all the rewards. Lapis cannot be used to continue (i.e. revive all KO'd units) after being defeated in any of the stages. The map is shared between all stages but has a higher difficulty as one progresses further until the entire map is opened. Five sealed chests on the first floor (accessible from BGN stage and higher) will be unlocked after clearing each stage. Once the player has cleared the last stage, one must go back and the fifth and final chest will be unlocked.

Battle Info[]

The Crystal Tower - BGN[]

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