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The Boy Who Cried Leviathan is a story from Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales. The story is about a boy who falsely reports that Leviathan is planning to cause a tidal wave so many times that no one believes him when he is finally telling the truth. In the second volume, the boy and Leviathan have become friends after he learned his lesson.

The story is based on The Boy Who Cried Wolf, a fable attributed to Aesop, with elements borrowed from Pinocchio.

Volume 1: Underwater Escapades[edit | edit source]

Story[edit | edit source]

Prologue[edit | edit source]

Once upon a time, in a quiet little village by the sea, lived a very mischievous boy.

One day, he decided to have himself a bit of fun. He ran around the village yelling,

"Leviathan's on his way! There's gonna be tidal wave!"

The villagers went into a frenzy as they ran from their houses to get as far away from the water as possible.

The boy loved feeling in control. He felt just as mighty as the aquatic king himself!

"Leviathan's on his way! There's gonna be tidal wave!"

The boy continued his trickery day after day.

As time went on, the villagers stopped trusting the boy. Soon, nobody in the village would believe a word he said.

But then one day, Leviathan actually did appear, rising from the depths with malice in his eyes!

Leviathan splashed a mighty wave at the boy, and the vicious undertow sucked him into the water. Then Leviathan set off after his prey, baring his mighty fangs.

The boy started swimming as fast as his little arms and legs could take him. But would he be able to escape from the king of the sea...?

Epilogue 1: The Vanishing[edit | edit source]

The boy had managed to stay ahead of Leviathan and was fast approaching land.

"If I can just get out of the water, I'll be safe," he said.

However, things took a turn for the worse when he made it to dry ground.

Leviathan turned himself into a serpentine tornado and continued the chase!

"Somebody help! Leviathan's after me!" screamed the boy as he neared the village.

But, of course, nobody believed him.

"Please believe me! Look, he's right behind me!"


But as the boy turned around to point, the tornado had already vanished without a trace.

"I knew it! You're nothing but a rotten liar!"

The adults of the village became very angry with the boy.

Liars never gain from their devious acts. They only suffer in the end.

Epilogue 2: Snide Pride[edit | edit source]

The boy escaped from the menacing Leviathan!

He stuck his nose high into the air and declared to the villagers,

"Leviathan was a fool to think he could catch me! King of the sea? I sure showed him!"


Leviathan hear the boy's boasting and said,

"Since it seems you want to attract so much attention..."

Suddenly, the prideful boy's nose grew to three times its ordinary size!

He was chided by all the other boys and girls-- and even by some of the adults!

"Hey, check out the long-nosed numbskull!"

And so the little boy finally "nose" how important it is to be honest...and humble.

Epilogue 3: Rematch[edit | edit source]

The boy escaped from the menacing Leviathan!

"Listen, everyone! I raced Leviathan and won!"

But, of course, nobody believed him.

"I swear! I'm not lying this time! I promise!"

"Oh yeah?" said one of the villagers. "Then race him again where we can all see!"


"So you were lying?"

"No! And I'll prove it," the boy cried.

"Leviathan, I challenge you to another race!"


At that very instant, Leviathan appeared in a great gush of water.

"Very well -- but this time, I won't go so easy on you!"

After hearing that, the boy dove into the waters, never to be seen again.

The Game[edit | edit source]

Sliding the stylus up and down causes Chocobo to rise in the water, while lifting the stylus away from the touch screen will cause him to sink. Using this method, guide Chocobo past the obstacles.

Battle Mode[edit | edit source]

In battle mode, the player who lasts the longest with only three lives wins the game.

Trial Mode[edit | edit source]

In trial mode, the player strives to travel as far as possible without encountering any obstacles.

Secrets[edit | edit source]

Number Requirements Unlocks
1 Swim at least 10m in trial mode. Unlocked Battle Mode
2 Conquer Battle mode level 3. Unlocked Epilogue 1
3 Conquer Battle mode level 4. Rescued Bruce
4 Conquer Battle mode level 5. Unlocked Epilogue 3
5 Swim at least 20m in trial mode. Unlocked Epilogue 2
6 Swim at least 100m in trial mode. Obtained 055 Leviathan - Tail Whip
7 Swim at least 150m in trial mode. Obtained 056 Leviathan - Thunder Storm

Volume 2: Bubbling Barrage[edit | edit source]

Story[edit | edit source]

Prologue[edit | edit source]

Some time had passed since Leviathan and the boy had first had their underwater race.

