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The Blue Planet was a quick-play single-track Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


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Many years before the events of Final Fantasy IV, a member of the Lunarian race, Kluya, ventured forth from his home among the stars to observe and record the planet they were orbiting first-hand. In his travels, he taught humanity the secrets of magic and technology. However, an as-yet-unknown threat was also beginning to emerge from the very same moon Kluya had left behind.

Kluya eventually settled near the town of Baron and fell in love with a young woman named Cecilia, and for a time lived a quiet life. She bore him two sons, but Cecilia fell ill following the birth of her second son, Cecil. She passed shortly thereafter. Meanwhile, Kluya was executed as a heretic by a rising mob against him.

Corrupted by the unseen force, the elder son, Theodor, discarded his brother, retreated to points unknown, and was instructed to take the name Golbez. He was to further set his master's dark plans in motion.

More than a decade later, it now falls to Cecil himself, as well as a chosen few, to unravel the fabric of darkness casting a pall over the world Kluya loved so well.

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Earth has been referred to as the Blue Planet due to the abundant water on its surface and/or the atmospheric hue.