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The Canon is a collection of inscriptions in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. Written and compiled by Feolthanos the Eternal, the aegyl leader, the Canon is the code that dictates the customs and beliefs of the aegyl race. Its verses describe the history of the aegyl race, beginning with their origins in Ivalice and banishment by the gods to the world of Lemurés.

In addition, the Canon explains the origins and purpose of the Auraliths and proscribes all contact with Ivalice, referred to as the "Underworld". The Canon is organized into several Books, each with numerous Cantos. Only a select few of the Canto are revealed to the party though the Lore of the Folio.


The Chronicles[]

Glyph of the Occuria, who banished the aegyl to the skies.

Once they walked Ivalice beside her gods. But kneel before them they would not. So they rose against them, and so sealed their doom among the skies.


The main section of the Canon, the Chronicles, is found by Vaan and the party upon their return to the Glabados Ruins. A scroll detailing the aegyl's rise against the Occuria is examined closely by the player, resulting in a cutscene. It records the aegyl's futile struggle against the Occuria, and eventual defeat and exile into the skies, where they would build the land of Lemurés.

Book of Ardor[]

You are now a people of the clouds. Leave all thoughts of the underworld behind - they need not burden you. Your place is here, in Lemurés, and no other. Stray not from the Canon, and the cup of peace shall ever be full for you.

The Canon, Book of Ardor, Canto XX

Book of Apocrypha[]

Sadness and Despair are War's fruits, Death Her handmaiden. We must rise above this futile struggle. Follow me, and I shall lead you to a paradise above the clouds.

The Canon, Book of Apocrypha

Book of Calling[]

Lift up auracite and offer prayer. To the faithful shall I send armies of Yarhi that will pour forth as a great flood to their enemies.

The Canon, Book of Calling, Canto III

Should you seek powers surpassing even the Yarhi, look once more to the auraliths. To the chosen among you shall I give Stones of peerless might.

The Canon, Book of Calling, Canto VIII

Book of Origins[]

Know that my name is Feolthanos, He who laid open this land of Lemurés for you, My followers and people, the aegyl. Know that I ever stand above you, delivering you from harm. For I am the Undying, the Eternal.

The Canon, Book of Origins, Canto I

Book of Stones[]

Three auraliths have I set upon this land. Protect them and the Stones they bear. For all auracite is born of the auraliths, and it is through these Stones I grant my power unto you.

The Canon, Book of Stones, Canto XII