The mighty beast had actually become quite fond of his human friend.

The boy had learned his lesson from Leviathan and no longer let loose the foolish lies he once did. He still had an attitude, though.

"Hey, you! Funky-smelling fish-face! Let's race again!"

As the two engaged in competition with each other, their relationship grew closer.

During one race, the boy noticed something strange.

Born from Leviathan's wake were schools of golden fish!

Leviathan told the boy, "As you can see, I am the one who makes the delicious fish you eat every day. Sadly, I've never been able to catch one and try it for myself."

"Leave it to me! I'll make sure you feast on golden fish this evening!"

So the boy made ready...

Epilogue 1: The Name Game[edit | edit source]

The boy swam as fast as he could and gathered a number of the golden fish.

After enjoying his feast, Leviathan said, "You know, boy, these fish are quite delicious indeed! Thank you for your efforts!"

"Actually, fish-fa-- I mean, Lord Leviathan, I'm the one who should thank you. You've taught me a lot."

"You don’t have to call me 'Lord,' boy."

"Mr. Leviathan?"

"No, that makes me feel old."

"Then fish-face it is!"

"How dare you!" roared the mighty ruler of the seas.

"Aaagh! I'm so sorry!"

"No, no, boy. Fish-face is just fine."


The once lonely Leviathan had gained a true friend at last. From that day on, the two were rarely seen apart.

Epilogue 2: Savior Behavior[edit | edit source]

The boy swam as quickly as he could and gathered a number of the golden fish.

Leviathan finally got his chance to sample the scrumptious delicacy.

"You're from the village by the sea, right?" asked the majestic beast.

"Indeed I am."

"That location is far from ideal for fishing, isn't it? The tidal waves have turned the waters sour."

Leviathan began spinning his serpentine tail in the water.


Suddenly, the stagnant waters receded from the village shores, and crystal-clear water rushed in to take their place.

It was an aquatic paradise, home to coral reefs and a wide variety of gorgeous -- and delicious -- fish.

The once untruthful and boastful boy had saved his poor village, but nobody ever found out about his valorous deeds.

Epilogue 3: The Kraken[edit | edit source]

The boy swam as fast as he could and gathered a number of the golden fish, when suddenly the monstrous Kraken appeared from the obsidian depths!

"Blistering barnacles! It's the Kraken!"

The boy swam to Leviathan and reported that the evil beast was on its way.

"Now, now, boy... Don't start up your lying again, hear?"

Leviathan didn't believe him!

The Kraken closed in...


Without warning, the Kraken lobbed a shot of ink at the boy, covering him from head to toe in mucky ooze.

Leviathan looked at him and laughed heartily.

"Did you learn your lesson, boy? It only takes an instant to lose someone's trust. Gaining it back can take a lifetime."

The boy felt terrible for the way he had been. From that day on, he vowed to be the most honest person in the village.

The Game[edit | edit source]

Use the stylus to guide Chocobo to gather fish to feed to Leviathan.

Battle Mode[edit | edit source]

The players compete to feed Leviathan. Players can ram each other to steal fish from one another.

Secrets[edit | edit source]

Number Requirements Unlocks
1 Conquer Battle mode level 1. Nothing
2 Conquer Battle mode level 3. Unlocked Epilogue 3
3 Conquer Battle mode level 4. Unlocked Epilogue 1
4 Conquer Battle mode level 5. Rescued Zavi
5 Conquer Battle mode level 2 with at least 15 points. Unlocked Epilogue 2
6 Conquer Battle mode level 4 with at least 10 points. Obtained 057 Leviathan - Geyser
7 Conquer Battle mode level 5 with at least 20 points. Obtained 059 Leviathan - Tidal Wave
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