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Mog at The Black Manor.

The Black Manor is a location and track in Chocobo Racing. It is infamous as the haunted abode of the Black Magician. During Story Mode, Chocobo and friends stumble into the place and Chocobo bravely enters to discover a racetrack. The soft-spoken Black Magician races the party and reveals himself in the end.


CR BManor Map.png
Course No: 5
Course Length: 1,883 meters
Difficulty: 3/5

The Black Manor begins with the racers outside the manor on a road made of stone. Once the race begins they enter the manor on a red carpet that is on a slight incline (like a ramp). From there the racers make a sharp left turn that leads to a hole in the wall. This leads them to a dungeon-like area that has a winding staircase with ghosts in the background. After the racers make their way up the staircase they are taken to the Manor's library and make a sharp right turn.

After making this turn the racers are taken to another room in which they must make a sharp left turn immediately. There is a cage that frequently comes down as the racers are making this left turn that can trap them, stopping them from advancing for a few seconds. The next area is a dungeon, much like an earlier portion of the stage, that forces the racers to make a series of sharp turns.

The middle of this area has a winding turn with bats in the background. After passing through the dungeon the racers are taken to a high jump that leads them outside. This is the last portion of the stage in which the racers must make some minor turns before coming to the finish line.

If the racers drift too far off to the right they fall into a red pit. The background of the course has various paintings and statues, with a cemetery off to the side in the outside portion of the course. The music is a remix of the theme of the Mysidian Tower from Final Fantasy II.


Black Magician

Black Magician possesses average speed and good control. His vehicle, MagiCloud MK-1, allows him to float, giving him no real weaknesses. The best way to defeat the Black Magician is to use a character that has good controls to handle the course's sharp turns. Using Haste Stones off the course's jump can give a significant boost as well. Goblin is best for this because the player's stones won't be stolen while using him. Black Magician will naturally hold onto attack stones until he gets a third, much like Golem and Goblin. He is dangerous if left alone because he can go nuts with the level 3 attacks, so at the start of the race, it is best to grab the ? stone in the middle so he doesn't get a stone.

Ability: Magic Plus - Upgrades one of Black Magician's magic stones except for Reflect and Doom stones. The stone that powers up is the last one that was picked up.